McAfee vs Kaspersky – Which One To Go For In 2019?

McAfee vs Kaspersky – Which One To Go For In 2019?

McAfee and Kaspersky are two antiviruses that protect your computer and network against all cyber and malicious threats. Cybercrime denotes any misconduct that includes a computer and a network. The computer might have been used in a commission of a crime or it may be the target. Net crime refers to criminal exploitation of the internet.

McAfee vs Kaspersky

There is a number of ways by which your computer system or network can be destroyed either by direct or indirect modern telecommunications methods. The possibility of committing a crime on the cyber world takes place on three basic fronts namely client, server and communication channel.

These three windows if left unguarded open avenues for threats and would lead to crime and cybercriminals are very well aware of this fact. Following are the most common and most damaging forms of security threats to people who do business online and most of their errands via the internet.


Malicious code is popularly known as a malware that consists of varieties of threats namely virus, worms and Trojan horse. A virus is basically a computer program that has the ability to self replicate and spread among other files and documents stored in the device.

Whereas worms spread from file to file by duplicating feature, a worm is intended and designed to spread from computer to computer. Worms a computer network to spread itself among various computers.

They do not harm or alter files but only reside in the computer system and replicate itself thereby consuming system resources, slow the processing of the computer system.

On the other hand Trojan horse also, popularly known as Trojan, is not a virus that affects the computer system or a file but it is a carrier through which virus travels and penetrated in the system. Thus, a Trojan horse is often a way for viruses and other malware to enter into the computer system.


  • Hacking & Vandalism

Hacking as a phenomenon has broadened its horizons over time. It is a method for gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. Hacking is a term to exploit computer system and status of the victim. It is an unauthorized method to take control of computer network security for some illegitimate purpose.

On the other hand, Vandalism means intentionally disturbing disrupting and/or even destroying a site. Cyber vandals edit online content in a malicious manner by adding, removing, or modifying the content.


  • Spoofing

Spoofing means hiding the original identity and masquerading as someone else. Hackers often attempt to misrepresent themselves by using fake identity for stealing personal and vital information’s. Spoofing generally may not directly affect or damage the files or network but it seriously threatens the integrity of the victim.


Why do we need Antivirus software?

Protecting the internet security is a matter of priority for the organization and for those who conduct business over the internet. It is essential because the transaction of E-commerce travel through public networks and thus involves numerous users and hackers with an ulterior motive.

Antivirus works as a shield and guards your computer system against all the malicious threats that intend to exploit the system and integrity of people. Antivirus software is one of the simple and less expensive ways to provide your system protected against all cybercrime.

There is a number of antiviruses available in the market and each antivirus comes with different range of product with different utilities to provide dynamic protection to its users. Following is the list of some popular antivirus software.

  • Quick Heal Total Security
  • Avast Antivirus protection
  • McAfee
  • Bitdefender
  • Eset
  • Nod32
  • Kaspersky

There are many more antiviruses available in the market and among these many today, we’ll discuss the McAfee and Kaspersky, which antivirus software provide better protection to malware threats.


Kaspersky vs McAfee


Each antivirus provides a number of product ranges that different utilities for each product. Some avails advanced firewall protection while some provide a parental guard to restrict the use of unnecessary sites. Let’s see what Kaspersky offers in there suites.

  • Kaspersky free

This freeware offer is limited up to detect malware and defend the software regarding the same, alongside detect all the phishing websites.

  • Kaspersky Anti-virus

This suite is only suitable for PC users. It jams everything that comes with freeware. Although it avails an extra layer of ransomware protection, a vulnerability scanner that searches for the outdated software and security loopholes, and a silent mode feature that suspends notification for a better experience.

  • Kaspersky Internet Security

Next lined up is Kaspersky internet security which can detect malware attack on PCs, Macs, and Android devices. It comes with everything that previous plans already have. In addition, it provides an advanced firewall, a hardened browser and an Anti-virus spam module.

Also, offer parental control mode which allows parents to restrict sensitive content out of their kid’s reach and helps them to keep a watch on their online activities.

  • Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky total security is the company’s top-notch suite. It is jammed with everything that comes with Internet Security suite. In addition, it offers Kaspersky password manager that safely handles your entire passwords login, and then there is a file shredder and a backup utility.

It also offers an advanced feature of the parental control module and a file encryption utility which secures the transaction of all the sensitive information between sender and receiver.

A limited free VPN is also a part of this suite. VPN stands for a virtual private network to protect the sensitive data among organizations which travel through the internet. VPN allows extension of the intranet of an organization to connect to the remote employees and distant offices.



Previously, McAfee used to offer various product ranges of unities but not anymore. Now it only offers two suites to protect against malware threats and they are McAfee Total Security and McAfee Life Safe on their official website.

  • McAfee Total Security

McAfee Total Security is the company’s top-notch antivirus program that promotes every premium features and extra utilities that every antivirus package should have.

It offers two-way firewall protection that monitors network traffic and detects hacking attempts, then there is a file shredder that lets you delete all the sensitive files so later no misuse could be conducted. A file encryption feature to secure all the sensitive data between the sender and the receiver. It also has a vulnerability scanner that searches for outdated software.

  • McAfee Life Safe

McAfee Life Safe is jammed with everything that Total Security already has. In addition, it avails 1 GB secure cloud storage where you can store all your necessary information and sensitive data or documents.


McAfee vs Kaspersky: Which detect better malware attacks?

Generally, malware is classified into two types. One is known malware and the other one is zero-day malware. In order to specify which antivirus software provides the best security against malware threat, there was a test conducted for the entire antivirus program by two very well known security institutes. AV-Test and AV-Comparatives

According to the test which was conducted in the month of May and June 2018 where McAfee and Kaspersky were tested against 225 samples of zero-day malware and 5,565 samples of widespread malware. Both the antivirus bagged 100% detection against malware samples and received 6/6 stars from the Av-Test experts in the Protection Category.

While the AV-Comparatives conducted a test of Real World Protection Test and Malware Protection Test. The Real World Protection Test was conducted in the month of January and February 2018. The test used a large amount of malware sample and both the Kaspersky and McAfee rewarded ADVANCED+ award among few companies. Due to their near perfect protection test rate of 99.6% and 99.7% respectively.

On the other hand, when the AV-Comparatives conducted malware test which was held in the month of March 2018. Both the antivirus Kaspersky once again rewarded the ADVANCED+ award from the institution with the protection rate of 99.98% while McAfee was rewarded with ADVANCED award as it registered a slightly lower but still managed to receive the ADVANCED award with the protection rating of 99.95%.

It can be rightfully said that both the antivirus can provide the same level of protection against malware threats to its users.


McAfee vs Kaspersky: Which consume less resource of the system?

It’s obvious that every application consumes some of the system recourse to do their job. We can draw a comparison between the two in reference to the AV-Test. Where it detected that which antivirus software consumed more of the system resource.

The result of the test came out where both the software were rated with 6/6 starts in the Performance Category. AV-Comparatives Performance test was similar to the previous one where both the McAfee and Kaspersky bagged ADVANCED+ award. Therefore, it can be said that both the product are extremely lightweight and consume less resource of the device.


McAfee vs Kaspersky: Which software is inexpensive?

The price of the antivirus software varies from product ranges. As both the antivirus provides different utilities in every suite the cost of the suite varies accordingly.

However, the exact comparison cannot be drawn in this category because McAfee does not offer suites like Kaspersky so; it is difficult to create a comparison between both.


McAfee vs Kaspersky: Which is more popular among users?

Both the McAfee and Kaspersky software are well-known antivirus in the market and grabs a reputed place in the market.

According to a report of Windows anti-malware share report. It is said that Avast holds the first position in the market with 19% of market share under it. Followed by ESET 14.03% and Malwarebytes 12.73%. Where McAfee holds the fourth position in the race with a market share of 8.41%

Kaspersky is running on the tenth position in this race with a market share of 3.79%

According to OPSWAT that releases a report on the market share of the leading anti-virus program. Their research was more or less the same as the previous report. Where Avast was holding the first position with a market share of 19% followed by the ESET and Malwarebytes respectively. While McAfee which was fourth on the list was shown to have 8.46% of market share. And Kaspersky was last on this list holding 3.76% of market share.


Final Verdict

According to the whole comparison drawn between the two antivirus software. McAfee and Kaspersky both are in the same league and provide almost the same level of security protection against all the malware threats.

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