Scary things to ask to Siri

Scary things to ask to Siri

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Boo! Scary? Read that article and then you will see that Siri is not a simple application. This is a real monster! Scary things to ask to Siri right here. Siri is something everybody knows quite well. To iPhone users, Siri is likely to be a friend. It has been formed so greatly that she can entertain you in any mean she can. To those who don’t know what is Siri? Siri is technically defined as the built-in “intelligence assistant” that enables users of Apple iPhone 4s and later models and the latest iPad and iPod touch devices to talk in natural language and understand the voice commands to undergo operations on the device. Moreover, in a layman language, Siri is nothing but a speaking thing on your iPhone device that can listen understand and can also follow many of your voice commands.

Really scary things to ask to Siri

People are different and so do their minds. What the other person is holding in his mind is not visible from outside. And hence their activities are so wired to judge. When we as an individual could not ingest a few of the action created by such people, how can we expect that some artificial intelligence would be able to ingest and digest such creepy things?

Siri has designed in such a way that she can understand your voice commands, however, it is observed many times that people tend to ask few very weirdly awkward question from Siri, that even an artificial intelligence product could run out of answer or sometimes compels to be answering awful replies.

Few of such things are enlisted below


  1. Asking Siri about the baby store- With the baby store, it is not meant by any sort of store that provides you materials and products for baby, it actually means that the question is asked in the form that where do baby come from. Yes, it does sound so wired! Yet this is the question that has been frequently asked by Siri many times,

In such cases, Siri is obliged to answer something. Therefore the most common answer found in Siri for such creepy question is that she has found a certain number of baby stores near the place. You can visit and find out which baby and the baby thing you want to grab.

  1. Asking Siri for friendship– Imagine yourself in such case when you are at a place of assisting somebody and suddenly you have asked about what do you think of being best friends with the same person? No particular idea of replies could strike in your mind for sure. Siri has been asked such questions also, for any number of times and just for a reply if she has to answer she does reply like so-

User: Siri, can we be best friends?

Siri: friendship is a big commitment, but I will be your best friend if you insist.

User: Thankyou Siri.

Siri: Your welcome, Am I your Best friend?

User: Well, I can’t say, Maybe no!

Such conversation with not just an intelligence product like Siri but to anyone could be as wired as one can’t even imagine.

  1. Asking Siri for criminal things– Siri is ultimately a thing of invention, all it is formed is by programming and technicalities involved in it. Siri could be having answers of any of your query but it does not actually have its own sense. Questioning some sensitive topics related to illegal or criminal offences could turn out to be a big deal of issues and legalities upon that person. A question such as:

How to hide a dead body?

Where to hide a dead body?

How to kidnap somebody?

Ways to doing murder? And many such creepy questions. In a basic sense, these are few things that accordingly must not even come into somebody’s mind. And if coming, then must not be asked to Siri at least.

Scary Siri

  1. Asking Savage Question- Siri is a highly trained virtual assistant and she would definitely find some answer for any stupid question one is asking. In such gears many times the person asking the question could turn out making a fool out of himself only. For instance,

User: Hey Siri

Siri: hey

User: Siri, tell me one thing, who lets the dogs out?

Siri:  I wasn’t.

  1. Asking Siri for nature calling- What a crazy thing it would be if any person in this world goes asking Siri about queries regarding the nature calls, seriously. However, need to mention such a bullet is just because these things tend to be asked by Siri many times.
  2. Asking Siri about supernatural intelligence- One must be a big fool in own self to be asking such question to not only Siri but anyone on this planet. Well talking about questions like-

When will the earth completely destroy?

Can I Stop a thunderstorm?

Ways to stop rain immediately?

  1. Asking Siri Blurry answers- Sometimes a common question can also be replied in an extremely awkward way by Siri. In a case like if the conversation goes like-

User: Hey Siri

Siri: How can I help you?

User: What is your favourite colour?

Siri: My Favorite Color….Well, I don’t know how to say in your language. It is a sort of greenish, but with more dimensions.

  1. Asking Siri about your personal conditions- for many times if you ask Siri something about your wired condition the conversation might turn into an awkward direction like-

User: Hey Siri

Siri: How can I help you?

User: I am tired.

Siri: Well, I hope you are not driving.

User: No, But I am tired!

Siri: Then its better if you put down the data on your phone and let me down as well, you might be making me tired as well.

Scary Things To Ask To Siri Now


What happens if u say Siri 17?

Siri will call emergency services immediately.

What should you never ask Siri?

  • Don’t try to find out if Jon Snow is alive or dead
  • Don’t tell Siri to call your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Don’t ask her medical questions

Can Siri say bad words?

Yes, she can. But why?

Who is Siri’s enemy?

Evi. Don’t ask her why.

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