How To Change Your Location And IP With A VPN In 2021

How To Change Your Location And Ip With A Vpn In 2021
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How to change your location and IP with a VPN? We often find it compelling when there`s a restriction upon your favorite shows or the websites you want to get access to. However, sometimes, bypassing the secure and restricted website becomes a necessity for you.

You would not want to reveal your identity or tell them your real IP address while streaming, browsing, or gaming. Well, there`s a solution for everything, right. Meanwhile, not all of them are safe and secure.

Faking your real IP address is somewhat tricky. In addition to this, each solution has some downsides. It`s up to you whether to search them a little and then pick the right one, or either trust a third party that offers you their services. Having said that, there`s the best option that is VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the internet that most of the users find easy to operate.

Changing Your Location and IP with VPN

While you are surfing different sites, your geographical location is tracked along with your IP address. When you connect to VPN, the traffic first goes through VPN servers to reach its destination afterward. So, internet providers will see the location provided by VPN.

You can change your location and IP by installing the VPN on your device. The purpose is to get across the geoblocked territorial sites. This happens because some websites contain exclusive information that is considered illegal in your area. For that reason, a different IP address would help you access those sites without being tracked by the agencies.

Geoblocking is the first thing you will face when attempting to access the illegal sites in your terrain. You might find it hard to understand the process. However, we are here to guide you through the process step by step.

Step-by-Step Process of installation of VPN

Well, changing an IP address and your real location becomes easier with the installation of a VPN. There are several types of VPN. However, we`ll discuss the Surfshark VPN here, which is the same as any other VPN. Follow these steps below to get it installed on your device.

Download and get the VPN of your choice

Changing Your Location And Ip With Vpn

The process is somehow the same for every other VPN server. Besides, it is much easier to install and compatible with any kind of device. First and foremost, figure out which VPN server you want to install. Then, head to their website and download the setup file.

After downloading the setup, install it on your favorite device. VPN usually requires a subscription. However, you can subscribe to any package of your like and start streaming without the interference of geoblock.

Surfshark VPN is a secure tunnel that connects your device with the internet to surpass the encryption rendering it unreadable to secret agencies. Once you have installed it on your computer, there will be series of questions to proceed further.

Create an account

Afterward, run the application on your browser and create your account for the subscription. You can sign in if you have an existing account or else make yourself a new account. And viola, let`s get started

Pick out a server

After installation, launch the VPN, and there you will find a location picker button. Go for the location button, and a handy search bar will appear in front of you. Type the country for which you need to remove geoblock and select it.

Connecting to the server

After selecting the desired server and location for whom you require an IP address, click on the ON button. This will take you to your new IP address. Amazing right! Thanks to the VPN server setbacks, you can have whatever location you want within seconds, and no one will be able to track you down.

Why change the Location and IP?

Due to territorial geoblocks, sometimes you can`t have access to the sites you are looking for. Because of their exclusive content or considered illegal in your area. That`s one of the many reasons you will want to change your IP and location to that country so that you can easily access those sites.

There are several other reasons as well. Some of them are discussed below;

To surpass censorship

Most of the time, with the changing policies of your government, they block services from certain countries. That shows as an error whenever someone tries to open them up. However, you can always have VPN as your problem solver. Install it on your devices, and voila, it works like magic.

Avoid being tracked down.

Some sites hold viruses that can easily access your data or the location and use it against you. On the other hand, sometimes internal affairs or secret agencies are after something with the geoblock. You happen to need that exact information that hinders you from finding out; changing an IP would give you the ultimate access to those sites.

Defying expensive buyouts

Well, digital marketing is flooded with thousands of options. It is hard to find out the one that suits you the most. Sometimes, you get across a site offering a sale to some region, and you might hear it from your social group.

However, you can always use VPN servers if you want to order those items without expanding the shipment cost to your actual location. You can effortlessly bump into multiple sites that offer the same product but at a cheap rate.


You might wonder if there`s a loophole for the agencies to track you down even with the VPN installation. But let us assure you that using a good VPN server will never let you down. Moreover, you can also use the GPS spoofing feature to conceal your location and have safe and secure browsing across the globe.

Instead of just altering the location and IP, VPN does wonder. Besides, it also encrypts the data, so however tries to track you down won`t be able to understand a single word. You can also hide your online activities, search history, and so much more.

Thank you for reading!