Facebook Your Account is Temporarily Locked – How to Fix? 2021

Facebook Your Account is Temporarily Locked - How to Fix? 2020
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Everyone can enjoy Facebook due to its convenient and easy-to-use features. The Facebook platform is the biggest platform we have today in the social media industry, with billions of users. There are several reasons why you a “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” alert on Facebook, and we’ll look at them and how to fix them in this post.

What to Know About Temporarily Locked Accounts

Your Account Is Temporarily Locked

Today, the security of personal information is a critical issue for Facebook and every other social media platform due to the growing hacking attempts.

It is for this reason that Facebook has developed a rigid security system that detects suspicious activities on any Facebook account or page. Whenever a breach of account or page is detected, Facebook will demand verification of ownership.

The latest security system introduced by Facebook curbs users from misusing the platform and also checks for suspicious. Spammers or hackers quickly get penalized with this newly updated security system. Facebook implements this guard-system primarily for safety purposes. However, sometimes regular users might find themselves in the loop of this guard-system. Due to this, even innocent users face the “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” frustration.

Why Your Account is Temporarily Locked?

As we mentioned earlier, there are a variety of reasons why your Facebook account got locked. Let’s check out the possible causes for a disabled or locked Facebook account.

Clear-out Process or Updating Database

To clear duplicate profiles or remove fake accounts, Facebook regularly updates its database at intervals. And in a situation where your account falls under this process, it is highly likely to get locked.

Reported for illicit Activities

Facebook Your Account Is Temporarily Locked

If your Facebook account gets reported to be blocked or as a fake account, your account or page could get locked. Nevertheless, your account doesn’t get locked on one report; it happens when there is a mass report on your account.

Facebook Warnings

If you do anything against the Facebook norms or anything Facebook considers illegal, you’ll get a warning alert from the Facebook customer service team. When you get multiple warnings from Facebook and still carry on with whatever you have been warned about, your Facebook account or page will be temporarily locked or blocked.

Suspicious Activity

It is also likely that Facebook has detected what they deem to be suspicious activities on your account. To protect your account on the platform, they go ahead to lock it temporarily.

Adding Multiple Friends on Facebook at a go

Your Facebook account may also get locked if you keep adding random and unknown people on Facebook. Sending multiple friend requests can also cause your account to be locked. In situations like this, Facebook will take you as a robot or a spammer, which would result in your account being locked.

How to Recover Temporarily Locked Facebook Account?

If your Facebook account has been locked, you will get an alert that reads, “For security purposes, your account is temporarily locked.”

To recover from this frustrating situation, Facebook has provided users with a list of options for “how to unlock your Facebook account.” You can try the options mentioned below to unlock your temporarily locked account:
Wait for Some Time Before Clearing the Cache
When your Facebook account or page gets temporarily locked, resist the urge to open the account for over 96 hours. When you are eventually ready to log in, you should ensure to clear your cache and browser history, or you can use a different browser to log in to your Facebook account.

After waiting for some time, if your account is suspended or locked, then the account was most likely blocked for suspicious activities. In a situation like this, you have to authenticate your ownership of the account. You can do this using the phone number you used to register to get a Facebook code for you to enter into the Facebook sign-in page. As soon as your identity is confirmed, you may be given access to the account again.

Nonetheless, if you believe that your account is locked or suspended is an error, you can go ahead and submit an appeal to Facebook customer service.

To Submit this Appeal Form, Follow these steps:

Facebook Your Account Is Temporarily Locked How To Fix

  1. Go to your browser and open this link
  2. In the feedback and report section, provide details such as your mobile number or email address
  3. Enter your full name
  4. Attach your ID by clicking “Choose files.”

This way, you can get your appeal to Facebook to recover your disabled account. However, if this method didn’t work out, you can get help from friends through the following steps:

  1. Open Facebook on your browser
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. On the security page, you’ll find “Get help from friends,” click it
  4. A list of your friends would be displayed, and then you can pick anyone you prefer.
  5. Click continue
  6. Facebook will send a verification code to the contact of that friend you selected
  7. Get the code from your friend and enter it on the provided page
  8. As long as the code match, your Facebook account will be unlocked

There are a bunch of things to observe as precautionary measures on Facebook, which includes Facebook terms and conditions, avoid logging in with multiple accounts, and avoid proxy servers. Facebook has gotten so advanced.

To avoid any issues on the social media platform, you should look into the above as they are practical measures to help you prevent being suspended, locked, or blocked entirely.

Most users mostly ignore the terms and conditions, but they are very useful as they give you insights into the rules guiding Facebook’s use.

Your Account is Temporarily Locked  Final Thoughts

You should be conscious of how you browse the Facebook platform to avoid being kicked out. However, if you face the “Your account is temporarily locked” issue on Facebook, you can always follow any of the solutions we have provided within this post.

Thank you for taking the time to read through!

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Facebook Your Account is Temporarily Locked – How to Fix? 2021 FAQs

Why is my bank account locked?

Bank may freeze (lock) your account if you suspect illegal activity.

How long is zoom account locked?

30 minutes and only after 7 failed attempts to log in.

Why has my Instagram been temporarily locked?

If Instagram detected suspicious activity on your account it may be locked

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