McAfee vs Norton – Which One To Go For In 2021?

McAfee vs Norton - Which One To Go For In 2021
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Looking to compare McAfee vs Norton and thinking which one to go for in 2021? Don’t worry. Here have the in-depth guide that you must read.

Billions of dollars are being spent to protect cyber networks but for everyone that tries to protect their network, there is a hacker out there who will try to exploit the security of your system.

McAfee vs Norton

In our digital age, the issues of cybersecurity are no longer just for the technology crowd. Whether you work in business or politics, the military, or the media. Moreover, the internet is no longer just about sending emails and compiling information. It is now handles everything from linking electrical plants to tracking purchases of any online product.


How often do you realize that your system needs antivirus protection? Maybe when you feel that there is a virus in your system and all your files and data are being corrupted. These viruses can be further divided into three parts as worms. Trojan horse and Bad applet. Worms are the one which spreads from files to files replicating themselves. They generally don’t harm your computer much but will definitely slow down the speed of your system

Then there is a Trojan horse which also known as Trojan, is a virus that enters in your computer through back door means, that it is a kind of carrier that transfer virus from system to system. In simple words, it is a way for viruses and other malware to enter into the system.

Next is a bad applet, which is a small application program that can be called up for use while working in another application. A bad applet is a program/application that attacks the system of web surface which gets activated merely by surfing a website and downloading the application from the website.

They create annoyance invade privacy and can seriously damage a java user machine. A bad applet starts working or performing an action against the will of users.


The term hacking means gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. Any attempt given to condemn the integrity of a user or to exploit its data by any unauthorized means is considered to be hacking. Most of the time, hacking is to take up the challenge of breaking into corporate or government website, which claims to be highly protected.

There are three types of hackers who try to exploit the system to steal or gain information through illegal means. First is Black hat hackers are one who breaks into someone else system to destroy files or to steal pieces of information. The attempt could be initiated by the rival business companies to hack other organizations’ systems.

Second, comes the white hat hackers, are the one who hacks or breaks into the system in an authorized manner with no intention to harm the other person’s dignity or status. They even hold a degree in It Technology & Hacking and considered to be certified hackers.

Lastly there come the Grey hat hackers, they are neither legal nor illegal. Their attempt at hacking is purely by the means of showcasing their talent and knowledge of hacking. They might work for the government or against them it’s up to their intentions.

Anti-virus protection

By the time hacking has evolved into a whole new level and hackers have raised their bars for hacking systems. Basically hacking is all about coding. The hackers are getting smarter and can easily break into any system. There are so many important data and information stored on your computer that you’ll never want to leak or get damaged. And to maintain these kinds of privacy one needs to secure the system with anti-virus protection.

Modern problems modern solutions which means you need to opt for the best anti-virus that could guard your system against all the malware attacks and threats, just like your tempered guard your phone screen. To choose the best anti-virus here are two well-known anti-viruses. Let’s see which anti-virus provides better security in terms of all suites.

Norton vs McAfee: Norton Review

Symantec Logo

Norton and McAfee are two well-known anti-viruses, here we’ll see which anti-virus avail better features and better security from all the threats and malware attacks. Let’s see what Norton has to offer in their suites.

  • Norton Antivirus Basic

Norton Antivirus Basic is only for windows computers offering amazing security against various kinds of threats and malware attacks. As the name itself suggests the “basic” does not include much-advanced features.

  • Norton 360 Standard

Next lined up is Norton Security Standard, which includes an advanced feature of a two-way firewall that acts like a filter to protect your system from viruses. Norton security standard avails virus-free protection.

  • Norton 360 Deluxe

Next lined up in this suite is Norton 360 Deluxe, which includes everything that the previous two anti-viruses already have. In addition, it provides you with an intuitive web portal that will help you to manage all your devices in one place.

You can protect more than 5 devices under this suite.

  • Norton 360 Premium

This suite is the company’s top-notch anti-virus package that includes everything that the deluxe suite already has. In addition, it brings you the parental control module by which you can keep a watch on your kid’s activity and can restrict some sensitive websites at the same time. It also includes an automatic backup utility.

Norton vs McAfee: McAfee Review

Mcafee Logo

Earlier, McAfee used to offers various suites like any other anti-virus software but not anymore. Now it is only classified into two suites. One is McAfee Total Protection and the other one is McAfee Life Safe:

  • McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is the company’s top-notch best selling anti-virus program. Apart from providing the best protection against all malware threats. It offers almost every advanced feature that is a must for an anti-virus program. Some of the features  like a two-way advanced firewall, a parental control module, a file shredding tool, encryption security,

To make sure that the software is running smoothly it has several performance optimizations feature that boost and clean all the junk from your device. It is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS platform. However, the price may differ depending on the devices you connect to the application.

  • McAfee Life Safe

McAfee Live Safe offers 1 GB of online cloud storage along with all the other related protection and utilities that Total Security already has.

Both the McAfee Total Security and live safe antivirus works for Windows, Mac, ios, and Android respectively.

McAfee vs Norton: Which avails better security protection?

Both Norton and McAfee hold a decent place in the market in terms of providing security to their users.

There is a test conducted every year among 50 anti-viruses to evaluate which anti-virus is providing better security to the system. The test is being conducted by two respectable security institutes. AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. Generally, the malware can be tested into two categories: known malware which is also known as widespread malware, and unknown malware also known as zero-day malware.

The AV-Test was conducted in the year 2018 in the month of January and February. All the anti-virus products were tested against 228 malware samples of unknown malware and 4,877 samples of known malware.


According to the test Norton received 100% for both types of samples with a rating of 6/6 from the experts at AV-Test. Where McAfee, on the other hand, received 100% for the known malware and the percentage dropped to 99.2% for the unknown malware test. The unknown malware percentage climbed to 100% in the month of February. McAfee also received a rating of 6/6 from the AV-Test experts.

According to the AV-Comparatives tests of the Malware Protection Test and Real-World Protection test. Which was held in the month of March 2018 where McAfee received 99.95% against malware protection with 10 false positives? It jammed his hands over the ADVANCED award which is considered to be the second-best honor from the AV-Comparatives experts.

On the other hand, Norton also does not come up with bright results as it only ranked up to 99.99% with a high number of false positives and had to settle with the STANDARD award which categorized as the lowest award from the AV-Comparative faculty.

The overall situation that came out from the above test is, McAfee provides better security than Norton.

McAfee vs Norton: Which is less expensive?

The cost of the product depends upon the features that every suite offers. However, in this case, Norton may have a variety to offer in their suites but is less expensive than McAfee.

Norton Antivirus price

But one thing to be noticed is McAfee provides a better facility in terms of connecting many devices with a single subscription.

Mcafee Vs Avast 3

McAfee vs Norton: Which is famous among its users?

As we’ve already discussed that both McAfee and Norton hold a respectable place in the market. To know which anti-virus software is popular among the users let’s go through the report released by OPSWAT.

A recent report of OPSWAT released showed that Avast anti-virus is leading in the race with a market share of 19.27% followed by ESET and Malwarebytes with a market share of 13.15% and 12.93% respectively. Where McAfee holds the fourth position on the list with a market share of 9.59%

Shockingly, Norton didn’t stand in the list of top 10 anti-viruses.

According to CNET, the most popular software download portal reveals that McAfee products signify more than Norton’s. So, according to the above discussion McAfee holds a better marketplace than Norton and is much popular among users.

McAfee vs Norton Wrapping up!

In conclusion, I would like to add that McAfee provides a better user experience than Norton in terms of many ways. According to the security institutes, a test was run in accordance to understand which software has the least impact on the resource or device.

From both the tests the evaluation was that McAfee bagged 5.5/6 stars from the AV-Test experts whereas Norton, on the other hand, managed to receive the 6/6 rating from the security institute.

A similar test was held by AV-Comparatives in which both McAfee and Norton bagged 100% result and rewarded with the ADVANCED+ award.

So, it is clear that both the software are compatible when it comes to consuming resources as both have less impact on the system and we can say it’s a tie between both the anti-virus software.

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McAfee vs Norton – Which One To Go For In 2021? FAQs

What happens when the McAfee subscription runs out?

Nothing dangerous. If your payment period was canceled, McAfee just turns on the free version. But if you wanna be protected need to subscribe again.

Do I need Norton and McAfee on my computer?

Yes, you need it. But we recommend you to choose just one of these. If you install both antiviruses it may be conflicted.

Should I uninstall McAfee installing Norton?

Yes, it is. Will be better if you choose just one antivirus and use just one of these.

Why is McAfee bad?

Firstly, McAfee is a good antivirus, but not the best. It has minuses:
1. Inconvenient interface
2. Problems for Paypal system
3. Slow detecting viruses

Has Norton been hacked?

No. Usually, viruses hacked your system, data, or your money. Hackers are not interested in hacking antiviruses.

Thank you for reading!