Spectrum security suite review – Is Spectrum Antivirus Worthy?

Spectrum security suite review - Is Spectrum Antivirus Worthy
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Looking for antivirus in 2021? The spectrum security suite is a great choice; let’s discuss its ultimate features as well as the product offering. The spectrum security suite is a brand name under Charter Communications, an American-based company that provides TV, internet, and voice services.

This is not an article based on whether their internet services are good enough or not, here we will only be discussing Spectrum antivirus but first, let us educate ourselves more about antivirus and its usefulness.

Antivirus and its usefulness

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Antivirus is a Internet Security application software that protects our computers and intelligent devices from all malicious red application codes such as viruses and malware from the internet service.

It is very important to update the anti-virus software from time to time to avoid technical problems that arise from new malware attacks when devices are connected to the internet through a service provider.

Antivirus software has always been available to computer users for quite a several years now. Many companies have developed various anti-virus firewall software applications for users.

Function and Market

Antivirus programs are used to detect, identify, and remove viruses, malware, Trojans, and worms when they enter your network or local computer.

Different companies currently create various security programs, and the most commonly used service provider, such as Spectrum security suite, created an antivirus solution known as Spectrum antivirus.

Choosing virus protection can be very difficult in a very highly competitive market, and it can be difficult to know which virus protection program one should be spending money on. This article will be reviewing Spectrum antivirus, a product from one of the most reliable internet service providers.

What is the Spectrum security suite?

The spectrum security suite is a multinational company based in America that provides various product services such as Tv, internet network system, and most importantly, offering safety protection in the form of software to their subscribers from different online threats. This software is available to devices such as macOS, windows.

Spectrum Security Suite is available for free as long as you are a subscriber to their internet service. This safety protection, also known as Spectrum Antivirus, offers security protection against anti-spyware, viruses, anti-phishing tools, and a firewall. The Spectrum security suite automatically updates itself as long as you are connected to the internet and also a regular subscriber of their product offering. This feature makes your PC or macOS always stay connected.

The following are the features offered by Spectrum security suite:

Spectrum Antivirus offer Real-Time Protection

Spectrum antivirus will keep your computer, laptops, and other devices fully protected by real-time analyzing the running programs online. It will protect your devices from viruses, malicious applications, spyware, Trojans, ransomware, etc., and it is! 00% free to use.

Automatic Virus Removal Process

Spectrum offers manual actions that are not being appreciated a lot, especially in such an era of technology. Still, the Spectrum security suite is providing the facility of automatic virus removal.

An automated notification will be sent regarding every action taken by the Spectrum security suite against any threats to the windows/macOS device. After each confirmation, click on the action, infected programs, or suspected threats or files will be removed, quarantined, or recovered if possible.

In case if you have a virus infection prior using our software and have lost files, it is best recommended to use our tool to scan and remove any threats to your files. If there are files that are missing due to virus infection, then you have to make use of a professional file recovery software by Remo  to recover lost files due to virus infection. You can know more about Remo File Recovery Software here.

Spectrum Security Firewall

Spectrum security suite includes a firewall that is available for Windows and Mac devices. Its purpose is to provide a secure internet connection to its users and protect your device from unauthorized sources that try to access your computer.

Spectrum Browsing Protection

This feature on the Spectrum security suite allows you to determine which website is safe and which one is harmful. Spectrum security suite gives grades to each website. Harmful sites are indicated with the letter F, so action must be taken immediately.

When you open a webpage that has an F grade indicated, usually this is followed by a warming pop-up message. If the user insists on visiting the webpage by disregarding the warming notification the Spectrum antivirus sent, it leaves the device vulnerable to various threats. This feature is only available for Windows users for now.

Spectrum antivirus offers Spyware Protection.

You may be familiar with spyware and its performance. Spyware is a type of software that attacks our computer/devices with the sole purpose of stealing data/information which might be personal, for example, passwords or might be your browsing patterns, favorite/most visited sites, and your interest online.

Advertisers use this vital information to serve as Ads or by internet hackers whose purpose is to harm you. Spectrum security suite detects such threats and removes them immediately after your permission.

Spectrum antivirus protection from different virus and malware

Antivirus makes use of cloud-based security to ensure that its subscribers are fully secured and protected from threats while browsing online at their convenience. Spectrum antivirus usually detects new threats of various forms such as viruses, ransomware, spyware software, or any malicious program.

Sadly, this feature is available only on Mac and Windows devices. Mobile users cannot take advantage of this protection feature.

Parents Have Controls over the Spectrum security suite

Spectrum security suite provides features which give total control option to parental. As a parent, you can always monitor your child’s activities or any users added as their guidance. The parental control option also allows you to block suspicious pop-up and harmful sites so that your child can stay away from inappropriate websites.

Advantages of the Spectrum antivirus:

  • High security;
  • Possibility of receiving automated warning notification of threats available to cause danger to the system or devices;
  • Virus notifications are also received via SMS;
  • The smartphone browser receives push notification updates.

The Disadvantages of This Antivirus are:

  • It is not available or applicable for use in various language

Next, we will try to consider the following important feature the Spectrum antivirus offers.

Most Important Spectrum Antivirus Features:

High level of protection: Spectrum antivirus provides complete protection to your devices and real-time analysis of all the running programs and services. This approach helps protect your computer from most of the famous viruses, including:

  • Resident virus
  • Multilateral virus
  • Direct action virus
  • Browser hijacker
  • Overwrite virus
  • Web scripting virus
  • Boot Sector Virus.

Spectrum Antivirus Protection Properties

Nowadays, few users prefer to protect their device or manually clean up viruses. Besides, thanks to modern technology, you can manage your computer’s protection through automatic virus removal.

You can configure the system so that every action the system takes to protect your computer is alerted. Immediately after confirming that the utility found by the antivirus program is infected, it can be removed or, if desired, restored for further work.

Additional features included in the Spectrum Antivirus package

In addition to a first-class antivirus program, the package also includes a proven secure firewall for devices that run on Windows and Mac operating systems. The firewall’s main purpose is to provide the user with a reliable Internet connection and protect the computer from unauthorized sources attempting to access or steal information.

The effective computer protection system from Spectrum Antivirus

This feature enables users to determine which websites are malicious. In this case, the system automatically analyzes the possible locations and evaluates the resource’s security level. So, if you come across a site marked with the letter F, it is dangerous to stay on that site. The user is obliged to receive a notification when these websites are opened.

However, if you wish, you can still stay on this website, although the program does not recommend it. It should be noted, however, that this function is only available for users who work with the Windows operating system.

What does the Spectrum Security Suite cost?

The Spectrum Security Suite with all of the above features is absolutely free with every Spectrum Internet subscription. You are free to use Spectrum Antivirus as long as you are an active subscriber to any of their plans. They allow up to 10 devices under the same account, but unfortunately, they only make it easier for Windows and Mac users.

Spectrum Security Suite: System Requirements

If You are installing Security Suite, verify that your Windows computer meets the following system requirements.


  • Intel Pentium 4
  • Two gigahertz (GHz) or higher


1 gigabyte (GB) RAM or more

Operating System

  • Windows 8 or 10
  • 32-bit and 64-bit: All editions

Disk Space

Minimum 1.2 GB free hard drive space.

How to get a spectrum security suite?

Firstly, open your web browser and go to www.spectrum.net, download and install spectrum antivirus that you get for free using the username and password created from your spectrum subscription to their Internet provider.

Spec 11

How do I install Spectrum security suite and Spectrum antivirus?


You have to just log in with your username and password into the Spectrum platform; then you will find three tabs icons, billing, service, and settings on this page; all you have to do is click services.

Spec 2 1


After that, click on the internet right here from services to the internet and then go to the security suite. Click on the security suite; after that new page will open.

Spec 3


You have to do click that button blue button that says install. And it will ask you have a mac or windows.

Spec 4


Here, I have Windows Pc, and I will give it a name as windowsoffice365BRAINYPLANS

Spec 51


Now, a download pop-up will appear on your screen. You have to select your most preferred folder to have it downloaded to; for instance, I will click save in my local drive. Check the below picture.

Spec 6


Once the downloaded file is completed, I will open my local drive since the downloaded file (Spectrum security suite installer) goes.

Spec 7



This is a straightforward step by step way to download and open my downloaded file folder. This is followed by a double click on the Spectrum security suite installer file.

Spec 8


Now you can see in the picture asking for your permission to click yes or no. Click yes for the installer to set-up the software.

Spec 9


Click accept and continue.

Spec 10

After that, the installation will be processed, then please wait a few minutes

Spec 11 1

The Spectrum security suite is installed.


Spectrum security suite FAQs

Is the Spectrum security suite worth the offer?

If you are a regular user of their internet service, it is absolutely great to use their free Spectrum antivirus protection from unwanted threats. This is cost-effective and worth-a-while.

Is Spectrum antivirus totally free?

The Spectrum antivirus does require a monthly or annual subscription from its users if you are a regular subscriber of their internet service. As long as you are a subscriber, you enjoy limitless antivirus protection with your Spectrum security suite.

Does spectrum internet have a firewall?

Yes, it has,

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