World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Obsidian Sanctum Raid Guide

World Of Warcraft Wrath Of The Lich King Obsidian Sanctum Raid Guide
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Welcome to another of our guides! This week, we will focus on WoW: WotLK; more accurately, the Obsidian Sanctum Raid. This guide will explain the intricate details of this raid and what you will need to do for beneficial gameplay. Of course, this is sure to be an exciting adventure for any WoW enthusiast, as who doesn’t love a dragon-filled endeavor? The exciting prospect of dragon battles is exactly why we focus on Obsidian Sanctum this week. Though this raid doesn’t necessarily require gold, it can come in handy when you need certain gears, so why not check out this site? Where you can buy WoW Classic gold at unbeatable prices! Now, onto the important stuff.

Bosses and Mini-Bosses

This raid is home to Sartharion, the main boss. However, there are also three optional mini-bosses. Players can choose to take on these mini-bosses before entering the main event or go straight for the action. It is important to note that if players choose the latter option, these three will partake in the battle against you. Because of this, you can use a few methods to approach this raid, so let’s get into it!

Twilight Dragons? Bad News!

Sartharion is the black dragon tasked with protecting a large nest of Twilight Dragon eggs; players well versed in the WoW lore will be more aware that getting these dragons loose isn’t good for anyone. So, it becomes your job to protect the world of Azeroth. To do so, you must make your way into the Obsidian Sanctum and battle Sartharion, then go on to destroy the fateful Twilight eggs.

Where is the Sanctum?

To tackle this raid, you will first, of course, have to locate the Obsidian Sanctum. Lucky for our readers, we know just where to go! You will first need to make your way to Dragonblight. Once there, you will have to go to Wyrmrest Temple; the Obsidian Sanctum is located beneath this temple. You will need to locate the only entrance to the temple’s lower levels, and once you have done so, you should see the raid portal directly across from this entrance. It is worth noting that the Obsidian Sanctum is located in the same room as Ruby Sanctum, so you mustn’t confuse the two. The best way we have found to confirm the location is by checking the guards; if they are alive, that is the Obsidian Sanctum, if they are deceased, that is Ruby.

Sartharion – Attacks and What We Know

To better understand this raid and how to take it on, you’ll need to know Sartharions’ mechanics and what to expect.

Tail Swipe and Flame Breath

As most dragons tend to do, Sartharion breathes fire and utilizes its tail as a weapon to swipe enemies away from that which it protects. So, in order to get the best chance at victory over this ferocious beast, we recommend attacking his flanks. Doing so will allow you to avoid a fiery or flat end.

Flame Tsunami

This mechanic sees Sartharion summon giant waves of lava from either side of the crater. The battlefield walls will have spacings that you must hide in to avoid fire damage. Stay alert; no one wants to meet their demise in a pit of lava!

Lava Blaze

Finally, we have the Lava Blaze, small fires that spawn during the battle as another way to lower your defense and cause distraction. Be cautious, though these small and somewhat manageable flames will enrage when they encounter a Flame Tsunami. You can, however, remove this enrage through Rogue or Hunter teammates.


Killing Mini-bosses before Sartharion

Killing Mini Bosses Before Sartharion

This is undoubtedly the easiest way to take on this raid, as it means you can take on the battles more steadily. However, this method will only provide you with the least valuable loot available. Battling with each of these twilight drakes one by one is a simple process; they follow the pattern of tank-and-spank fights. Though one mechanic worth mentioning separates them from the rest, they each open a portal. Shadron And Vesperons’ portals have elite adds; DPS (damage per second) will be designated to enter these portals and kill the adds.

Tenebron will have a slightly different approach to the battle, as her portal has eggs on the other side. There are two options for ending this battle; firstly, you can deploy DPS to kill the eggs before hatching, and secondly, you can let the eggs hatch. This may sound like a strange suggestion, but there is a method to the madness. Letting the eggs hatch means the whelps can flee from the portal. This means that the group DPS to AoE (area-of-effect) will be more effectively put to use.

Kill Mini-bosses during the Main Battle

There are a few ways to go about this, so we’ll look at them all. It is worth noting, however, that leaving the mini-bosses alive before taking on Sartharion will increase his health and damage. This will vary depending on how many of the mini-bosses are still standing. The twilight drakes’ moves and mechanics don’t differ much whether you take them on before or during the Sartharion battle.

Tenebron- Taking on her should be seen exactly as it would have if you were to battle her before the main event. Let the whelps spawn before you take them on. She comes into play within 30 seconds of the battle commencing.

Shadron- For this twilight drake, we recommend ignoring his portal. This is because you will need to take him down as fast as possible; we say this because, as we mentioned, the mini-bosses give power to Sartharion. Except for this time, he makes Sartharion immune and ups the fire damage you receive 100%. This is terrible news for all those on your team, as dragons, as we know, are fond of the fire moves. Sharon comes into play after 75 seconds of battle; keep an eye on the clock.

Vesperon- His portal can’t be ignored; you must enter and take down the ad as soon as possible. Your fire and shadow damage will be increased if not, and your attacks against him will reflect shadow damage to the dealer who inflicted the hit. Not to mention, while Vesperon is alive, everyone’s health will be depleted by 25%. He comes into play after 120 seconds, so you must be on the ball with your timing and accuracy.

Killing Sartharion, Ignoring the Rest

This method isn’t for the faint of heart, as you must be efficient and sharp. As we mentioned, Shadron provides Sartharion with immunity, so for obvious reasons, you will need to take the boss down before he makes an appearance. Seventy-five seconds isn’t a very long time, but teams with the right gear and determination can surely make it work. Your DPS will need to be relatively high, so concentration is imperative.

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Thank you to our readers for taking the time to read this week’s guide; we sincerely hope you found all you need in our Obsidian Sanctum Raid guide! Check back with us next week to see what we’re getting our claws into in the gaming world next!

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