9 Screen Mirror Settings You Wish You Knew Earlier For Streaming

9 Screen Mirror Settings You Wish You Knew Earlier For Streaming
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Screen Mirroring is getting more and more popular nowadays. It is a technology that enables you to wirelessly share a device’s screen to another display locally in real-time. Although screen mirroring and casting are used interchangeably but fundamentally they are different. And they end up asking, “Screen sharing issues on HBO Max“. However, there is no hard and fast rule to use them and language keeps evolving.

There are a few Screen Mirroring settings you must know before you start with it-


Your screen mirroring device must be compatible with the other devices you use. For example, using outdated mirroring protocols won’t allow you to screen mirror AirPlay devices to Google Cast devices and vice versa.

When picking a solution, think about what devices occupy your spaces and where those devices need to be displayed. You will likely need a solution that allows cross-platform mirroring so you don’t have to worry about device compatibility.

Value-added features

Does the solution allow you to do anything other than screen mirroring? Certain screen mirroring software comes with digital signage capabilities so you can share important content on your displays even when you’re not presenting.

Is the value of your money justified? Consider an all-in-one solution that includes both screen mirroring and digital signage so you can make use of all your screens, all the time.

Screen Mirroring Capabilities

Decide how you want to mirror your device screens. Whether you want to be able to mirror a screen to multiple displays or mirror multiple devices to one display simultaneously. Whether you wish to mirror your entire screen or a specific application.

Can the device transmit audio? Make a list of features you’d like your screen mirroring solution to have.


What’s your budget? Is the cost per receiver, per-user, or per license? Is it a one-time purchase or SaaS? Do you need to purchase new hardware to get started? Do you have to pay for premium features? Will you need additional hardware or people to install the setup? What are the first-year cost and the five-year cost of ownership? You’ll have to answer all these questions to understand the complete cost of the solution.

Some screen mirroring solutions require special hardware receivers that release paid upgrades every few years. Think about when you will have to replace the solution. How long will your hardware last? How often will you have to pay to upgrade to the newest version?


You don’t want dropped connections. You need a reliable way to screen mirror so you don’t have to worry about experiencing technical difficulties in the middle of a presentation.

Know what the solution’s network requirements are and make sure your setup will be able to support it. See if the solution offers a free trial so you can test the reliability in your own environment.


It’s important that your screen mirroring solution is consistent and easy to use for end-users. Make sure the screen mirroring process is consistent no matter the device or the room you are using it in. Consistency will save time and allow everyone to quickly connect. You’ll be able to quickly train new users and reduce the number of calls to your IT help desk.

Look for a solution that has the ability to customize how the solution looks on your displays. Consistent branding throughout your organization will create a professional tone and impress guests.


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Choose a solution that will allow you to easily and quickly scale it across your organization. Can you deploy and manage it from one place? Is there an online management portal? Is it compatible with MDM solutions like Jamf Pro, Cisco Meraki, and others? Understand how and where you will manage the product.


Your screen mirroring solution should be secure both for your organization and your users. A point-to-point process is a secure way to mirror because your screen data will never cross the internet. The solution should encrypt content and user data and never store end-user information.

Find out what security features the solution offers. Does it offer room codes or other connection security measures? Secure screen mirroring tech must be a top priority.

Customer Support Service

Check to see whether or not the company offers support for your product. There may be a fee associated with accessing specialized support for setup, troubleshooting, and other questions. Will you have a dedicated account manager that you can contact? Is support included in the cost of the solution?

Do they offer phone support in addition to chat and email?

Make sure you know exactly what type of support is included with your screen mirroring setup to avoid hidden costs and headaches.

Top screen mirroring apps that you can use for your Android devices

  1. Google home: Google undoubtedly dominates the technical industry. Google home works surprisingly well with all the Google devices and the mirroring is rather uncomplicated. Other than having to purchase Chromecast for this to work we did not find any major drawbacks and the app works fine without lagging.
  2. TeamViewer: this app is widely known for its amazing features offered free of cost. In addition to screen mirroring, this app also allows file transfer with high-security encryptions so that your data is safe and leakproof. From windows to back in your app is compatible with most generations available in the market.
  3. Chrome remote desktop: Offering an amazing twist on traditional screen mirroring instead of mirroring your phone screen on your computer this app allows you to mirror your computer screen on your mobile. Now, if you think it can only be used with the tablet you are wrong. It works equally well with mobile phones and makes your life a lot easier if you have a habit of working through your laptop.


Although we carry our media house in our pocket, at home we want more than a tiny screen. Screen Mirroring can be very useful in this. However, we need to take some measures to enjoy it seamlessly.

Thank you for reading!