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Strong Password Generator

Generated Password
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Credits to @dev_loop

How strong is password?

There is a formula:

Possible combinations = possible number of charactersPassword length

Possible number of characters

If you enable all 4 functions:

  • include upperCase (26 letters, A-Z)
  • include lowerCase (26 letters, a-z)
  • include Numbers (10 numbers, 0-10)
  • include special symbols (32).

In total it would be 94 different characters.

Password length

It’s totally up to you which password length to use. Our generator supports length up to 32.

Let’s calculate some examples. Also, we will calculate the approximate time to hack this password with brute force.  The speed of brute force varies a lot depends on the computer & apps used in the attack. Modern GPU can brute force about 1 billion passwords a second.

Password consists of Possible combinations Time required to decrypt
9 characters 949= 572994802228616704

(572 quadrillion)

18 years
12 characters 9412= 475920314814253376475136

(475 sextillion)

15 million years
32 characters 9432= 13806745360886501263652333382


(1 vigintillion)

(43 quattuordecillion years)

(4.375×1046 years)

So, the maximum password strength you can create with this calculator is 9432 combinations, which would take 4.375×1046 or 43 quattuordecillion years to break.

How much is it? Well, it is longer than the age of the universe. Scientists estimate it as  3.2×1036 years.

None of the hackers has so much patience, so we can conclude password is strong enough.

Why do I need a strong password generator?

We use passwords every day to access email accounts, bank accounts, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and hundreds of other services. The temptation is to use one password for all accounts and keep it short and easy to remember. However, that has a disastrous effect on our privacy and security.

In most cases, passwords are not hacked out of curiosity, but for malicious goals: using your computer as a spam robot, stealing some of your money, and infecting your computer with computer viruses, and spyware.

What makes a password secure?

The strength of the password depends mainly on the number of possible combinations, which must be tried to guess the password. The 4-digit PINs are said to be weak, as there are only 10,000 combinations that you can try. The number of possible combinations depends on the symbols used in the password and the length of the password.

How to create really strong random passwords?

As we have seen in the previous chapters, the difference between the level of security provided by weak and strong passwords is significant. The question remains: How to create strong random passwords?

Let’s look at the alternatives.

  • Choose letters and numbers “at random”. It seems random, but only at first glance. Several research studies have shown that humans are not very good at random choices; they always try to distribute things very evenly, and this is not random behavior.
  • Typing “random” on the keyboard with your eyes closed. That is a bit better than random selection, but it is still random anywhere.
  • Random password generators online. Much better than the previous two alternatives but, they have two major drawbacks. The first is the ability to save a password that was created on the website for malicious purposes or someone could spy on your connection then crack the passwords. The second big problem is the quality of the random number generators, which are often not up to the task. Many of them are naively executed and provide far fewer combinations than are theoretically possible.
  • Specialized programs for generating random passwords. The best option as long as it is implemented correctly and comes from a reliable source.

How to generate a strong password

Strong Password Generator is a program that provides a high-quality, randomly generated random password generator with no password sent or recorded. You can use a Strong Password Generator to create any kind of password: from simple PINs to strong and long complex passwords that are hard to crack even with the fastest hacking computers. Remember, if the password codes are not random, the hacking times are drastically less.


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