How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

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Minecraft Saddles can be used on a variety of different animals including pigs, donkeys, mules, and even horses, while this fantastic item is completely un-craftable in Minecraft currently. Saddles can be found in a variety of different locations and can even be traded for with nearby villagers or wandering traders.

Finding Saddles through a Various Locations

Saddles are not able to be crafted at all unless a player adds in a mod that adds a crafting recipe to Minecraft. Saddles are then able to be found throughout a variety of different locations throughout the player’s Minecraft world.

If the player is unable to find the saddle in any of the locations listed below, they can kill various creatures which are known to drop them.

Kill a Ravager

Very few creatures drop items which have no way to be crafted under normal circumstances, The Ravager is one such creature.

The Ravager can be found near villagers as they attack the villagers with the even villagers called the pillagers on their back.

The ravagers will typically appear in a group of five when they spawn mounted, but when they spawn unmounted they spawn in groups that can range from three to seven.

Ravager From Minecraft
Ravager From Minecraft

Another fantastic place to find these large beasts is located near Pillager Outposts. And while they are extremely hostile towards. The players so players will need either a ranged weapon or to have a diamond sword and armor.

The player will need these strong weapons and armor due to the high amount of health the ravagers have and the high attack, up to 9 nine hearts in a single attack if the world difficulty is set to hard.

Fishing For a Saddle in Minecraft

Fishing is a way to get various items including a Saddle in Minecraft. First, players will need to get a total of three sticks and two pieces of string. This is all the needed ingredients to create the standard, unenchanted, fishing pole in Minecraft.

While players can get the saddle with an unenchanted fishing pole, players may want to get the Luck of the Sea enchantment before attempting to get the saddle this way as the unenchanted fishing pole only has a 0.8% chance while having the Luck of the Sea enchantment up to level three will increase the chance to a 1.9%.

Fishing In Minecraft
Fishing In Minecraft

This method to get a saddle may take a considerable amount of time due to the low probability. That the saddle has to be pulled from the water.

Trading with the Leather working Villager

Villagers can have a variety of jobs, which all can be leveled up to gain the ability to trade for hard to get items. To get a saddle, the player will need to level up a specific villager called the Leatherworker villager. Which at level three will finally offer the ability to trade for the desired Saddle in Minecraft.

Leather Working Villager in Minecraft

To level up a villager, players will need to trade emeralds, leather, rabbit hide, or anything else the villager will want. Sadly, it will take some time before the villager reaches level three.

Locations to Find the Saddle in a Chest

There are eight different locations that you can find a saddle at. These locations range in dimensions with the most locations being located in the Overworld dimension. But both the Nether and the End can spawn in a saddle.

Nether Fortress

In the Nether, you’d think that the last thing you could receive from a chest is a saddle. But inside the nether fortress, there are chests littered throughout the hallways. In these chests. There are a variety of different items ranging from diamonds, gold, and obsidian with saddles have a 35.3% chance.

Nether Fortress Chest
Chest in a Nether Fortress

The combination of the frequency of the chests along with the higher chance means that players running around could look into just three chests and find the saddle they are looking for.


Dungeons are a great way to create an EXP grinder allowing for easy levels to be gained. But Dungeons are also a fantastic way to find a chest with a 28.3% chance to generate the saddle. The downside to the dungeons is that there are only two chests, unlike the Nether Fortress, which has chests littered throughout the fortress.

250px Dungeon
Dungeons In Minecraft

Desert Temples

Desert Temples are a bit easier to find when compared to Dungeons, this is due to the ease of being spotted. The Desert Temple also features a total of four chests which have a 23.5% to spawn a Saddle in Minecraft.

Desert Temple Seed Minecraft Pe
Desert Temples in Minecraft

End Cities


End Cities may have been a new addition to Minecraft. But the loot that they offer is incredible for the player. The only downside is that the player has to defeat the Ender Dragon before they can head to this fantastic location. In the End City. There are a variety of different chests littered throughout. And these chests have a 21.2% chance to spawn a saddle for the player.

Strong Holds

Strongholds are easy to find if the player has an Eye of Ender. Which is crafted from an Ender Pearl and some Blaze powder. The Strongholds have chests littered throughout the maze and the chests have only a 2.5% chance to spawn a saddle.

Stronghold Library
StrongHold In Minecraft

The combination of the low chance and the fact that to get here the players would have had to find the Nether Fortress which offers a much higher chance.


Villages all have a variety of different houses, which can change from different biomes. And the weapons smith’s house features the highest probability to spawn the saddle.

Maxresdefault 1
Weaponsmith’s House

That chance is 16.2% for the weapons smith’s house while the houses in savanna offers a chance of up to 11.3%.

Savanna House in Minecraft

Make a Saddle in Minecraft

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How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft FAQs

Do villages buy saddles?

Yes, it costs 8-10 emeralds each one.

Can you fish in lava Minecraft?

Yes, you can do it in the lava of the Nether. You can find here items and occasionally a magma slime.

Can you put iron golems on leads

Yes, you can. No matter how big he.

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