Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong – How To Fix?

Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong – How To Fix?

In this ever changing world of technology, the only thing that has failed to change is the love that human heart needs. No one is unknown to the application of tinder that provides a platform for two people to meet online.

You swipe right for the profile you like and swipe left for the ones you are not interested in. If both of the users swipe right then you have found your match. As much fun as this sounds, there have been repeated problems with the Tinder account.

Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong

It has been noticed over the time that there is a minor problem with Tinder app. Mainly the users that have signed up by liking their Facebook account are having this problem.  It has been seen that sometimes there is a pop up error message saying  ‘Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong’ on the accounts of people that logged in using facebook or phone number. This error is commonly found in Android users.

Some of the users think that the error message popped up because either their account was reported or the other person had flagged them because of:

  • Inappropriate messages to their matches
  • Inappropriate sharing of photos
  • Spamming account
  • Some sort of abnormal behaviours
  • Transgender, cross dressing or any other form of LGBTQ
  • No profile picture

While it may be true in some cases, it may not be the case others. If the user logs out of his/her account and is not able to log back in to their account, then the above reasons do not apply for the “Tinder Oops something went wrong” pop up.

There’s an 80% chance that you will see the “Tinder Oops something went wrong” pop on your screen if you signed up using facebook on Tinder due to failure of network server. This means that your server is down and therefore cannot detect your location or authorize your Facebook login.

However, it is a temporary issue. It takes an average of 5 hours to 12 hours time frame before you will be able to login back to your Tinder account. But if you cannot login to your Tinder account even after 24 hours have been passed then there are a few tricks that might help you to fix your problem and log you back in to Tinder.

The tricks are not guaranteed to work but you can always try. If all the tricks fail to work, then you must proceed to the Tinder contact page and file your complain about the challenges you are facing to login to your account.


Options to fix “Tinder Oops something went wrong” pop up:

tinder something went wrong when searching

  1. Network connection

Make sure that the network provider that you are using is strong enough to support Tinder and access your location. It must be able to authorize your Facebook login. If you find no error with your internet connection then try the next option.


  1. Avoid VPN on Tinder

There is an option in Tinder Plus that allows you to switch between different locations unlike on the free version of the application. The reason for the error pop up may be that you are using VPN apps for switching location in the Tinder Plus app and that is why it is not able to detect your location.

Try to turn your VPN off and then login to your account. If you are using the free version and don’t use VPN then go to the next step.


  1. Clear Tinder app data for Android users

If you are constantly facing the pop up error then you should consider cleaning the cache data of your Tinder app from your device. Go to your device settings and click on app management or locate app ( depends on the device you are using ). Locate Tinder and click on it. Go to the app info and click on clear data.

Try logging in after clearing your data. If you are an iPhone user, then you will have to delete the tinder app and download the latest version of the app. If you do not want to delete tinder, you might want to check for updates. If there are any, then try updating that app to get rid of the pop up.

If this also doesn’t work, then don’t worry. There’s another options.


  1. Login to Tinder using mobile web browser

You can use tinder from web also. Try logging in your tinder account using Chrome, Fire fox or Safari browser. Enter your Facebook details and link it to your tinder account and then try to login. If you can access your tinder account from the web then there must be a problem with the mobile version of your Facebook app.

If this also doesn’t work then we have a final option for you.


Last option to fix “Tinder Oops Something went wrong” pop up error:

tinder something went wrong iphone

Facebook has known to have removed various features and data. Since tinder uses data from your facebook account to find matches of your interest, it has to be in sync with the Facebook data. As facebook settings have been changed and some of the data has been removed, you might be finding problems logging in to your accounts that are linked with Facebook.

You might want to try deleting your tinder app and logging in using some other option such as Google account or your phone number.

Follow the steps given above to get rid of the ‘Tinder oops something went wrong’ pop up error. If you are still facing the problem then complain to the support system of the tinder app and contact them to resolve your issues.

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