How to Get Better At League of Legends

How to Get Better At League of Legends?

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How to Get Better At League of Legends?

Most of us want to get to Diamond every season the top 1%. So, how to get better at League of Legends? The Wall Street of League got it so hard feels like no matter how hard you work at it it’s always out of reach. This sounds insane but I honestly believe all of you can get there. Today I will give some tips on how to get better at the league of legends.

How to Get Better At League of Legends
How to Get Better At League of Legends

1. Take Your Time

The best advice for every low ELO player is to take your time with everything you practice. Take things one step at a time a lot of players expect to just wake up Diamond or in the LCS within a month every person learns or improves at a different rate for me I’m kind of a slow methodical learner so I take one piece of advice at a time and I’ll practice that one thing over a couple of days and that’s helped me out regardless of how quickly you learn.

Though I know that a lot of low ELO players don’t take enough time with what they’re working on you might have heard that if;

  • You farm well you’re going to climb out of the rank you’re stuck in
  • Your friend might have told you to watch your replays and learn from every game
  • Your favorite streamer might have said to one trick a champion

All of these things are true you can apply any of these strategies and you should see yourself improving but the issue is that a lot of players try something don’t see results and then just give up.

It’s like this; let’s say you want to run faster so you watch a video on how to run faster they explain ways to improve over time you try them out and recognize you’re still running at the same speed then you just give up because it’s not working.

Well that’s not how it works you can apply these strategies but they’re not band-aid fixes they’re always going to help you improve over time be patient and persevere the importance is just building a habit so that when you do practice these things it becomes second nature.

2. Macro Play

Well, you’re going to have to understand macro play concepts to improve. Remember that you’re not playing in high ELO even though high ELO players might explain why a certain play is correct you might not always be the case in lower ELO’s for example if you’re in a low ELO game where at least 90% of the time people ARAM it down mid and then the team fight breaks out you know that this is the norm.

A higher ELO player might tell you not to fall into the ARAM trap and just stick to farming sidelines. This is the best play for them because it’s not what happens in their ELO but it might not be the case for your ELO.

So let’s throwback to the ARAM situation for lower ELO players let’s break it down with an example let’s say you know a team fight is about to break out in mid now you have to ask yourself:

  • Where should you be?
  • Should you go with your team?
  • Or should you go to a side Lane?

If you’re fed and confident that you can carry those fights then why not just group up and go for them I can’t imagine being a 5v0 Tryndamere and then losing an early team fight since all I’d have to do is dive in right-click their marksmen.

If you know that you’re in a low ELO where stupid stuff happens all the time don’t get shocked when that stuff happens to learn to expect it and then determine what your course of action should be.


No matter how many people out there preach that farming will help players improve. The message never seems to really stick in there’s a lot of specifics about farming that are worth going over. First of all, you need to learn to farm period. If you miss a lot of minions randomly that’s detrimental to your gameplay. You need gold to get item advantages and get stronger than your opponent’s.

League Of Legends Farming
League Of Legends Farming

Pop into a practice tool play against a bot or maybe even play 1v1 s with friends and customs. Get used to farming especially while under pressure from an opponent at the very least. Even if you don’t understand anything else about farming. You should at least aim to get 100 percent of the minions you attempt to farm when not under pressure.

No one gets every single minion every single time. But you should strive to improve on this and get as close as you can to this goal as possible. It can’t hurt you to practice farming and landing those last hits to rack up some more gold it seems kind of boring to do so but just go on practice.


Often winning your lane alone isn’t enough this is once again where macro strategy comes into play if you do find yourself solo killing your opponent over and over again then at some point they aren’t worth that much you’d get a lot more gold from killing someone new anyway but you also have to know that the enemy team could be doing something else while you’re getting fed so.

Get Better At League of Legends

For example, if you’re winning bottom Lane super hard. But your top lanner is getting destroyed the game is eventually going to come down to a who can carry harder scenario. With that lead, you could either push for an early bottom turret. Or even row mid lane to get them ahead as well to Fed lanes is a whole lot better than one. So you don’t lose anything by helping your buddies out. If you manage to take your turret bottom early. For example, you could also roam and gank top stop the bleeding before it becomes an even bigger issue and then just watch the enemy top lanner.

Type top difference in the chat once their Nexus explodes the salt is real. And you can honestly break down people’s in-game mentality with some roams everyone hates dying. And everyone hates it, even more, when they get ganked by another lane. Take advantage of this spread the lead to your teammates. And also win the mental game against your opponent’s.

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How to Get Better At League of Legends? FAQs

How long does it take to get good at league of legends?

If you want to be really good need to play for over 18 months. Be ready for it.

Is league of legends a dying game?

No, it’s not and it’s not going to be a dying game anytime soon, Many millions of players in the world play in LoL right now.

What rank is good in league?

The highest rank is Masters – top 1%

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