Meme Marketing: The Right Way to Leverage Them for Your Business

Meme Marketing The Right Way To Leverage Them For Your Business
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Meme marketing is the method of using memes to promote your brand or the offerings of your business. However, just because memes are great at promoting your business doesn’t mean you need to upload promotional memes all the time.

Before using memes for your social media marketing, you need to be aware of the social media statistics. As per reports published in 2020, people spend more than 2 hours on social media platforms every day. This is the reason why business owners prioritize social media marketing. But combining the memes of your social media strategy to create a strong marketing campaign is undoubtedly one of the greatest steps of your business.

But why memes are so important? What differentiates them from other types of content marketing strategies? This is because memes showcase real-life events in the funniest way possible. Not to mention, they spread rapidly. Here are the top 4 ways to leverage meme marketing correctly for your brand.

You should stay updated regarding the meme trends so that your business doesn’t upload old or backdated memes. Follow some great pages or websites such as Meme Scout to know the trending meme concepts and their chances of going viral.

You can also search for trending memes through various YouTube Channels. Consider using Goggle trends to know the trending factor of memes based on their location and time. However, keep in mind that not every trend will be relevant for your business. Make sure you know the context before using trending memes.

Also, a little bit of research will help you know the memes that have recently gone viral. Use Meme Generator App to get fresh ideas regarding the trending memes. Memes that are simple and easy to understand become viral in no time. You can also use this app for creating memes quickly. Just upload your image and customize it with some catchy text and viola, you get the ready-to-publish Meme. Meme Generator App is available on Android and iOS both.

The Right Memes for your Business Type

The Right Memes For Your Business Type

Before using the memes regarding any particular topic or event, do proper research. Also, don’t forget to check if there are copyright issues related to that Meme. If the Meme is copyrighted and you use it for promotion, you might get into serious legal trouble.

“Female Memes: The Key to Meming Success?”

The gender of your audience plays an important role in choosing the right type of memes for your business. There are various types of memes such as Dank Memes, Rage Memes, and Food Memes. While Dank Memes and Rage Meme mostly target the male audience, it is Food Meme that mostly attracts women. The example of a Meme featuring a woman cooking in the kitchen with her dog sitting beside her is an example of a food meme. Quality over Quantity

While uploading memes, it’s not about how many memes you upload. You might post ten memes per month or 2-3 memes daily. The quantity doesn’t matter. Memes are one of the best engaging materials on the internet. Instead of creating hundreds of memes monthly, concentrate on building an emotional relationship with your audiences through memes.

Meme Marketing

Here are two things you need to remember:

  • Don’t create memes on every trend you see. This will downgrade the professionalism of your company. Not to mention, it will also irritate your customers.
  • Don’t spam the social media feed of your followers by uploading memes daily. This will also make them angry. Memes are meant for entertaining people. Meme Marketing is all about creating memorable Memes which will make your audiences laugh or smile.
  • Provide Meme Customization Services
  • Custom Memes are the most popular means of engaging with potential customers. People love Memes with customized texts written by their favorite brands. They share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Memes are one of the best ways to build your brand image on the internet.
  • “… Meme Marketing is all about creating memorable Memes which will make your audiences laugh or smile.”
  • The key takeaway here is that Meme Marketing is not just for fun anymore. It can play a significant role in branding your business. Memes are the best way to engage with potential customers and present your brand image in front of them in a casual, fun, and interesting manner. Meme Marketing is about using Memes for branding and promotion without losing their genuine nature.
  • ” Meme Marketing: The Right Way to Leverage Them for Your Business”

Best Platform for the Memes

You should upload memes on every social media platform of your business. However, Instagram is undoubtedly the greatest platform for memes due to its hashtag algorithm. As per New bird design, hashtags increase visibility on Instagram.

While uploading the memes, make sure you use more than 20 hashtags. Additionally, make sure the hashtags are relevant as per the promotional product, trend, or memes. But just because you’re using hashtags doesn’t mean your memes will become viral quickly. The hashtags will work only when the meme context is great and your audiences love them.

Make the Memes Relatable

Just like we said before, not every meme will work effectively for your brand. Despite the trends, the memes should always need to be relatable to your business. Hence, make sure the meme context iris relatable so that your audiences can interpret them easily.

Not to mention, uploading relevant memes will attract the attention of potential customers. This way you can make them loyal to your brand.

” Meme Marketing: The Right Way to Leverage Them for Your Business”

Funny Memes

The memes should always stay authentic. Memes should never be forced to go viral. Memes are supposed to entertain people, not annoy them or irritate your audiences. Hence, always make sure your Meme Marketing stays funny and entertaining so it can attract even the most passive social media user. While you’re uploading Memes, make them light-hearted and fun to keep your viewers engaged. Memes never require heavy introspection, and Meme Marketing ensures that Memes don’t lose their purpose.


These are the top 4 ways to use meme marketing correctly for your brand. One thing you need to remember is that you need to be creative while developing memes. Stay updated with the latest trends and focus on the quality rather than the quantity of the memes.

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