How to change Reddit username – the only working way in 2021

How to change Reddit username - the only working way in 2020
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Here you will find a simple guide about how to change Reddit username fast and easy. Reddit is a social news aggregator, a combination of a discussion platform and a link distributor divided into forums known as subreddits. Reddit is the 11th most used social network globally, with 430 million users, according to the “We Are Social report.”

The platform uses a points system made up of upvotes and downvotes; the community determines valuable content and discussions displayed at the top of the feed. It is a mostly self-managed platform, with moderators acting as gatekeepers for the forum.

History of Reddit

Change Reddit Username

Two students created Reddit at the University of Virginia, Alexis Ohanian, and Steve Huffman. The project was called “Reddit – The Title Page of the Internet” (Reddit – The Internet Home Page). 40% of its users are American, so much of the content is written in English.

Reddit describes itself as the front page of the Internet (“The Front Page of the Internet”). As if it were the cover of a printed newspaper, in which readers find the most critical topics, Reddit suggests its name being the first point of contact on the World Wide Web.

Reddit has a structure similar to that of a forum. Instead of themes, it has, “subreddits.” Any user can create a subreddits on any topic, be it a general topic, technology topic, specific or a simple joke.

Each “subreddit” is integrated into the complete list of Reddit submissions, which means that a post in any of them – unless it is private – can reach the main page of the platform.


Each sub-community has its own rules of use. On Reddit, users attach great importance to understanding and proper use, so it is necessary to understand well before making any publication. The community is usually very strict with spam and misuse. In general, there are rules of etiquette, called “reddiquette”, which include points such that moderators must rate messages based on their quality, not their opinion; it should always be linked to the source; fair voting improves content; Attention will be drawn to those who promote themselves or the publication of personal data will result in expulsion.

To use Reddit, you must register on their website; the procedure is straightforward. As the platform pays excellent attention to the privacy of its users, you will be guided through the entire process.

Once registered, before starting to participate in the different “subreddits”, it is advisable for you  to know the following concepts:

– Karma: Each user has a Karma score that measures the quality of their comments and contributions. Karma is based on a system of positive and negative votes.

Reddit x-change

Reddit Username

– Reddit Gold: This is a premium option. It allows you to disable ads, create custom avatars, and participate in “subreddits” for premium users. It also allows you to give “gold” to other users to demonstrate the quality of a publication.

Username generator Reddit: This generates a username for you.


Users tend to place great importance on their privacy and freedom of expression, core values ​​on Reddit. VPNs and privacy discussions are the order of the day and are supported by the operators themselves.

In 2014 Victoria Taylor, the communication manager, explained in an interview, how Reddit informed its users in the most transparent way possible about geotargeting for banner advertising. Since privacy is central to the platform, the registration information is minimal, making the process complete in no time:

Visit for more information.

Click “Register” in the upper right corner.

A window appears asking for your email address; this information is not required for registration. It only serves to change your password, just in case you forget your current one.

Click “Next.” Even without entering the email address, you can proceed without problems.

Enter a username in “Username “. In “Password,” enter a secure password. It is important to note here that you can use a Reddit name generator to generate a username if you don’t know what to bear.

Click on the captcha to confirm that you are not a bot.

If you have entered your email address, you will receive an email with a link to verify your address.

How to change Reddit username

Reddit Contact

If you are a registered user and are no longer happy with your username, are you wondering how to change your username on Reddit? Here are some answers in the text below, so keep reading.

When discussing some serious topics, you might not be taken seriously because of your username, to avoid this, you may need to consider choosing a username unrelated to popular trends when registering on this page, or use a Reddit name generator.

There is a display name on Reddit, which you create when you sign up on the page. The display name is not essential, as is the username. Your username always appears when you post something, so other users still see it alongside the content you’ve posted.

The display name isn’t under the headlights as a username, so if you’re going to have some sort of fun and famous name, you should think about setting your display name as such. Also, you can change the display name, just follow the steps below to change it.

You should go to the Settings menu, located in the lower-left corner of the screen. Find the option to customize your profile and click on it. You will now have a new page open, there, you will see options to change your display name.

Reddit Features

While you can’t change your username on Reddit, you can restore it if you’ve forgotten it. Go to your inbox and find the mail that Reddit sent you to verify the account during registration. Open it and find the link that was sent to you.

Now, click the link again, and it will take you to the box containing the username you chose during registration. If you don’t like the username you chose earlier, you can always create a new account and set the correct name this time, and then delete the other Reddit account.

Now, you will move on to setting up your username and password. This time, make sure you choose one you will be happy with and set the password.

The last option is to check the box to confirm that you are not a robot. Click on the Next option, then choose the Subscribe button from the list you will face. Proceed by pressing the Subscribe button.

Now, you’ll receive an email from Reddit, containing the link to click so that you can verify your new account. You will now have a new account with the right username you just chose.

Change Reddit username

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How to change Reddit username – the only working way in 2021 FAQs

Can you change your wiki username?

You can’t, but it can be changed by global renamers. Need to make requests at Wikipedia.

How do I change my email name?

1, Open Gmail
2. Open Settings
3. Select the Accounts and Import or Accounts tab
4. Under Send mail as, select Edit info.
5, Enter the name that you want
6. Save it

Can I have 2 reddit accounts?

Yes, it is.

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