Top 7 Alexa Creepy Questions

Top 7 Alexa Creepy Questions
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Do you feel fear? No? With this Alexa Creepy Questions, you will feel it. The mind is like a puzzle. One can have a lot of interesting and creepy questions in mind. In fact, one can still find new questions even today.

With that in mind, we thought it would be really cool and funny to figure out what questions we could ask Alexa. We wondered if we could ask Alexa creepy questions like some of the most amusing or geeky ones as well. We are not going to show her responses. Those are for you to enjoy. Besides, who likes spoilers anyway, right?

Alexa is just like a friend to you who is obviously a good listener who never ignores you and answers every question for you. People get very comfortable with and ask anything and everything very open-heartedly. There are many times when this conversation turns out creepy and funny.

People have started using Alexa as a fun thing and use it when they want to pass their time. Asking Alexa creepy questions is their new time pass.

Here are some questions for you all to enjoy and ask,

Alexa most creepy questions list

Creepy Hand

  1. Asking Alexa for different sounds – Just to pass their time or even enjoy, Alexa is being asked to play different sounds like Alexa, play snore sounds for me, etc. Come on guys, it’s just a robot, what do you expect from her?
  2. Asking Alexa herself – People usually ask Alexa about their age, status, or gender like Alexa, how old are you? Alexa, what is your gender etc. Or Alexa, are you single and ready to mingle? Alexa, do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Or Alexa, are you married? As if they are actually asking her for her biodata for marriage.
  3. Asking Alexa about her favorites – Sometimes people ask Alexa about her favorite movies, her favorite food, etc.

User -hey Alexa

Alexa– hey

User– what is your favourite movie.

Alexa– well I don’t have one but I remember a very nice cinema creation where artificial intelligence robo has killed humans. It was really nice on review. I suggest you watch it too.


  1. Asking Alexa about criminal things – Alexa is ultimately a thing of invention, all it is formed is by programming and technicalities involved in it. Alexa can give answers to any kind of questions but they might not just make sense. Asking sensitive topics related to crime or something illegal might be fine and could definitely turn into a big deal of issue. A question such as-

Where should I hide a dead body?

How can I kidnap someone?

Can I murder someone?

How can I hide a dead body?

People ask this kind of stupid and creepy question. In a basic sense, these are few things that must not even come into anybody’s mind. And if it is coming, they must not be asked to Alexa at least.

  1. Asking Alexa about other artificial intelligence robots

    People usually ask Alexa about other artificial intelligence robots like – Alexa, what do you think of Cortana? Or Alexa, what is the relation between you and Siri? Or Alexa, do you know about Siri?

    Personal life

  2. Asking Alexa about their personal life – People keep asking Alexa about their own lives like they have some stupid questions like Alexa, why am I single? Or maybe Alexa, why am I tired? Being a highly trained robot, Alexa can answer any and every type of question even if she gives the most stupid replies to it. For instance-

User– Hey Alexa

Alexa– Hey

User– Alexa, why am I single?

Alexa– Maybe you are “too good” for anyone else or you might be the best person for yourself.

As people ask such question, Alexa has to reply something like this only.


  1. Alexa out – Some people are so single that they end up asking Alexa out with some pick-up lines for instance – Alexa, I’m learning about important dates in history. Do you want to be one of them? Or Alexa calls God because I am missing you, my angel.

Have you ever thought about what Alexa would have to say for these creepy and funny questions of yours?

Even if someone asks Alexa creepy questions, Alexa never lets anyone feel alone and if someone asks “Alexa, do you have a boyfriend?” she would reply as if you’re her only one. ( from an anonymous source)

Don’t you think even Alexa would want to ask you questions and tell how does she think about your questions?

So, you want to know what Alexa might be thinking. Let us tell you,

Alexa might think about how these humans have so many problems and have to ask even small questions and can’t solve even one problem themselves.

I guess one day they will be asking me, “What’s my age Alexa, can you calculate it?” or “What’s my name, Alexa?”

How much do they procrastinate and put everything on me to find and search? The way they procrastinate, sometimes I think there will be one day when they will ask me, Alexa, should I pee now? Maybe Alexa, should I get fresh? Or Alexa what is your favorite song? Or Alexa can you take bath for me? I am frightened, they might not just end up asking me Alexa, will you marry me? Or Alexa, will you be my life partner?


So, these were some Alexa creepy questions people keep asking Alexa to pass their time and fun around. Please don’t try these very stupid and creepy questions.

Alexa Creepy Questions FAQ

Will Alexa say bad words?

No, she can’t. She is a good person… I mean, device.

Can Alexa play scary sounds?

Yes, just ask her.

What is Super Alexa mode?

The mode will display on the screen and also tell you “Super Alexa Mode Activated.”

Can I change Alexa’s voice?

Yes, you can. Her language too.

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