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How to Make Paper In Minecraft Using Just 3 Sugar Canes

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Paper is in a variety of different items in Minecraft; some of these items include everything from books to enchanted books to even fireworks. Players are forced to craft Paper from sugar cane. This can be found in a variety of different biomes in Minecraft. The easiest way to find sugar cane is to go along a river or the lake. This is where Sugar Cane is spawned.

Step 1: How To Obtain A Crafting Table

While Sugar Cane is the way to make Paper in Minecraft. Players will need to get a Crafting Table to change the Sugar Cane into Paper.

Finding A Crafting Table

Finding a crafting table is a bit tough if players don’t have a village nearby.

If players do happen to have a village nearby, then players can head to that village. Inside some of the villager’s houses, there is both a bed and a crafting table. Which will save the player some effort, and materials.

If the player doesn’t want to steal a crafting table. Then the player will need to get the necessary supplies to craft the Crafting table.

Crafting a Crafting Table

Players can easily craft a crafting table after punching down at least a single wood log from a tree. After breaking down that log, players will need to open up their inventory. After opening up the inventory, players will need to turn the log into just wood planks, by putting that wood log into the crafting section of the inventory.

Crafting Block In Minecraft
The Crafting Table in Minecraft

After getting the wood planks, the player will need to put each of those four blocks into each section of the crafting grid in the inventory. That will give the player the Crafting table block. That will be used when players go to craft the paper from the Sugar Cane.

This Crafting Table block will be used to not only create the paper. But also allows the player to create a variety of different items easily.

Finding Some Sugar Cane

Players will then need to find some sugar cane, Seeing as this is an ingredient in creating a paper. Players will need to roam around the Minecraft world to find either a river or a lake or even an ocean. Sometimes the player will need to explore for quite sometime before finding a naturally spawned in Sugar Cane plant.

Sugar Cane On Small Lakes
Sugar Cane Located on a Small Lake

One thing to keep in mind about Sugar Cane is that it will only grow or spawn on either grass, dirt, or sand. This means going to a desert biome may just be the perfect choice to find some Sugar Cane plants.

The good thing about Sugar Cane is the once the player finds the initial batch of Sugar Cane, and players can easily replant and grow the plants instead of having to find a new bunch of Sugar Cane plants.

The player will need to collect a total of three Sugar Cane, these three sugar cane will be crafted into three pieces of Paper, which is conveniently enough for a single book if the player happens to have a single piece of leather with them at the time of crafting.

Crafting The Sugar Cane Into Paper

Players will need to place the crafting block on the ground, then right-click to open up a much more expansive crafting grid. When compared to the crafting grid that is located in the player’s inventory. This expanded crafting grid features a total of nine slots which is significantly more than the standard four slots.

Sugar Cane in Crafting Grid
Sugar Cane in a Minecraft Crafting Grid

Players will need to place the three sugar cane item in a row across one of the three rows, that will create a total of three pages of paper ready for use in a variety of applications.

Finding Paper in Minecraft

Paper, while very easy to craft and get a renewable supply, can also be found in most Stronghold library chests and even sometimes in shipwreck chests as of 1.13.

The only downside to finding paper instead of creating a system to get paper reliably is that once that paper has run out, the player will need to go and either set up a system to be able to craft paper.

Another option is for the player to find another stronghold or shipwreck that has paper in a chest.

What to Use Paper For In Minecraft

Paper in Minecraft has a variety of uses, most people will use Paper to create books, craft maps, and even sell the books back to the librarian villagers which will give the player an emerald which can be used with other villagers to get a variety of different items. The villagers use emerald as currency throughout the entire villager.

Paper Item in Minecraft

If the player decides to create books using three pages of paper and a single piece of leather, to either enchant with a variety of different enchantments that then be combined onto a single weapon. This modularity allows players to create the perfect weapon or tool for their specific needs of that weapon or tool.

Make Paper In Minecraft

Another item that uses paper extensively is fireworks which are perfect when paired with an Elyctra, which allows the players to glide with ease but will eventually have the player land on the ground, but it using a firework the player is able to fly upwards and stay in the air longer.

Since the paper has a few significant uses then Minecraft players may want to look into creating a Sugar Cane farm to make a large collection of books and enchanted books that can be applied to virtually any tools or weapons.

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How to Make Paper In Minecraft Using Just 3 Sugar Canes FAQs

Does a compass point to your bed in Minecraft?

A compass will always point toward the world spawn location in the world.

Can you map the Nether?

Yes, you can, but you need to craft it in the Nether.

What is bamboo used for Minecraft?

You can use it to breed pandas and craft scaffolding, sticks and etc.

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