How To Screen Record on Chromebook

How To Screen Record on Chromebook
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Here you will find a detailed, but simple guide about a frequent question. How To Screen Record on Chromebook? After reading you will find out. It is hard to install traditional screen recording applications on Chromebooks.

But thankfully things are getting easier these days and you just need a functional and efficient Chrome extension to record your screen. However, Google does not have its own screen recording extension but there are plenty of other screen recording extensions for you to choose from which are provided by third parties.

Earlier screen recording was an impossible task true Chromebook or even Chrome OS. But now thankfully you too many emerging technologies, this has been made possible and you have multiple options through which you can record your screen on Chromebook. Here are a few of them.

Different applications to Screen Record on Chromebook.

record screen
record screen
  • 1.  Screencastify.

Bhojpuri and paid versions are available for this application. Another benefit of using this application is that no watermark appears on the free recordings and there is a 5 minute limit on free recordings which is more than enough.

To install this, you need to visit the Chrome web store listing of Screencastify and then tap on the option “Add to Chrome”. After that, you need to tap on ” Add extension”. You will be able to see the Screencastify icon located in the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Tap on it and select the option sign in with Google. Click on next and then tap allow so that Screencastify can have a look at the data on your screen.

If you want to record you can tap the record option after which a window will pop-up asking which screen you want to share. After you are done recording you can click on the pause icon which is located in the recording controls at the bottom of the screen to stop click on the topic and after that. You can edit the recorded video, add a title for it and save it to your Google Drive.

  • 2.  Nimbus screenshot and screen video recorder.

The process of adding this extension is almost the same as the previous one and you can also adjust some settings according to your requirements like record Mike sound, record tab sound, and more. If you already have an idea regarding how long your video should be, you can add a countdown timer. Nimbus allows you to record videos even with 4K quality.

  • 3.  Screencast-o-Matic.

Screen Record On Chromebook

This application is one of the latest additions to Chromebooks. Mostly Mac and PC using this application so if you are familiar with them, the interface would be fairly easy for you to get along with. This application allows you to record your screen for a maximum of 15 minutes so it is more preferable for quick tutorials. After the recording, you have the option to save the video directly to Google drive or even YouTube.

However, this application does not give you the freedom to edit your videos. You can either cut or trim the video but that’s the most you can do. You have to use another application if you want to edit your video further.

  • 4. Loom.

This is a third-party app and the best part is that it is completely free. Loom allows you to record videos for an hour and hence it is one of the most generous screen recording applications out there. This app is available to download from the Chrome store and you can use your Google account to sign into it.

Just like any other screen recording application, you can record the specific tab or the whole desktop. You can pause the recording in between, edit the videos like cutting or trimming and then publish it.

  • 5.  Clapboard.

This application allows you to record videos that look professional with perfect sound. This application is used for recording screen to help you out in different situations like internal team interactions, creating tutorials, etc.

The clapboard allows the users to capture the footage and record the screen simultaneously. After the recording is done, you also get a shareable link so that you can share your video on different platforms. Another interesting feature of the application is that you will be able to create instant thumbnails for your videos and even add annotations for your videos.

How to screenshot on Chromebook?

On Chromebook and another device with the Chrome OS keyboard layout use the following hotkeys:

  • + on a standard keyboard will capture the entire screen,
  • + + will turn the mouse into a rectangle select tool for capturing a custom portion of the screen.



Working from home has become a very common option today. And for that, you might need to get used to screen recording for various purposes. Screen recording on Chromebook was almost next to impossible previously.

But the situation has changed and today there are multiple options for you to choose from to both record and share the videos.

Out of the plethora of options, you need to choose the one which will be easy to use, is reputable, and the cost of which is reasonable. Hopefully, this article will give you some clarity about that.

Screen Record on Chromebook FAQ

How to screenshot on Mac?

There are 5 ways to capture screenshots on mac:

  1. ⌘ Command + Shift + 3 hotkey. Quick full-screen capture.
  2. ⌘ Command + Shift + 4 hotkey. Specific area of the screen capture.
  3. ⌘ Command + Shift + 5 hotkey. You will see many options you have to choose from.
  4.  Touch Bar control strip customization.
  5. Installing Third-Party Apps.

It’s hard to fit a detailed guide about the 4th and 5th methods in this small section, so please follow this guide to find details.

How to take a screenshot on Windows?

Hit the Prtscn button to take the screenshot on the screen. In windows, the screenshot will be of a full screen.

For more information, check out our guide How to screenshot on windows.

How to screen record on Android?

If you are using an Android phone of Samsung, LG, or any other company you can swipe down your quick settings screen, and if your phone supports it, you will notice a screen recorder option there. After selecting it, you have to tap on the start button and wait for the short countdown to begin your recording. If not, then search in google “my_phone_model how to screenshot”. Another option is to use 3rd party apps.

More details in our guide – How To Screen Record On Android.

How To Screen Record on Chromebook video:

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