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Have you ever encountered the problem of this content isn’t available at the moment, read this post.

Facebook Attachment Unavailable. This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

Easy to solve. Millions of people all over the world use Facebook and have a profile on this website for stop sometimes the User experience might not be always very smooth and due to glitches, some of the features may not work from time to time. And the error message “Facebook attachment unavailable”  is one of the most annoying ones out of the lot.

Sometimes when you are in a group chat and you can’t see a particular attachment, it can be really embarrassing to ask as to why it is happening. But due to some wrong configuration, bugs, or any general errors, this can be a common error.

“Facebook attachment unavailable” – Why does this error occur?

Facebook Attachment Unavailable

Usually the reason behind this issue”attachment unavailable” is due to some privacy settings. When you or someone else shares any attachment for the image, the privacy settings might get altered. Due to this only a selected range of people can view that attachment or that picture or any post.

For example, it might happen that someone has shared a file in your group but your contact has not been selected in the friend list to which the attachment should be delivered. In that case, you won’t be able to view the attachment.

But today in this article we are here to help you understand what to do in case this error”attachment not available” comes up on Facebook.

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Solutions to the problem of Facebook attachment unavailable.

Well, the good thing is that this problem does not have one particular solution and you can try alternative methods to see which works. And we are sure that at least one of them will definitely work for you.


  • Change your sharing settings- whenever you share any file attachment with anyone, you have to make sure that the sharing setting has been set to the public. To do that you can go to your wall on Facebook and click on the three horizontal dots which will open a drop-down menu. Then you can choose your story options and set the public option from the drop-down menu located on the right side.
  • Upload the attachment specifically- it is always a better idea to upload your attachment of file to a specific group instead of sharing the link. To do that you can enter the group you want to send the message to and go to the main page on Facebook and click on the groups located on the left side. After that, you have to select the group where you want to post a picture to. Next, you can click on the”Add photo/ Video” option after making sure that the sharing settings have been set to the public. After that click the”upload photos/ videos”option and choose the file that you want to upload.


  • Check the security settings beforehand- sometimes it might so happen that some pictures may have preset options that make it invisible to others after sharing. In that case, you have to first download the picture to your computer and right-click on it to select the option”properties”.After that, you will find the security section at the bottom of the window where you can tick the “unblock” option. After that, you can click the option apply and then ok.
  • Make the privacy settings public- to fix the Facebook attachment unavailable error quickly, you can change your privacy settings on Facebook to the public. This will allow each and every person to check your posts online. To do this you have to go to the menu bar located at the top right of the Facebook page and click on the arrow next to it. Next, you have to go to the “settings” option and then go to the “privacy” button. Under the “your activity” option, you will get to see another option “who can see your future posts”. Click on edit and then set the setting to the public.

These are some of the options using which you can fix the error in an effortless manner.

Facebook Attachment Unavailable Conclusion

Facebook Attachment Unavailable Why

We hope that the above-mentioned methods will be helpful enough for you to answer your question ” Facebook attachment unavailable”. We are sure that any of the alternative options will work for you and the best part is that the next time you face that issue, you won’t panic and you’ll know what to do to make it alright.

Facebook has millions of users across the world and that is why sometimes it is common for some glitches to come up and cause some server issues. But no worries as there is some solution to every problem and even though it may take some time, it will eventually be alright. You just have to be patient throughout the process.

Facebook Attachment Unavailable video:

We always try our best to solve the errors in the most appropriate and convenient way so that you face minimum problems. All the methods have been tested and they do work whenever needed. All the best!.

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Facebook Attachment Unavailable – How to Fix? 2021 Updated FAQs

Why are posts unavailable on Facebook?

Posts can be unavailable because this post may be deleted or banned.

What is attachment on Facebook?

It is any file which you can send in a Facebook message

Who blocked me on Facebook?

Any user can block you in Facebook messenger. But your profile can block only admins.

Thank you for reading!