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How to screenshot on Windows

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How do I take a screenshot?

Press which is located in top right corner of keyboard. Name may vary a bit: “PrtScn”, “Print Screen”, “PrntScrn”, “Prt scr”.
Right after clicking PrtScn Windows OS captures whole screen and copies it to the clipboard.

Later you can paste it by + to any graphic app (Paint) or directly into messages in FB and some other messengers.

Note: On some laptop right combination is +

Where can I find that key?

That’s easy to find, just look to top right corner of your keyboard. It’s usually next button after , typically there is 3 buttons in a line:

Print screen button location
Print screen button location

How do I take a screenshot of a single window?

Press and hold  button, then press . Now you can release button too, active window is captured and saved to clipboard.


How do I take a screenshot of a specific area?

That means you need to use  Snipping Tool. It is designed by Windows in 2002, but some people still don’t know it exists.

To use it, you need to press and hold   +  buttons , then press .

You will see all screen become grey and by clicking and moving mouse you can select area you want to screenshot.

snippet tool

P.S.   usually located in left bottom corner and look like image of window ( Windows logo).


Another way to access Snipping Tool is just typing it’s name in windows Search.

Click on windows logo in left bottom corner of the screen ( or just press   ) and type “snipping”

snipping tool app

How do you take a screenshot in windows without print screen?

Well, you can use Snipping tool not only to capture parts of screen, but to do full page screenshots too.

Just press and hold   +  buttons , then press . You will see some buttons on top of the screen. Choose “Fullscreen Snip“.

Alternatively, you can just select entire screen with your mouse. Screenshot would be saved in clipboard and u would be able to share it or paste in some apps.


Clipboard. How to use it and paste image in document or app?

Clipboard is “invisible” place where stored things you just copied/created.

You are able to copy information ( text, image, table, any file) from clipboard to proper app by pressing just 2 buttons – +

If you just made a screenshot, try to paste it to any document ( Microsoft Word) or into image you are currently editing ( Paint, Photoshop, etc).

Where should I paste it?

If you are not sure which app you should use, just use Paint. It is available in any Windows version.

Similar to snipping tool, click on windows logo in left bottom corner of the screen ( or just press   ) and type “paint”

paint location

How to make a file from screenshot I made?

Instructions how to make screenshot and open paint were in previous paragraphs, so I will assume you read them all.

To save screenshot as file you need:

  • Make screenshot by “PrtScr” button or Snipping Tool
  • Open paint
  • Edit -> Paste
  • Save

Can I save screenshot as file simpler?

Yes, actually there is button to save screenshot directly to file.

Press and hold   , then press button.

File would be saved directly in C:\Users\<your user name>\Pictures\Screenshots

This “Pictures” folder is actually located on the left side of Explorer, so you can access it in 1 click too.

Pictures folder in Explorer
Pictures folder in Explorer


Summary. List of Window’s screenshot shortcuts.

  • Save as file – > Press and hold   , then press button to screenshot AND save as file immediately in C:\Users\<your user name>\Pictures\Screenshots
  • Print full screen  – >  Press to print screen and add it to clipboard.
  • Print single window  – > Press and hold  button, then press  to print screen and add to clipboard currently active window.
  • Print specific area / Use Snipping Tool -> press and hold   +  buttons , then press .
  • Paste screenshot in app from clipboard -> – +

How to take a screenshot on windows 10?

Fast answer: Press and hold   , then press

In fact, I have windows 10 myself so all provided keyboard combinations here are tested by me in win10. You can use any of them to screenshot on windows 10.

I especially recommend you to try Snipping Tool in Windows 10, because Microsoft updated it very well. Handy and useful tool right now.

I still don’t get it. May I see video how to make screenshot?

Now I feel bit upset about my teaching skills.. Ok, here is 4k video:




Bonus for users who didn’t yet changed you OS to newest one:

How to screenshot on windows 8?

Well, it is absolutely the same as in Windows 10. If you learn how to make screenshots by this guide, you would be perfectly able to take a screenshot on Windows 8 too.

How to screenshot on windows 7?

Snipping tool is available in windows 7 and it is perfect tool to take any kind of screenshots.

  • Click Start -> All Programs -> Snipping Tool
  • Click on the black triangle between “New” and “Cancel” to open this menu:
    Snipping Tool in Windows 7
    Snipping Tool in Windows 7
    • Free-form Snip – use mouse to capture any area you want.
    • Rectangle Snip – select some area with rectangle.
    • Window Snip – print screen of currently active single window.
    • Full-screen Snip – use it to print screen whole screen.

But how to take a screenshot on windows 7 without snipping tool?

  • Standard keyboard shortcut: just press    button.
  • Make screenshot and save it at the same time:   (hold) + buttons
  • Take screenshot of active window:  (hold) + buttons

Careful reader will notice keyboard combinations for Windows 7 are the same as for 8 and 10.


FAQ – a bit off topic, but still frequently asked questions

How to screenshot on Mac?

There are 5 ways to capture screenshots on mac:

  1. ⌘ Command + Shift + 3 hot key. Quick full screen capture.
  2. ⌘ Command + Shift + 4 hot key. Specific area of screen capture.
  3. ⌘ Command + Shift + 5 hot key. You will see many options you have to choose.
  4.  Touch Bar control strip customization.
  5. Installing Third-Party Apps.

It’s hard to fit detailed guide about 4th and 5th methods in this small section, so please follow this guide to find details.

How to screen record on Android?

If you are using an Android phone of Samsung, LG, or any other company you can swipe down your quick settings screen and if your phone supports it, you will notice a screen recorder option there. After selecting it, you have to tap on the start button and wait for the short countdown to begin your recording. If not, then search in google “my_phone_model how to screenshot”. Other option is to use 3rd party apps.

More details in our guide – How To Screen Record On Android.

How to screenshot on ChromeBook?

Google does not have its own screen recording extension but there are plenty of other screen recording extensions for you to choose from which are provided by third parties.

  1. Screencastify.
  2. Nimbus screenshot and screen video recorder.
  3. Screencast-o-matic.
  4. Loom.
  5. Clapboard.

More detailed guide is here.

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