Windows Defender vs BitDefender – Which One To Go For In 2019?

Windows Defender vs BitDefender – Which One To Go For In 2019?

Antivirus and Antispyware acts as a security guard and an officer of the gate of the computer. It secures your computer from many incoming threats from various websites and unidentified and malicious and malevolent sources that seeks out destroys and poses a huge threat to the system.

Windows Defender vs BitDefender

The importance of antivirus software is becoming increasingly apparent with numerous cases of identity theft and computer viruses and hackers on the loose.

Though we can understand that all types of cyber-attacks and internet crimes cannot be prevented with different antivirus software’s, here we will discuss two most famous types of antivirus software’s, windows defender and BitDefender.


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Windows Defender

Originally being popularized as Microsoft AntiSpyware, windows defender is now a free protection program that is provided by Microsoft. The main function of windows defender is to help protect various computers that run Windows from malware and spyware. With the introduction of Windows 8 to the world of various other windows systems applications, Microsoft has added improved functionality to windows defender by additionally adding an antivirus protection software, along with spyware and other malware protection services.

The Windows defender is based on the Spyware called GIANT, which belongs to the GIANT company software. This company was initially acquired by Microsoft on 16th December 2004. Its first release to the public was on 24th October 2006.

This type of anti-virus is now available as a free download for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. The programming systems of Windows 8 and 10 already have the program installed in its system and are active in progress unless other antivirus programs are installed into the systems.


Features of Windows Defender

  1. The application uses the exploit guard whose main function is to provide intrusion for Windows 10 by protecting the computer machines against multiple layers of attacks. For instance, the exploit guard provides memory safeguards that will protect your devices from attacks that can harmfully manipulate your built-in memory. The exploit guard also protects applications that can control access to the folders to prevent any forced changes from various unknown sources from the internet.


  1. Uses application guard that protects enterprise users from various malware and spyware attacks that can be carried out through various internet browsers and websites. The application guard initially isolates different tab users on websites.
  2. Windows Defender has a possibility of advanced threat protection. This system of protection offers advanced threat protection that is a behavior-based service that is designed to accurately detect advanced threats.


Accessing Windows Defender

Once installed, the Windows Defender application will automatically start and run by itself each time the computer starts up. This continues to happen unless some other program has disabled it. To open Windows Defender, follow the steps below:

1: Click on the start button.

2: In the search programs and file box, type in Windows Defender.

3: Once done, click on windows defender from the search results. You may need to press the Enter key to select the file and open the program.

In Windows 8, type windows defender on the start screen and then select windows defender in the search results.

In Windows 10, type windows defender in the search box right in the taskbar next to the start button and then select windows defender in the search results.


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Enabling Windows Defender

Windows defender is usually preloaded in systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10. In such cases, it is automatically enabled. To enable it, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open windows defender
  2. You are prompted with a pop-up message that states the program is turned off. If the link is Anti-virus disabled, click on the option that says ‘’click here to turn it on’’. Windows defender is now enabled.
  3. When there is no link provided in the pop-up message, you have to go to the control panel and access the security and maintenance option.
  4. Once you click on the ‘’Security and Maintenance option’’, click on security to expand the section.
  5. Click on ‘’View installed antivirus apps’’ or ‘’View installed antispyware apps’’ option.
  6. You will now be able to see a list of installed antivirus or antispyware programs on your computer. Select windows defender from the list and then click the turn on button.


Disabling Windows Defender

To disable windows defender on your systems, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Windows Defender.
  2. Click the Tools option from the top menu.
  3. On the Tools and Settings screen, click on Options.
  4. On the Options screen, in the left side pane, click on Administrator.
  5. Uncheck the box for Use this program.
  6. Windows defender will now be disabled.



BitDefender is a Romanian cybersecurity and anti-virus company featuring in various antivirus software. It was initially founded by Florin Talpes in 2001. Florin Talpes is also the current Chief executive officer of the company. Bitdefender mainly develops and sells anti-virus software, internet security software, endpoint security software, and many other cybersecurity products.

Most of the Bitdefender Windows antivirus items have the equivalent hidden feature of malware innovation, which is among the best in the business. The center assurance and core protection are indistinguishable in every one of them.


BitDefender Interface

Bitdefender’s look and feel have advanced for 2019, permitting a tremendous level of customization and crushing in more data while looking less jumbled.

The dashboard on the interface’s first page shows a shield with a green check mark when everything is protected and sound. It changes to a red “X” generally. It additionally records the Autopilot suggestions/ recommendations and connections to the Quick Scan, the VPN and the Safe pay program and the browser. You can also include an additional module in around 15 seconds.

Bitdefender’s security modules can be switched off individually. It is always better to let the feature of auto pilot manage the things. It also includes Games, movies and various work modes which ae designed to automatically disable active scans and notifications that are received on the desktop.


BitDefender Security

All the Bitdefender application software paid items to accompany a liberal arrangement of additional highlights, including against phishing security, multilayer ransomware protection and the new VPN customer programming, which is given by Hotspot Shield. Individuals get 200MB of VPN information daily for absolutely no cost; it’s $40 every year for the exceptional form and premium version with boundless and unlimited information.


   Features of BitDefender

  1. Superior protection
  2. Low-performance impact
  3. Excellent malware protection
  4. Less performance slowdown
  5. Extra useful features
  6. Anti-phishing
  7. Anti-Fraud
  8. Multi-layer ransomware safety
  9. Advanced threat defense
  10. Complete real-time data protection.


Types of BitDefender products

  1. BitDefender Antivirus Plus
  2. BitDefender Total security
  3. BitDefender internet security
  4. BitDefender family pack


Download the BitDefender application

  1. Access
  2. Sign in using your Bitdefender Central credentials.
  3. In the My Devices area, click the INSTALL BITDEFENDER button.
  4. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the compatible product for the device you’re accessing your account from.

To install Bitdefender on a different device, select the On another device link and select the platform to download the compatible Bitdefender product.

  1. Wait for the download to complete, then run the installer.

The product will become active according to the available subscription on your Bitdefender account. In an instance where there is no valid subscription available, you will profit from the trial period for the selected product.


Windows defender vs BitDefender: Which is better?

Windows Defender vs BitDefender: Which software has to offer the best features?

Bitdefender’s security products include software that offers protection against a wide range of spyware and malware threats, including viruses, worms, etc. It also offers protection against web-based threats and hackers.

Bitdefender’s Antivirus plus 2019 is the company’s most premium offer for the windows users. Although it offers protection and safety against all different kinds of malware threats, it includes useful premium-level features and tools which include a web browser protection service. It also offers a vulnerability scanner, password management service which secures all your saved passwords and other confidential credentials to eliminate hassles and a file shredding tool too.

Windows Defender offers only a free range of security solutions. It gives assurance against a wide range of malware threats, but it is almost impossible to find advanced protection related features included in the application.

The most valuable component of the item is its propelled two-way firewall. It watches out for your system and screens all the approaching and active traffic for malevolent movement.

In general, Bitdefender offers greater security-related highlights, features and additional utilities in its security packages than Windows Defender.


Bitdefender vs Windows Defender: Which Offers Better Malware Protection to devices?

It’s basic for a security item to give first class assurance and protection against a wide range of malware dangers.

When recent Anti-virus tests were conducted in the month of September and October of 2018 respectively, BitDefender was among the few products that had perfect results in the anti-virus tests that were being conducted. It successfully detected all the malware samples provided. It received a successful 6/6 rating in protection.

Windows defender also had perfect results for widespread malware, but its overall rating was just 5.5/6 as per the anti-virus security experts.

BitDefender managed to earn the highest advanced award in these tests because of its perfect score with just 2 false positives. These usually occur when a security product mistakenly identifies a clean file or source as malware or spyware infected.


Windows Defender vs BitDefender: Which puts a lesser burden on the system?

Another critical thought is the effect a security item puts on system execution (or system speed).

Most current antivirus programs are effective at using system assets and resources and don’t put a critical negative effect on system execution.

The specialists at AV-Comparatives additionally complete a comparative test to quantify the effect of driving antivirus programs on system and framework execution. The ongoing assessment included 17 security items and was led in October 2018.

Bitdefender got the most astounding “ADVANCED+” title in the test, as a result of its great effect score (the lower the score, the better) of 8.7. Windows Defender, then again, put more weight on test frameworks and systems than some other item and was given the third-best “STANDARD” position.

It becomes clear that BitDefender is way better than Windows Defender in relation to the impact it has on its system performance.


Bitdefender vs. Windows Defender: Which offers a Better User Interface?

BitDefender has a user interface which is modern and classy, robust and very natural shades of black, white and light grey. It has four main tabs in the left column, namely dashboards, protection, privacy, and utilities. It also has inbuilt links for notifications, my account, settings and support assistance.

Windows defender has also seen a major change as it has established a strong full-fledged security portal from where it becomes easy to manage security and privacy.

It has a vertical menu on its left side which has the following elements:

  • Home
  • Virus and threat protection
  • Firewall and network protection
  • Application and browser control
  • Device performance and health
  • Family options.


Windows Defender vs BitDefender: Price comparisons

Both the software applications are made for the purpose of identifying virus and spyware and to improve the performance of the system. All the bundles of each software are respectively priced according to their specifications and feature it has to offers, so, no conclusion can be derived as to which application is less expensive.


Final Words

All software applications and antivirus systems are designed to improve the quality and performance of the individual’s systems. The main aim is to identify the malware and spyware and to offer protection. Although each application has its own features and specifications, one has to select the best one according to their comfort and services.


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