McAfee Vs Malwarebytes – Which One To Go For In 2019?

McAfee Vs Malwarebytes – Which One To Go For In 2019?

It is needed today to get a reliable and trustworthy antivirus to protect your system from malware causing slowdowns or interruptions. With new technology advancements now our society’s infrastructure relies heavily on computers now. A threat to our personal computer and networks is a threat to our society.

McAfee Vs Malwarebytes

An entire industry is dedicated to protecting computers and their users from virus infection, the antivirus industry. Antivirus software has now become a consumer product and sold in the global marketplace. Hence, before getting trapped in the industry you should consider all aspects of antivirus like its impact, features and interface.


McAfee’s Antivirus

McAfee Total Protection is the company’s most popular antivirus offering. Provides top-notch malware protection and has almost all features including an advanced firewall, a file encryption tool, a password manager and a file shredder.

Also, a network manager which protects your WiFi against malware attacks, an anti-spam email filter and parental control feature to manage your kid’s digital life. It warns you about dangerous websites through browser extension called Web Advisor.

McAfee LiveSafe offers 16GB of online cloud storage along with all features and utilities jammed into ‘Total Security’ suite.

Both McAfee Total Protection and LiveSafe are compatible with Windows, MAC, Android and ios.


Malwarebytes’s Antivirus

Malwarebytes Free is the company’s limited free antivirus product for Windows. It is useful only if you want to remove malware that has already been infected with your system.

It is a mere disinfection tool with no real-time scanning and doesn’t have any advanced protection related tools.

Malwarebytes ‘s Premium is the company’s security offering which provides protection against different kinds of malware threats. It offers advanced ransomware protection and computer’s data protection.

Features and utilities like VPN, automatic backup tool, encryption tool are not included in this suite. It is compatible with PCs, Macs and smartphone. Also, it comes at different price points depending on the number of devices you have in your household.


McAfee vs. Malwarebytes: Which offers better malware protection?

Malware protection is the most essential component of any security software system. A security product should protect against all sort of threats such as Trojan Horses, Viruses, Worms. Malware can be classified into two types- Known Malware also called wide-spread Malware and Unknown Malware also called zero-day Malware.

Unknown Malware is more dangerous as the previous mark is available for it, thus security program relies on advanced behavioural techniques to identify and eliminate them. Known Malware is detected using a signature-matching methodology which means by comparing a suspicious file against a huge database of known Malware samples.

AV-Test held during September and October 2018, McAfee blocked all the samples of widespread malware during both the months but was slightly less efficient against zero-day malware. It scored low around 5.5/6 from AV-Test experts in ‘Protection’ category. Malwarebytes could only get 4/6 rating in these examinations because of its mediocre performance.

Recent Real-World Protection Test conducted between July and November 2018. McAfee’s performance was impressive, it detected 99.4% of malware with 16 false positives and was able to get the highest ‘ADVANCED+’ title.

False Positives is when security product wrongly classifies a clean file or URL as malware infected.

Malwarebytes on the other side didn’t participate in the recent AV-Test Comparatives test.


McAfee vs. Malwarebytes: Which puts less impact on system performance?

AV Test’s Performance studies the influence of a product on system performance by performing basic tasks such as launching websites, downloading applications and copying files.

McAfee got a full 6/6 rating from the professionals under this category while Malwarebytes scored lower 5/6 rating.

AV-Comparative’s Performance Test measures the influence of a security product on computer performance like AV-Test’s study. It assigns an impact score to each product depending on their level of impact. The lower the impact score, the lesser the influence a product has on a computer’s performance.

McAfee got the highest ‘Advanced+’ in the test because of its flawless performance and scored 6.4 the lower the better. Malwarebytes didn’t participate in these evaluations.

Thus, it is very obvious McAfee is better than Malwarebytes in terms of impact on the system.


McAfee vs. Malwarebytes: Which software offers a better user experience?

McAfee’s interface has gone through major changes, the new interface is simpler and brighter with colours of white, grey and pale blue.

On top, there is a horizontal menu with five items- Home, PC Security, Identity, Privacy and Account. There will be a link to settings, alerts and tips are also there in the top-right corner of the menu. PC Security, Identity, Privacy tabs contain relevant features while account view has information about your subscription plan.

The default view, the home view shows your computer’s protection status in the left rail either with a green check mark or a red warning sign. To run a full quick scan, buttons are available for it. Along with titles at the bottom to help you set up, remove browser cookies/trackers and true key password manager are also available.

Malwarebytes has an intuitive and modern interface with tones of white, dark blue and grey. On the left side, there is a vertical menu with five items like Dashboard, Scan Quarantine, Reports and Settings modules.

The dashboard is the default view of the software which shows a green check mark with a reassuring message ‘You’re Protected’ in the middle of the Window if everything is fine.

On the left, it shows the modules which are active when the last scan took place, your protection history and more. A ‘scan now’ button is also available on the window. The title bar shows the name of your product active on your system.

McAfee vs. Malwarebytes: Which software is more popular?

OPSWAT a known security company trusted by HP, Simens and Cisco publishes a report on malware products and vendors. The recent report was published in November 2018 which included the information collected by OPSWAT in last six months.

AVAST is the player in the market with the biggest share of 18.44% followed by McAfee is second on the list with 12.58% market share and Malwarebytes claimed the third position with 12.23%.

A report published by STATISTCA in August 2018 had similar ratings. Avast claiming the first position with 17.04% market share, Malwarebytes came second with a market share of 13.34 % and McAfee came third with 11.73% share.


Final Words

Those who want to fulfil their security with an additional layer of antivirus should go for Malwarebytes. It is for those who don’t need any additional features instead only focus on anti-malware protection.

Malwarebytes works well alongside other security software, the anti-malware tool is bounded only to protection features.

McAfee offers a full-featured program that can add various tools and programs. It is also a user-friendly software with an effective interface and many features. It is the perfect option for those looking for families and households with best price rates in the industry according to the latest trends.


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