Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered – How To Fix?

Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered How To Fix
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Facebook is a social media application that is accessed by millions of users across the globe. Our SaaS development company considers it a powerful communication tool that allows us to engage with our existing and potential clients. To be closer to our audience, we publish social posts describing the services we deliver and share industry-related news on our corporate Facebook page. There might be no particular purpose as to why people face an error when they send or receive a message.

If you accidentally delete a message on Facebook Messenger, don’t worry. this is a complete guide on how to recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger.

Even when your friend is seen to be active on Messenger, your messages are sent but not delivered. You can also test this by sending a message to some more friends. If you face the same problem with different people every time, I would suggest you contact the Facebook help team. You can report an Issue by Confirming Your Facebook Account.

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Why not delivered?…

Reasons why your Facebook messages are sent but delivered

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She may be busy

Message sent means it has been sent from your side. And deliver means it has reached to recipient side. If your message is not delivered yet, that means the problem is on the recipient side. It could be a server problem, internet problem, settings problem, or anything else.

In the points below, we have listed some reasons why your messages might not be delivered on Messenger.

  • At certain times, your message is sent but not delivered because of inevitable glitches in the system or the recipient might have received the message but not opened it yet.
  • The recipient has not connected to Messenger app at the moment. They can be activated using Facebook on various web browsers.
  • If the message sent to the person is not your Facebook friend or your Messenger contact, then your messages sent are marked as filtered in their “Message Requests or Connection Requests” section. This means that your message will be marked as delivered your friend has accepted it”.
  • Your friend or recipient has deliberately ignored your message.
  • The recipient might have read your message from the notification or status bar.
  • They are not currently logged into the Messenger app but are merely using Facebook.
  • Your chats are currently in the “connection requests list” and have not been approved yet.
  • The network on your end is slow to update the status of the message sent and shows a delay.

Server-side issues

Messenger is running on a different server which may not be shared with Facebook. When you promptly send a message through Messenger, it tries to send the message to the recipient who is using the Messenger server. From our experience, when a Messenger chat is marked sent even when the recipient is marked as Active, he/she has likely ignored you on Messenger.

It means that you have been designated to overlook the list of what is called Message Request. It could also mean that he/she is using Facebook lite at the time.

Servers are mapped on locations. If the server that your position is assigned to is working without any issue, then your message will be marked as sent by the recipient’s server. (how do servers work)

But if the recipient server has some technical glitch, your message would be hung up showing that the receiver’s side has not received your message. Your server transfers back delivery status to you that the message has not been delivered because there was no response from the recipient’s server.

About message statuses

All Messenger Icons with explanation

Messenger also provides chats to be pending in Connection Requests/Message requests. Message Requests adds an incoming message that is not in someone’s Friend lists. They are kept there until the recipient either approves or rejects the chat.

When a chat is approved, you should see “accepted your request“. Your message should then be marked delivered when necessary. This option is relevant to people that are not on one’s Facebook friend list. If rejected or deleted, it remains as sent.

Also, when a message shows as sent even when they are online, it could be that they are not logged into Messenger, or the app is not installed on their device.

They will be unable to receive messages except they log into or install Messenger. When they log into Messenger, the message will be delivered.


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This only happens when they are on a mobile phone and have logged out. As soon as the user logs into Messenger, the message will be delivered then considered to be read by them.

When your message has been received but still to be read, it could be it was ignored, marked unread, removed, or marked as spam by your recipient.

If one is assured that the receiver is currently active when the chat was delivered, then the fastest way to make someone open your conversation is through either Messenger voice call or video call.

With voice or video calls, they are bound to open the chat or terminate the call.

Most times, messages are delayed before they are sent. Sometimes you see “Chat is currently unavailable, or Message held on sending without ticking either sent, deliver or even read”.

If this shows up, it could be that the Messenger server is inoperative at the moment. The most useful thing to do is to leave Messenger on its own for about 1 hour until it comes down to normal.

The message remains marked as undelivered until the recipient’s server is ready to intercept your chats. If the Messenger team were active enough to handle the problem on their sides, your messages would be delivered in few hours but if not, the delivery time will wait as long as the server remains not fixed.

How to resolve the issue of messages sent but not delivered?


  • Login to Facebook via a laptop or desktop using your web browser
  • Try to send a message to as many active friends as you have.
  • If your message is not delivered to only one friend, then it could be that the person has ignored you on Messenger.
  • If the problem still concerns you, you can also test this by sending a message to some more friends.
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She finally replies

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Final Words

why Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered

Facebook is a social media and a popular networking website where users can post comments, share photographs, and post links to other interesting content on the web. One can also chat live and watch short videos. Shared content can be made publicly accessible and open, or it can be shared only among a preferred group of friends or family, or with a single person. In this article, we have covered some of the main reasons why you might face an issue of messages sent but not delivered on Messenger.


Can you tell if someone is on Messenger or Facebook?

To tell if someone is online on Messenger you just need to click on the “ACTIVE” button near the top of the screen. There is a list that displays everyone who is active right now on Messenger. You should see a green circle on top of your friend profile image.

How to Know if Someone Is Online on Facebook Messenger

Do ignored messages show as delivered?

Yes and No. These are 2 options to see your messages as delivered in Messenger:

  1. If you send a message to a person that is not your   Messenger contacts or Facebook friends.
  2. The recipient has deliberately ignored your message.

Do you show as active on messenger when on Facebook?

Yes, you are shown as “active” for your Facebook friends and Messenger contacts, if you are online.

How do you know if someone ignores your messages on Messenger?

You should understand if someone ignores your messages if you see them as an “active” several times, but your messages are still marked as just “delivered”. Which most probably means they saw the notification, but just ignore it.

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Turned Off Their FacebookHow can you tell if someone has turned off their Facebook?

There is a simple trick to make sure something is offline.

  • Open the chat window of your friend
  • Send a message.
  • Check if you see the status “seen xx:xx am/pm”

If status appears in a few seconds, that means a friend is online. If not, a friend is offline.

What does a white circle with a checkmark mean on Messenger?

A white circle outlined in blue with a checkmark inside means that your message has been sent ( but not yet seen).

What does a GREY tick mean on Messenger?

A single grey tick means that your message hasn’t been delivered. It may be because of multiple reasons: tech glitch, receiver offline or you’ve been blocked.

What does the unfilled check mean on Messenger?

Unfilled check means the message is sending, but not yet delivered.

All Messenger Icons with explanation

What’s the difference between Facebook Messenger sent and delivered?

Your message travel across 3 locations.

  1. Your phone
  2. FB Messenger server
  3. Recipient phone ( your friend)

Sent” means Step 1 –  your message successfully sent from Your phone to Facebook Messenger Server, and now ready to be delivered to the recipient.

Delivered” means Step 2 – that your message successfully delivered from Facebook Messenger Server to the recipient phone.

Why does messenger only sometimes show last active?

Facebook Messenger does not always show “last active” because it is an optional setting some people agree and some not. Users can go in and switch whether or not people can see when they were last active. If the person has enabled this option you can see when he/she is active, if not, he/she has that setting turned off.

Why would a message be sent but not delivered?

Message sent means it has been sent from your side. And deliver means it has reached to recipient side. If your message is not delivered yet, that means the problem is on the recipient side. It could be a server problem, internet problem, settings problem, or anything else.

How do I track all Facebook messages sent from my Android phone or tablet?

Install the Hoverwatch on the desired device. The program saves audio and video files from Facebook messages. Hoverwatch tracks all Facebook messages sent from the Android phone or tablet. It can help you read all the messages that were sent using Facebook messenger. You will be able to receive all data sent from  Facebook to the monitored device.

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  1. Thomas Annamma

    Sir , I am Thomas Annamma. My fb friend Kuldip Singh is not getting my msg posted in the Messenger. The msg is marked with a white round n tick which means my msg is send. But he complains he is not receiving it n ask me to open new fb account . But i dont want to change my account as I have no problems with other contacts. Kindly rectify the defect .
    Thank you

    1. Howard Bowen

      Most probably he blacklisted you by mistake. No need to create your account, he may change if he want

      1. blacklisted ? How to do that ? I have the same problem as him and we both don’t know what to do. How to undo the blacklist ?

  2. Elsa Bernardio

    Good day Sir! I cannot send messages in my inbox but i can send in my messenger? What cause the problem?

  3. I have been sending messages to all my friends & none of them delivered . Wondering what wrong with my messenger ? Can you fix it for me please . I’m not so technical . Thanks

  4. Dear Sir.
    I have a problem with FB messenger that my message is sent but not to be delivered to the other side and this is only happens to 1 contact because the rest is fine. He is not in my friend list or anything but we use FB messenger to talk for months and suddenly one day messages are not be delivered from us both but he manage to uninstall the messenger and reinstall it and he said he was fine and he asked me to do the same when I did, mine is still the same. so, the situation is like my messages are sent but showing that on his side are not delivered and sometimes later on messages turn out to be grey without him active on messenger. sometimes when we were texting and messages are not delivered too. I have this problem since 8 Aug and I don’t know what cause this. Me and him talk so many times a day and I don’t think it’s ignore option coz if he reply to me then he has to click ignore again all the time right. so I don’t really know what wrong with it.

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