Top 7 Evergreen Games to Look out for in 2021

Top Evergreen Games to Look out for in 2020
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Here you will find the top 7 Evergreen Games in 2021. In the hustle-bustle of routine life, people crave leisure time. Some prefer going to a spa, while others escape the realities by stepping into a fictional gaming world. For past decades, gaming has been everyone’s favorite pastime, and it is the same in this new decade. People spend countless hours saving princesses, fighting enemies, and whatnot. Instead of Gameboy or Portable PlayStation, now people play games on smartphones and desktops.

Evergreen Games

Despite nurturing laziness, games also inspire creativity and make people feel powerful. Unlocking mysteries, reshaping society, saving villagers from the enemy drive feelings of success. Alongside this, gaming stimulates your brain, improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Thus, if you search for an entertaining activity, gaming can be an incredible choice.

Whether you like battlefields, dismembering Grecian monsters, or dodging bullets – the gaming industry offers many options. You can step into the shoes of an army commander or run your café. If you are unaware of the latest gaming innovations, let us help you explore some options. Here are the top seven evergreen games to look out for in 2021.

    • RuneScape



In 2001, developers surprised gamers with the incredible massive multiplayer online game (MMO), and people are still obsessing over it. The gameplay puts you on the island of Ashdale, where the ultimate adventure begins. You have to pick from three categories – questing, combat, and non-combat skills to start taking missions. The free gameplay offers 35 quests and 17 skills with limited weapons that might get boring after a few weeks.

As a result, many players buy RuneScape accounts to gain membership and exclusive access to perks. You can enjoy more than 219 challenges with full access to the gaming world and armor. It also offers loyalty programs where members can win points and spend on purchasing outfits, teleports, etc. If you also want to enjoy a premium experience, buy an account since it doesn’t cost an arm.

  • The Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is a third-person shooting game where players control characters – Inklings and Octolings. The game became increasingly popular for its hero mode as players rescue Zapfish across various levels while fighting the cruel Octarians. Players can earn weapons, unlock artwork, and get tickets in exchange for temporary reward boosts.

Although the gameplay gets driven by single-player mode, it has various multiplayer modes online. It features the standard Turf War mode for regular battles where players can also create teams. Moreover, the game also supports private tournaments, letting you create a battlefield with friends.

The Splatoon 2

  • Minecraft

Do you get bored quickly? If yes, download Minecraft. It offers five different gaming modes with distinguishing features. The gameplay is mainly about adding and destroying blocks to manipulate the world. Here is an insight into all the gaming modes.


Survival: Players gather material to craft items and tools while ensuring their optimal health.

Creative: Players receive an infinite number of blocks and items that open to destruction. You will be invulnerable unless you fall into the void of getting maximum blocks.

Adventure: Here, players get a chance to interact with objects – buttons, levers, etc. You can break the blocks using tools and tactics, making it a thrilling experience for gamers who like adventures.

Spectator: It allows you to enter the perspective of other entities by clicking on them. You will be invisible to the players while speculating the game.

Hardcore: This mode is quite similar to the survival one, except for the difficulty level.

You can switch between these game modes at the point in time and relish versatile gameplay.

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  • Spelunky 2

Spelunky returns in this incredible sequel. Players will find themselves on the moon, searching for the lost treasure and missing family. You would be controlling Ana – the daughter of a missing family who navigates underground caves to find her parents. The gameplay is built upon unique and random challenges with mind-blowing adventures to keep the players hooked.

Spelunky 2

The Spelunky 2 world is denser than the original game since it offers more areas, characters, items, and traps. Feel free to explore the game alone or pair up with your friends to unravel the mysterious land together.

  • Monster Train

Unlike the classic one, the monster train is a roguelike deck-building game with over 200 cards. You will be attempting to stop monstrous minions of heaven from demolishing the train. There are almost four floors that divide the train’s engine full of enemies. Each run starts with picking your crew members from faction-specific cards. These cards will determine the offensive and defensive moves. Alongside this, it will also control the healing, buffs, and powerful upgrades.

Monster Train

Most deck games stop surprising users, but the monster train simulates the users with unexpected upgrades and new cards. And unsurprisingly, this keeps fueling one-more-round play sessions. It rewards planning over a simple play with enemies spread across the train and fighting with the boss at the end. Your every move demands risk assessment and creative thinking.

  • Half-Life: Alyx

The rising popularity of virtual reality (VR) urged developers to offer a unique experience. Half-life: Alyx is a VR first-person shooter game. It means players get a chance to become a part of this game. Instead of pressing a button, you can step into the field and use weapons.

Half Life Alyx

The game is about Alyx Vance and her father fighting the combined alien empire. You will use VR to get supplies, throw objects, and engage in combat. However, if you don’t want to use the VR set, go through SteamVR’s setup and change the settings.

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator

      Microsoft Flight Simulator


We have been hearing the news about Microsoft stepping into the gaming industry for a few months. In 2021, Microsoft has come up with a flight simulator. It simulates the entire earth using textures and data from Bing Maps.

It includes 20 flyable aircraft with deluxe and premium editions of engines. The virtual flight instructor will give flight lessons to every player to avoid plane crashes.

Moreover, it also includes approximately 37,000 manually edited airports around the world. The gameplay promises to take the visual fidelity to new heights, offering a real-time gaming experience.

Top Evergreen Games: Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, the gaming industry is witnessing staggering growth. The emergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality allows gaming developers to bring new experiences. The distinctive storylines and unbelievable gameplays are attracting every gamer’s attention. In addition to children, adults with busy schedules are also downloading and playing games. If you don’t want to skip exciting gameplays, start exploring the trending games of this year.


Top 7 Evergreen Games to Look out for in 2021 FAQs

Will there be a RuneScape 4?

No, will not, at least cannot come out in the near future.

Is Splatoon 3 coming out?

Yes, it will be very soon in 2021.

Can Microsoft Flight Simulator teach you to fly?

No, of course not. You need to learn it in practice, but it can help you practice what you have learned in your flight lessons

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