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How to Disable Comments on Facebook fast and easy? Sadly, Facebook doesn’t give users the option to disable comments for good. However, there’s a way around this challenge. Facebook is quite a fantastic platform to connect with friends, family, and even people we have no idea of who they are.

Still, it can also be a challenging place for its users – facing all and any opinion. At times you can get comments on a post that makes you seek out how to disable comments on Facebook.
Sadly, Facebook doesn’t give users the option to disable comments for good.

However, there’s a way around this challenge. With this article, we’ll show you how to disable comments on Facebook; just read along!

Adjust Facebook Comments Settings

How To Disable Comments

We’ll look at tricks to help reduce the constant flow of comments on your Facebook posts.
If you have lots of Facebook friends, followers, or some sort of audience, you’ll understand how massively bothersome it can be to have a Facebook account. Just about anyone can comment on anything of your post, which can constitute a nuisance.

Nonetheless, you always have the option to turn off your Facebook notification and get some privacy. But if you prefer just to get rid of those annoying comments for good, there’s a way to give you more privacy. Let’s see!

How to Disable Comments on a Facebook Post

With the steps below, you’ll finally be able to disable comments on your posts:

Step one: As we all know, Facebook doesn’t provide a “Hide Comments” or “Disable Comments” option; we have to improvise.

When you upload anything on Facebook, you can select the group of people you prefer to see and interact with it. If just about anyone is allowed to comment on your post, there’s a possibility of getting annoying comments.

This is how to limit your posts to who can interact with it:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Create a post with text, images, videos, or anything you want
  3. Before you upload the content on “Your Story” or “News Feed,” you have to change your privacy settings.
  4. On the far right of the “Your Story” and “News Feed” section, you will see a box with “Public” set as default.
  5. Click on the “Public” and select more.

You’ll get a shortlist option full of different groups to share your post with.

The “Public” option makes your post visible to anyone on Facebook, but the “Friends” option makes your post only visible to only those on your friend list.
If you prefer your post to be visible to people on your friend list, except for some people, you can click on “Friends except.”

How To Disable Comments Fast

Step two:

There’ll be a pop-up window that opens up, displaying a list of all your friends with a search box above.
You can go ahead to search for those particular friends you would prefer not to see your uploads and click on the “-” icon next to their names and click Save Changes at the lower right corner of the window.

Anyone you select won’t be able to see, comment, or engage with your post. The same thing applies to people that aren’t your Facebook friend.
If you prefer to allow only a particular group of people to see your posts, you should click “Specific Friends” to open up your friend list.

You can repeat the procedure and choose the friends you want by clicking on the icon next to their name and click “Save Change.”
If you prefer not to have anyone see your post, you should select “Only Me.”

You can finally click “Post.”
After following this step, the names you’ve clicked and strangers won’t be able to view, comment, or interact with your post even if they visit your timeline. Although they’ll see that people have reacted and commented on the post, but they won’t be able to comment or engage it in any way. What they would see instead is, “Sorry, this content isn’t available at the moment.”

How to Disable Comments on Previous Posts

It almost the same step as that of a new post, only that you have to find a particular post and do the following:

Scroll down to the post in your timeline
Nest to the time stamp over the post, you’ll see a small icon of a globe which tells you that the post is open to the public.
Click the tiny arrow and repeat the steps listed above to limit the people that can see and engage that particular post.
This is a reliable way to disable comments on your Facebook posts as it also hides the post from viewers. Nonetheless, this is the best option we have until Facebook provides us with a Hide Comments option. While single comments can be hidden or deleted, it doesn’t stop people from reposting their mean or hideous comments where they are not wanted.

How to Disable Comments on Your Facebook Page?

How To Disable Comments Easy

  1. Click on “Settings” located at the top right corner of your Facebook page.
  2. Go to the “General” tab and find the “Page Moderation” section.
  3. Click on “Edit” on the right.
  4. The “Page Moderation” section will expand with a box meant for keywords.
  5. In that box, you can type words you prefer not to be mentioned on your page, such as racial slurs, profane words, etc. These words will be blocked.
  6. There is a character limit of 10,000 you are allowed to type, but there is no word limit.
  7. You also have the option to upload a CSV file containing a list of keywords, and then click “Save Changes.”

How to Disable Comments Final Thoughts

It’s still a mystery why Facebook hasn’t provided users with the “Hide Comment” or “Disable Comments” option as they have it on other social media platforms they own. For Instagram, you can easily disable comments by clicking the three dots above your post, where you’ll find the option to turn off comments.

All we can do is manage the option we have and hope that Facebook introduces this feature anytime soon.

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Facebook – How to Disable Comments? 2021 FAQs

How do u disable comments on my profile picture?

Need to change your profile picture and set the privacy setting to Only Me

What is Facebook most relevant?

It means that the comment is ranked, and you’re more likely to see high-quality comments that are relevant to you.

How to control who comments on Facebook

Click in the top right of Facebook.
1. Open Settings & Privacy, then click Settings
2. Select Public Posts on the left.
3. Go to Who Can Follow Me and make sure the Public is selected.
4. Click Edit next to Public Post Comments.
5. Select who is allowed to comment on your public posts

Thank you for reading!