McAfee vs BitDefender – Which One To Go For In 2019?

McAfee vs BitDefender – Which One To Go For In 2019?

McAfee and BitDefender are antivirus software that protect your system from all malicious threats and crime. But, why do we need antivirus? It can be rightfully said that today’s generation lives on the internet and we as general users are almost ignorant as to how those random bits of ones and zeros reach securely to our computer.

McAfee vs BitDefender

We are living in a digital era whether it’s booking a hotel room or ordering food or even booking a cab we are constantly using the internet and inherently constantly generating data. This data is generally stored on the cloud which usually a huge data server that stores all the information.

There could be millions of reason for your data to be destroyed, hacked or stolen and there are a number of antivirus software’s to protect your device from all the cyber threats.

Pc and laptop are daily requirements as they store all your information records and necessary details of your work, however, it is possible that there could be several sources that might hit your device with cyber threats and malicious activities.

Some common sources of malicious activities could be conducted by rival business competitors, terrorists, industrial spies and hackers,

Malicious code which is also known malware consist of various malicious activities that can destroy your files and documents stored in your device or it can be hacked either. Viruses such as worms, virus, Trojan horse and bad applet. A worm is a virus which self replicates in order to get transfer to other computers

Whereas Trojan horse is considered to be most commonly dangerous cyber threats. This virus hides within other seemingly harmless programs to corrupt other files stored in the computer.



Hacking is still one of the prominent and common threats our generation face. It is a process to fake identity and steals data or information in an unauthorized manner. Whether to gain business information or to hack government servers they do it in an illegal way.

There are three types of hackers, and they are as follow:

  1. Black hat hackers

Black hat hackers are the one who steals or gains the information with the illegal manner and condemned computer security in seconds.

  1. White hat hackers

White hat hacker is referred to as ethical hackers. They hold a degree in IT technology and hacking. They gain information from other dives legally. They have no intentions to steal someone’s data or corrupt files. They do it purely with qualified verification.

  1. Grey hat hackers

Grey hat hackers are neither ethical nor unethical. They don’t work for anyone to hack someone else server or system. They do it for themselves. Basically, white hat hackers are the one who just wants to showcase their talent and knowledge worldwide.


Anti-virus software

Until now we’ve discussed the threats and malicious activities that can condemn your computer’s security and all the important information, files and documents.

One of the simplest and inexpensive methods to prevent threats or damage to the system is to install anti-virus software. There are few companies that develop software, which fight against the viruses by identifying and removing them from the computer system

However, simply installing the software would not be all. It needs to be updated regularly. Due to dynamic nature of internet day in day out are numerous new viruses are being developed and to fight against those new menaces, the antivirus needs to be up to date in order to detect them and eliminate them as soon as possible.

The list below are some popular antivirus that can protect your system from malicious threats,

  • Quick Heal Total Security
  • Avast Antivirus Protection
  • Eset Nod32
  • Kaspersky
  • Window defender
  • McAfee
  • Bitdefender

Among these many here we’ll draw the comparison between McAfee and Bitdefender that which antivirus is better for users to rely on.


BitDefender vs McAfee

Every antivirus has different features and utilities to offer to its user. Some have better resources; some provide better security from cyber threats and crimes. McAfee and BitDefender are both avail different utilities in terms of protection and saving the network from being hacked or destroyed by any malicious threat.

Both the antivirus has a range of products to offer to its user to provide better facilities in terms of protecting the devices and software. Let’s discuss what BitDefender includes in its suite.

  1. BitDefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender antivirus free is company’s most essential antivirus product that boasts up the protection of the device against all the malicious threats and does not charge with the advanced features and utilities that has become a need in this modern era

  1. BitDefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender antivirus plus is a level up product in this range which comes with great protection against malware and ransomware protection. This range offers a number of advanced features or premium features such as a password manager for safe online transaction/banking or shopping.

A password manager easily secures all your logins at a particular place, and then there is a file separating feature for deleting all your delicate documents so no one else can reach to that document or bring them back.

A vulnerability scanner that checks out for missing outdated software of your system and a network security advisor that safeguard your Wifi network. There all features are the part of Plus suite.

  1. BitDefender Internet Security

In BitDefender internet security you’ll get everything that has been mentioned in its plus suite along with a two- way firewall.

A firewall acts as a filter. It is a software application, which sorts out information exchanged between the internet and a computer system or a company’s private network. Technically, in a layman’s term, it is a wall or a partition that prevents the access of unauthorized personnel.

Firewalls are built to monitor and validate all the incoming and outgoing data or communication. Every bit of information is processed by firewall software and then they move forward if it meets the required guidelines established by the company.

A file encryption tool, encryption typically involves transforming the plain data or text into a secret message or ciphertext which cannot be read by anyone except the sender and the receiver and anti-spam module is added to the internet security to block all the junk and phishing emails. Parental control security is the limited addition in internet security which allows a parent to keep a watch on their children’s activity and also can restrict them to use several sites.

  1. BitDefender Total Security

Bitdefender antivirus total security is the most cherished and popular antivirus of the company offering everything that has mentioned in the internet security suite in addition to a useful anti-theft module. Which helps or find stolen data or device?

  1. BitDefender Family Pack

Suppose you have more than five devices in your household such as windows, ios, Mac, Android then there is nothing better to opt than a family pack. It will protect all your devices with the Total Security license.

  1. BitDefender Antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac means the company offering this suite only to the Mac users. It offers the best protection to fight against all the Mac related malicious threats.


McAfee suites

Here we’ll discuss the range of the product that McAfee offers. Earlier McAfee used to provide a range of product but now it only offers two premium antivirus suites, McAfee Total Protection and McAfee Life Safe on its official website.

McAfee Total Security

McAfee provides top-notch offers to its users against the cyber threats and almost provides everything that a complete antivirus should have, including a firewall with advanced feature, a file encryption tools, and a password management system.

A parental control feature that offers and manage efficiently all your kids’ activity. It will filter all the phishing emails and has a network manager that protects your Wifi network against any malware activity.

McAfee Live Safe

McAfee Live Safe offers 1GB of online cloud storage along with all the other related protection and utilities that Total Security already have.

Both the McAfee Total Security and live safe antivirus works for Windows, Mac, ios and Android respectively.


McAfee vs BitDefender: Which Antivirus provides better security?

Antivirus software is considered to be a powerful shield that protects the system and all the software against malware attack and cyber threats. Half of the world’s population works over the internet whether is doing business, online shopping, and online banking. We all are connecting to one particular server.

It is important to make sure that, the details we share with one another are encrypted and cannot be hacked easily. To make this surety more reliable we use antivirus that detects the malicious activity and guards the software with their respective features.

However, the malware is classified into two types: one is known malware also known as widespread malware and the other is unknown malware also known as zero-day malware.

To draw a comparison between McAfee and Bitdefender here is an AV-Test and AV-Comparatives which was held in the year 2018 in May and June respectively to known which antivirus provide better security to its user.

AV-Test and AV-Comparatives are two well know security institutes that evaluate thoroughly all the antivirus products. All the participated products were tested against 5,685 samples of widespread malware and 225 samples of zero-day malware.

In the test conducted Bitdefender bangs 100% result from both types of the sample in both the months respectively. Rewarded with an excellent rating of 6/6 from the AV-Test experts in the Protection Category.

In the same test, McAfee also came out with perfect results with a rating of 6/6 against both the malware samples.

To examine the protection level of both the antivirus software the AV-Comparatives company did two major tests: Real World Protection Test and Malware Protection Test.

Both the test were conducted from February to June 2018 where both the antivirus were rewarded as the highest ADVANCED+ award from AV-Comparatives in the Real World Protection Test, both the antivirus scored 99.8% and 99.6% respectively.

Whereas in Malware Protection Test which was held in March 2018. Bitdefender once again rewarded the highest ADVANCED+ award with its perfect protection rate of 99.99%

On the other hand, McAfee was rewarded as the second best ADVANCED award with the protection rate of 99.95%.

Overall, the comparison drawn above shows that Bitdefender provides better protection than McAfee in terms of providing security against malicious threats.


McAfee vs BitDefender: Which is cheaper?

Bitdefender antivirus comes with a wide range of products offering a different feature to different suite hence, the price varies differ from product to product. Same goes for McAfee antivirus the price differ from product to product.

However, Bitdefender comes with much more advanced utilities and features it cost more than the McAfee antivirus.


 McAfee vs BitDefender: Which is popular among users?

Both Bitdefender and McAfee are well-known antivirus among the user. However, according to a report on the shareholding profit software which was made in public in February 2018. Avast is leading holding 19% market share. ESET and Malware bytes are running second in the race grabbing 14.03% and 12.79% of market shares respectively.

Whereas McAfee is leading forth on the list with a market share of 8.41% and Bitdefender is running on seventh in the race with a market share 6.1%.

The overall scenario of the report is, McAfee grabs more public attention and a bigger market share than Bitdefender.


Final Words

Both the antivirus software, Bitdefender and McAfee holds a respectable place in the market serving their best software security to its users with their remarkable product range that could match up to the user’s expectations.

However, the drawn comparison above shows that Bitdefender Total Security is the best antivirus software in recent. The features provided by this suit are worth every penny. After all, this is what a user wants after spending money oversubscription.

These suites let you connect protect up to five devices such as Windows, Mac, ios and Android and on top of that, it comes with premium customers support with a 30-day money back guarantee.


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