McAfee vs Avast – Which One To Go For In 2019?

McAfee vs Avast – Which One To Go For In 2019?

Billions of people are connected through the internet via various platforms. What is that one thing that is not humanly possible to do over the internet whether it’s buying or selling of goods or products or promoting your business online or transferring money online? Everything is possible in this modern era over the internet.

McAfee vs Avast

However, one more thing that is possible nowadays that too very frequently is hacking or stealing of data, documents. There are a number of people who do business online through various platforms and then, there are various hackers who hack the system to gain unauthorized information.

The chances of your data to be stolen or destroyed vary upon the security you have chosen to secure your system. Cybercrime is one of the activities in which a person tries to break into your system in an unauthorized manner. Cybercrime is not just about the hacking system there is a number of malware attacks that could condemn the security of your computer. Which might slow down your system recourse?

There are a few computer viruses that once entered into the computer can harm the system in several ways such as slowing down or breaking down of the system, or copying file from one folder to another itself. Basically computer virus are forms of code known as malicious code or malware threats that can copy themselves or damage the data storing in the computer.

Below mentioned are some common malicious code that could attach to your files and documents if entered in your computer.

Virus, a form of a computer program that has the ability to replicate itself and spread among other files. It destroys files,  the computer’s the hard drive and cause various problems in running the applications properly.

Worms, while a virus spread from files to files replicating it, a worm is self-designed to spread among the system or computer network. Worms might not harm your computer but, it slows down the system process.

The next lined up malware attack is Trojan horse also known as Trojan, is not a virus but a carrier that transfer virus from system to system. Thus, a Trojan horse is just a way for the virus to be transferred from one computer to another.



Hacking is an unauthorized activity that is conducted to exploit someone else system to gain information in an illegal manner. It is a process of breaking into someone’s system to steal information or to manipulate data.

This activity could be done by a person who has immense knowledge of coding. There are thousands of hackers who have a different hacking program to condemn computers and networks. Hacking could be done either to exploit government servers, data or to steal information from the rival organization which claims to have well-secured anti-virus protections.


Anti-virus program

Anti-virus software is used to build a shield around your system to detect and filter all the malware attacks that could harm your device. But, does everyone who owns a PC or Mac need anti-virus software? Well, it depends on your choice. If you want all your necessary files and documents safe from the virus attack you can go for any anti-virus that avails basic requirements for filtering virus, one does not need to pick the advanced utilities.

Moreover, on the other hand, if most of your work is controlled over the internet network you can choose the advanced utilities of an anti-virus program as per your requirements. However, it’s not a 100% guaranteed that anti-virus software will protect your system from all the malware attacks and hacking attempts. Every application has its own pros and cons so does with anti-virus software.

Even if they received 100% ratings from the IT security labs it’s not necessary to provide full protection against malware.

There is several of Anti-viruses available in the market to protect your system in the best way possible with their advanced utilities and features. Following is the list of some best anti-virus software.

  • Norton Anti-virus
  • Avast Anti-virus
  • Kaspersky
  • Webroot Security Anti-virus
  • Malwarebytes
  • Eset Nod32
  • AVG Anti-virus
  • McAfee

Out of these many Anti-virus programs here, we’ll draw a comparison between Avast vs. McAfee.


McAfee vs. Avast: which suite offer better features?

Both Avast and McAfee offer features that are enriched with advanced utilities to protect your device. Which software has better utilities to serve and consume less resource of your system can be known by the following drawn comparison with the help of an Independent test conducted by the AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. Let’s see what McAfee has to offer in their suites.

  • McAfee Anti-virus: This suite is suitable for Windows only. It provides a two-way firewall, a file shredding tool, parental control module.
  • McAfee Anti-virus plus: which is suitable for both Mac and Windows. This anti-virus program includes one single subscription. You can protect 5 devices under one subscription like Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.
  • McAfee Internet Security: Suitable for both Mac and Windows. This suite includes everything that Anti-virus plus already has. In addition, it has an anti-spam filter that blocks all the junk emails.
  • McAfee Total Protection: for both Mac and Windows. McAfee provides top-notch offers to its users against the cyber threats and almost provides everything that a complete antivirus should have, including a firewall with advanced feature, a file encryption tools, and a password management system.

A parental control feature that offers and manage efficiently all your kid’s activity. It will filter all the phishing emails and has a network manager that protects your wifi network against any malware activity.

  • McAfee Life Safe: For both Windows and Mac. McAfee Live Safe offers 1GB of online cloud storage along with all the other related protection and utilities that Total Security already have.

Both the McAfee Total Security and live safe antivirus works for Windows, Mac, ios and Android respectively.


Avast suites

  • Avast free anti-virus:  Avast free anti-virus is the company’s top-notch suite that avails free security. Not only it spam’s away from all the malware attacks but benefits the user with incredible utilities and tools that are extremely helpful.
  • Avast pro-anti-virus: This anti-virus program features sandbox technology which allows the user to run a dangerous file in isolated and premium customer support.
  • Avast internet security:  This program is worth all the money you have invested on it along with features that pro program already has with advanced firewall protection and extra protection against all the malware threats.


McAfee vs. Avast: which offers better malware protection?

Both Avast and McAfee hold a respectable place and provide security to its users according to their plans. There are two types of malware one is widespread malware also known as known malware and the other one is zero-day malware also known as unknown malware.

To detect which anti-virus software can filter and provide better malware protection a test was conducted in the month of November and December in the year 2017, by two very well-known security institutes. AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. The test was conducted against 185 zero-day malware sample and 10,684 widespread malware samples.

According to the test McAfee bagged 100% against both the malware type with the rating of 6/6 stars from the AV-Test experts in the protection category and registered only one false positive.

On the other hand, Avast also did well with a slightly lower protection rate of 99.9% and bagged 6/6 ratings. But, Avast dropped down to a rating of 5.5/6 over both the months as it was detected with 4 false positives.

A similar test was conducted by the AV-Comparatives team which detects two types of malware: Real World Malware and Malware Protection Test. Both the software received ADVANCED+ award in both the test. Interestingly Avast came up with better results than McAfee.

So it’s clear from the above test which was conducted individually, that both the software provides the same level of protection to its users.


McAfee vs. Avast: which consume less resource?

It is quite obvious that any application that is associated with system security will consume some sort of resource but, it should not eat up the systems speed regarding the same.

Let’s see which of the software consume less resource. To draw a comparison regarding the same, once again we’ll go through the test conducted by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives.

According to AV-Test results which were held in November and December where McAfee scored 6/6 ratings for detecting computer speed while carrying out some other tasks like transferring files, opening a different link, installing and downloading apps. Whereas Avast performed satisfactorily and scored 5/6 rating from the AV-Test experts.

AV-Comparatives, on the other hand, did a similar test on both the in October 2017. Avast and McAfee performed the same tasks as installing apps, transferring of files and browsing sites.

Both the software received ADVANCED+ award, but McAfee consumed lesser resource in the whole process than Avast. So it’s clear to be said the McAfee puts less impact on the system.


McAfee vs. Avast: which is less expensive?

The price of the anti-virus varies to its product; different suites offer different features and utilities which may differ in price. Both the anti-virus provides top-notch protection to its users against malware attacks.

However, it can be said that McAfee is less expensive than Avast.


McAfee vs. Avast: which is popular among users?

Both Avast and McAfee are well-known software in the market and it’s not easy to justify which software is more popular among users as Avast holds a user base of over 400 million whereas McAfee just has 325 million users.

According to a recent report released by OPSWAT in January 2018, Avast is leading in the race of popularity with a market share of 19% while, Malwarebytes and ESET  the second position in the race with a market share of 14.03% and 12.73% respectively. McAfee was trending on the position with a market value of 8.41%.

On the other hand, according to CNET’S, which is the world’s famous popular software download hub, claims that Avast was once again leading the race with more download than McAfee.

On the basis of social media popularity, Avast has 4.1 million facebooks following fans whereas, McAfee has just 0.8 million fans following on facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, has 181k Avast followers and McAfee has 801k followers. Clearly, McAfee wins in the twitter race.

After the overall scenario, we reach to a conclusion that Avast holds more popularity than McAfee.


Wrapping up!

It can be rightfully said that if you want to protect your system against all the malware threats. Then, from the above discussion, Avast provides better security in terms of detection and filtration of the malware attacks.


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