Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner Comparison 2021

Avast Cleanup Premium Vs Ccleaner Comparison 2021
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Compare Avast Cleanup to CCleaner using our side-by-side comparison. Let’s review Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner: Features, Price, and Performance.

Is your computer slowing down gradually? Well, just like you and us, electronic devices also get aged and show their signs by slowing down. However, if you take good care of it and keep it away from junk, the aging slows down drastically and your device would eventually last more time with you working as normally as a new one.

As you might have already heard of the famous antivirus brand, Avast, we have come across the PC tuneup software from the same brand which they call, Avast Cleanup Premium. So, is that any good for your PC and does it work to optimize your computer’s performance? Or is there any better software that you can opt for except for the Avast Cleanup Premium.


Well, most people would recommend you to use CCleaner instead. But, would you believe someone’s personal opinions and likings or go with the actual facts instead. Hence, if you have any misconceptions in mind about which one of the two tuneup software is best, stick to this article and read it till the end since it is all going to be about Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner, and we will be digging through all of their features and real-life performance to find out which one would be a better option for you.

But, before we start to compare avast cleanup vs CCleaner, we should take a glance at what features these both registry cleaning software provide to their users. Although Avast and CCleaner, both have a pretty good name in this industry for a long time now, various users have reported facing some issues with CCleaner recently.

Therefore, we would like to go through the features of its top rival first, the Avast Cleanup Premium.

Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium

As you already know, Avast was initially popular for its antivirus system, and the same trust and feature-friendly vibes come from the Avast Cleanup Premium as well. In our day to day casual usage, you barely notice it, but some clutter is getting piled up on your computer as every single day passes by, which will eventually reach the limit one day and slow down your PC dramatically.

Thus, if you already know it’s going to happen one day, you can react to this situation actively and clean your system on a regular basis. But, extracting time out of the busy schedule, and cleaning everything manually is actually very devastating, and not everyone’s cup of tea.

As a result, a majority of people would love to find easy solutions, and Avast Cleanup Premium is absolutely one of them.

Features of Avast Cleanup Premium

At a glance, the Avast Cleanup Premium is a total package that can take care of every kind of clutter or junk present on your PC. Whether it is the corrupted files, false registry entries, useless browser cookies, or whatever. This tuneup system from Avast is quite specialized to clean up all that in just a click of a button.

As you complete the total cleanup process using Avast Cleanup software, there will be a nice smile on your face because you will feel the performance boost and some free storage space on your system right away.

1. Browser Cleaner

Avast Cleanup Premium Browser Cleaner

In case your most favorite browser has stacked some data over time, like website cookies, useless clutter, and other useless stuff. All this data is only useful for the short term and you might not even remember why that data is present on your computer after a period of time.

So, the Avast Cleanup Premium package includes a browser cleaner feature that can help you remove all this junk in one click.

Thus, it makes it easier for your computer to run the browser smoothly and efficiently cleans up some storage space too.

2. Registry Cleaner

Avast Cleanup Premium Registry Cleaner

Registry on our Windows computers is the main hub where all the computer settings are stored. Anything related to functions that happen on your system, all the commanding data is present here. However, the Windows system even keeps the entries saved for the programs that you might have uninstalled way earlier.

So, it is quite difficult to find such particular useless entries in the registry. Not just that, it is risky to clean it up manually since lots of sensible and useful data is also present there, and you can’t risk that up. Hence, using Avast Cleanup Premium, removing all the unnecessarily saved entries from the Registry becomes way easier and can be done in a matter of seconds.

3. Disk Cleaner

One of the major things that can help you boost your computer’s performance is by cleaning the Disks. As per this review, Disk Cleaner can be highly handy if your computer has low storage space or you want to clean up an SSD drive for optimum performance.

4. Shortcut Cleaner

If you have a habit of keeping shortcuts to every app to save your time, no objection, it’s good for some reason. But, do you delete them as well, after uninstalling any software from your computer? Most people don’t do that. However, you don’t even need to remember doing that because Avast Cleanup Premium is specialized to find out junk like useless app shortcuts and sweep them out of your system.

5. Sleep Mode

Avast Cleanup Premium Sleep Mode

The dedicated Sleep Mode on Avast Cleanup Premium allows you to monitor which activities are running in the background and how many resources they use. With these analytics, it also provides you with information about the apps that you don’t use frequently and they are still running in the background causing your PC to slow down. Hence, you will be able to put such apps to sleep and use the resources where they are needed more.

6. Bloatware Removal

The Avast Cleanup Premium package also provides users with a Bloatware removal feature that comes in very handy if you have not cleaned up your system for quite a while now. Since downloading and installing software on your computer can result in installing multiple applications, ads, tools that you don’t even require.

You can select all such software in the cleanup software and get rid of them pretty easily.

7. Pricing

Well, it is pretty clear by looking at the features that the software is quite useful and can be quite handy as well for optimizing the PC’s performance. Unfortunately, it is not free software though as you can see the “Premium” tag associated with it. But we can surely say spending some bucks on this software is absolutely worth it. Here are the pricing packages that Avast offers for this Cleanup Software.

  • Free Trial – 30 Days
  • 1 PC – $69.99/year
  • 10 Devices – $79.99/year


As we have already checked upon the features of Avast, it is time to discuss some pleasing and useful features of CCleaner as well in the Ccleaner vs Avast cleanup battle. The very first reason it is so popular is that CCleaner also offers a Free package with the main aim to clean up junk files and useless clutter from your computer browser application.

But, that only comes with quite a limited number of features. Hence, it is always advisable to go for the paid ones, especially when you are comparing it with market compelling rivals like Avast.

Features of CCleaner

As we compare Avast vs Ccleaner, the features are quite similar to each other as CCleaner is also specialized to clean up Registry entries, Junk files, useless browser data, etc. But, where we actually felt the difference is in its performance. And, also in the pricing as well. So, let’s check out what CCleaner has to offer to make its impression in this Ccleaner vs Avast Cleanup brawl.

1. Registry Cleaner

Ccleaner Registry Cleaner

Just like the Avast Cleanup System, CCleaner can handle the faulty or useless Registry entries pretty perfectly. Since it can detect all the unnecessary registry entries automatically, it can be very helpful to keep your PC clean and running smoothly for a long time. Apart from that, it also allows you to make a backup of the deleted registry entries in a .reg file format. It is helpful in case your PC starts to misbehave after the registry cleanup, you can restore all the values back on to the system and fix it easily.

2. Cleaning Junk Files

Since Windows keeps piling up data irrespective of the matter whether they are useful anymore or not. So, it won’t affect your PC’s performance at the beginning, but if you see it from a long term perspective, cleaning out such files becomes quite necessary for everyone.

The Junk Files cleaner can do so without a fuss. However, one thing that we noticed while testing it out was that it sometimes does not clean the leftover files of early uninstalled software.

So, we had to ruin the scanning multiple times to get the best results out of it.

3. Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

Ccleaner Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

Likewise, the Sleep mode that we discussed earlier in the Avast Cleanup Premium features, the CCleaner also comes with a facility to detect background running processes and stop the unnecessary ones, which makes it give a nice competition to its rival in this CCleaner vs avast cleanup brawl. However, Avast features resource usage monitoring as well which we felt missing on the CCleaner software.

4. Browser History and Cookies

Ccleaner Browser History And Cookies

Some mighty browsers like Chrome are way too compelling for most PCs out there, especially when multiple tabs are open at the same time. Along with that, it consists of loads of junk like web search history, website cookies, etc.

Your computer will suffer to run it one day even if you have powerful hardware if the junk didn’t stop piling up like that.

There are no issues with cleaning History and Cookies, but CCleaner does it a hard way and sometimes cleans the cached data as well. That can cause more time to load the pages visit regularly and can put more load over your computer.

5. Pricing

In all, the overall features of CCleaner are quite good, but we can’t call it the best performer out there. But, if you are a budget-oriented person, the CCleaner might be a good option for you since it also has a free version to use. However, to use the best features of it, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan, which in fact is very cheaper than Avast’s packages.

  • Free to Download Version
  • Professional Version (1 PC) – $19.95/year
  • Professional Bundle (3 PC) – $29.95/year

Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner

Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium CCleaner Pro
Registry Cleanup Yes Yes
Disk Cleaner Yes Yes
Browser Data Cleanup Yes Yes
Bloatware Removal Yes No
Shortcut Cleaner/Residual Application files cleanup Yes No
Resource Usage Monitoring Yes No
Automatic Updates Yes Yes
Pricing 1 PC – $84.99 $33.99/year*

10 Devices – $139.99 $55.99/year*

*Price with 60% discount

1 PC – $19.95/year

3 PC – $29.95/year

As you can see from the above table, both the Avast and CCleaner look quite similar, but there’s a huge difference in their key functions. Let’s discuss it more thoroughly.

There might be some similarities like both can do the registry cleanup, disk cleaning, and browser cleanup. However, there are some features missing from the CCleaner software which makes it left behind in the competition.

For instance, CCleaner fails to locate the residual software files and clean them properly whereas Avast does a deeper search and keeps the files that are associated with some existing software. So, Avast does a pretty good job in this department.

Moreover, Avast also provides you with Bloatware cleanup which includes ads removal, useless software removal, and all that junk that gets installed on your computer for no reason at all. And, even docs

u can monitor the resource usage to kill apps or put them in Sleep mode. Whereas CCleaner only shows you the background running process from which you will need to choose to kill apps manually.

The only advantage of using CCleaner is that it comes for a cheaper price. But, eventually, it is not worth it as the PC’s performance does not come out to be that satisfying even after cleanup.

Which is better Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner?

According to our testing, as we compared Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner. We can clearly suggest you go for the Avast Cleanup Premium software. If you really expect some performance boost after the cleanup.

Although it might feel slightly costly to some people. It is always better to invest in a better place, rather than wasting it on some other software.

CCleaner was once a nice software to use. But comparing it with modern software, it does not even stand a chance to win.

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Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner Comparison 2021 FAQs

IS CCleaner still malware?

No, it’s not. Now it’s absolutely safe.

Is Avast cleanup premium worth it?

Yes, it is. But maybe not all the pay versions can be good for you. You need to choose it yourself.

Does Avast premier include VPN?

Yes, it is, you can use it.

How to uninstall Avast?

Uninstall Avast is very easy. Open the Control Panel, then choose the programs. Here you need to find Avast Free Antivirus. If you will right-click and select Uninstall from the drop-down menu you will see the start of uninstalling.

What the Avast internet security price?

$55,99 for 1 year with a 20% discount applied. You might be don’t worry about the safety of your online shopping and banking with this package.

Thank you for reading!