Most Popular Online Games Around the World in 2021

Most Popular Online Games Around the World in 2020
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According to Statista, revenue generated by online games is projected to reach around $18,2M this year.

There are many benefits to playing online games over playing games that are solely offline. Those benefits are almost as helpful as an opportunity to ask professionals to “write my bachelor thesis” and get the maximum result with minimum effort. Many of the most popular online games of today are either free or very cheap.

Moreover, they are easily accessible, and the vast majority of them don’t require high-end hardware. You can play them on your smartphone or your laptop. Online games are ideal to fill up a school break or work break.

Now that we have you all excited, here are some of the most popular online games of 2021 you can choose from. From MMOs to puzzlers, there’s an online game out there for everyone’s taste.

Game of Bombs (The Bomberman of Online Games)

Popular Online Games

One of the most addictive and best crafted multiplayer games on the original PS was Bomberman. If you are seeking an online game that emulates this virtual drug, check out Game of Bombs.

Game of Bombs even has some extra features the original lacks. A player doesn’t need to haphazardly search for a MultiTap in a drawer of knotted cables in order to get the multiplayer experience. Thanks to the joys of the digital world, you get to play a gigantic version of Bomberman with your online friends. All you need to do is go to the game’s site.

Among Us

When a great fun, the online game gets released, it usually doesn’t take it long to reach stardom. The same cannot be said for Among Us. This record-setting $5 indie game had been sitting dormant for a couple of years before it blew up in 2021—quickly becoming one of the most popular online games of all time.

According to Stemcharts, around 438,000 people simultaneously played Among Us at one point. When it comes to the number of active players, every day, Among Us sits just underneath giants such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Among us is a social deception game. It is the latest popular adaptation of the Secret Hitler, aka The Resistance, aka Werewolf, aka Mafia. The game is about a spaceship crew trying to identify the traitor (s). You can either be a regular crew member who is supposed to identify the impostor or an impostor whose task is to sabotage the whole spaceship and kill other crew members without getting caught.

Pachinko — A New Star Among Online Games

Pachinko — A New Star Among Online Games

The Nation of Japan has always been one of the greatest innovators and trendsetters when it comes to video games and anything that has to do with animation. However, the famous Japanese game of chance called Pachinko predates the internet.

In its original form, Pachino was a mechanical game that used steel balls, sharing a lot of similarities with pinball. After a while, Pachino machine manufacturers started incorporating extensive electronics into the game, making it very similar to fruit machines.

Today, the new online iteration of Pachinko has become a favorite obsession in Japan. Online pachinko comes in both mobile and standard formats, It also boasts many different themes. The most popular pachinko themes revolve around famous TV series, Anime, and J-Pop groups.

Like other popular products of Japanese pop culture, online Pachinko is becoming increasingly popular in North America and Europe. Gaming companies are rushing to include Pachinko in their online portfolio.


Runescape is a massive multiplayer online game (MMO). While this beloved, free-to-play game may not look like much to people who are not familiar with it, it’s actually quite a big deal.

With over 200 million registered players, Runescape has earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Runescape is also one of the most-frequently updated games in the world.

Runescape 3, the latest version of the game, takes place in a medieval setting. It’s full of dragons, goblins, and queens. There are also a few chickens here and there.

Considering that the game has been around for over 15 years now, you can’t expect much from it when it comes to visual art.

Still, the world of Gielinor is full of excitement and adventure, so you can easily get addicted. Player’s are good to start trading, fighting, and even playing mini-games within the game itself. You can play Runescape on the go, as it is available for desktop browsers and mobile devices.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) was the most popular game in the world at one point. It was also one of the most popular esports games during the recent coronavirus lockdown. This multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) developed by Riot Games continues to attract new players even 11 years after its release.

LoL is available across iOS, Android, Xbox, and PC devices. The evergreen game continues to thrive exactly because it is constantly testing, experimenting, and adopting new ideas.

Players can choose from more than 130 characters, also known as champions. No matter your playstyle is, you are certain to find a champion that perfectly suits you. In the standard version of the game, you join a team of 5 players and fight against another 5-player team on a three-lane map.

In the HTML5 game of, it’s eating or be eaten. Your goal is to eat as many dots as possible—much like Pac-Man. However, your character is a snake. With each bite, your snake becomes longer and you earn one point.

The length of your snake dictates your score. The longer your snake is, the higher you will be on the leaderboard.

The game is as simple as that. And yet, an average of 67 million players play the game every day, making it one of the most popular online games on the internet. At the moment, the longest snake on the leaderboard has over 30,000 points.


Keep in mind, these are just some of the many fun and popular online games you can choose from. Online gaming is increasingly happening on the go, thanks to the popularity of smartphones. We can expect to see even more players enter the realm of online gaming in the following years.

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