Windows Defender vs Avast – Which One To Go For In 2019?

Windows Defender vs Avast – Which One To Go For In 2019?

How many time do you think that the data and information your computer holds are safe? Due to the increasing rate of cyber-crime and security issues its important to protect your software and data from all the malware function.

Windows Defender vs Avast

In this modern era, we are mostly dependent on the internet whether it’s online banking, online purchasing or doing business. We are totally dependent on the internet that increase the possibility of our data to be stolen or destroyed in several ways.

How often do you realize that your computer is not working properly or the data or information has been corrupted? This could happen due to some basic malicious code activity. malicious code is popularly known as malware, consist of varieties of threats namely virus, worms, Trojan horse and bad applet.

Malicious code is a bad code which is cruel and malevolent in nature. Malicious code is considered to be the most common threat to computer viruses that cannot be controlled easily with antiviruses only.

Following are some most common types of malicious code, if once entered can harm your software in several ways.

  1. Virus: A virus, very popular term, is actually a computer program that has the ability to reproduce or replicate itself and spread among other files. By spreading, it destroys files, reformat the computer’s hard drive and causes various problems in running the application properly.

The most common virus among all is a macro virus that affects the application software such as M.S Access, M.S. Word, M.S. Powerpoint.


  1. Worms: Unlike other computer viruses that are spread when a user runs a file or transfer one file to another computer, worms have the ability to spread automatically without any human interference. Worms can spread on there own creating multiple versions of themselves.


  1. Trojan horse: Trojan horse is said to be the back door virus to enter into the computer with the intentions to destroy or delete the data. Many a time it happens that the users are typical to be tricked with the attractive ads that pop-ups every time you open a link or new site. These sites have the possibility to consist of the Trojan horse virus.


  1. Bad applets: Bad applet is another malicious code that can destroy your data and information storing in a computer.

Now we know that in what ways are computer and data can be affected and to prevent our software with all the malware activities there are numbers of Antivirus protections available. And out of many Antiviruses today we’ll discuss. Windows defender vs Avast. Which Antivirus software is better for your computer to prevent it from all the malware functions.


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Avast vs Windows Defender 2019

Windows Defender vs Avast 2019

Avast antivirus provides you a family of internet security. It is a software security application developed by Avast for operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, macros, Android, ios. It is available in 45 languages which gives you free antivirus protection from all the malware activities.

It is an Antivirus boasts with varieties of features but Avast has several packs for advance utilities that other antivirus companies usually include in their premium plans.

Avast security programs are only for internet connected devices. Below is the list of product that Avast includes.

  • Avast free antivirus:- this product is free for non-commercial and home usage. This requires 12-month registration and includes an advertisement for other Avast products.
  • Avast pro antivirus:- this antivirus is also for home use, having all the free versions. In addition, this Antivirus product comes with safe zone browser, secures DNS, and sandbox. This program does not require any registration but you need a license or activation code for further use.
  • Avast Internet Security:- this Avast product includes all the quality of pro. In addition, it comes with a silent firewall and anti-spam. Same as the previous product this also does not need any registration but needs a license and activation code.
  • Avast Premier:- Avast Premier includes all the quality of internet security in addition with data shredder.this program is for automatic software updater such as google chrome. It also needs a license or activation code.
  • Avast Ultimate:- Include all the best features of Avast Antivirus at one yearly cost.

Avast Antivirus comes in a bulk of varieties for the users to protect their software from unethical issues. On the other hand, Windows Defender Antivirus popularly known as Windows Defender is not entitled with much features that you desire to have in an Antivirus in order to protect your data.

This built-in Antivirus of Windows is available in 8/8.1/10 and Windows vista/7 as Microsoft Security Essential. This Windows Defender Antivirus can go through different types of scan, like full scan, quick scan. Its best quality by far is its built-in firewall that monitors your network and prevents hackers from stealing or gaining any sort of information or to get access to your network.

Windows Defender also includes a smart screen utility in its software that blocks all the dangerous website and unsafe downloads. it also has a setup to check for unrecognized apps on the website.

Windows Defender comes with an advantage as it has a built-in parental control feature, with this facility parents can keep a watch on what their children are watching online and can control the use of the website. They can limit the number of hours on the website they spend online. But you can only use this parental feature if you use Microsoft’s own browser.


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Windows Defender vs Avast: Which Provide better malware protection?

Windows defender and Avast both provide security to its user according to there features in terms of detecting files and website link that might contain a virus and can crash other documents.

To find out which Antivirus provides better protection there has been a test conducted for both the Antiviruses two well known independent security institute that are AV-Tests and AV-Comparatives.

Recently a test has been conducted on Windows 10 platform, Windows Defender protected against 100% of the zero-day malware when tested against 202 samples in September last year, but the results turned down in the very next month as the percentage dropped to 96.3% when tested against 9,797 samples. The overall scenario of the test was, Windows defender detected 99.5% malware in September and 99.9% in the following month and received the rating in the protection category from the security experts ar AV-Test of 5/6.

Whereas, Avast, on the other hand, turned out to give excellent results in terms of providing protection with the rating of 6/6 from the security experts. It detected 100% of the zero-day in September and the following months.

Once again a similar test had been conducted in the month of July and August where both the Antivirus was tested against 198 zero-day and 10973 widespread malware samples.

Undoubtedly, Avast showed the best result in both the months with the detection rate of 99.9% and 100% for both types of malware samples. Achieving a 6/6 rating from the security professionals.

On the other hand, Windows Defender bagged the rating of 5/6 in the test with detection rating of 99.0%  and 97.0% against zero-day malware in both the months.

On the basis of malware protection test which was held in September 2017, where they tested the ability of both the Antivirus in terms of protecting data and fighting with malware. avast received an award of ADVANCED+ WITH protection rating of 99.99%. whereas Windows Defender received the TESTED award, which is considered as the lowest status with the protection rating of 98.84%.

On the basis of the tests, it is clear that Avast’s provide a better security solution to its user than Windows Defender.


Windows Defender vs Avast: Which Antivirus is lighter on the system?

This is obvious that any app which is running continuously in the background consume some of the system resources all the time. Antiviruses are nothing but just another app that helps and protect your system from all the malware threats and keep running in the background which results in consuming some percentage of your system resource.

Both Antiviruses provide a sterling level of security to the system without consuming much of its resources.

However, to justify which Antivirus consume less resource, again a test was conducted. In this AV-test performance test, they checked that how different Antivirus works on the system when in use in terms of downloading and installing of application and transfer of files.

The test was conducted in September and October 2017 where Windows Defender and Avast both received the rating of 5/6 in protection category. The test was performed on Windows 10 platform in September-October 2017.

Similarly, a test was conducted on the Windows 7 platform in July-August 2017. Avast received a rating of 5/6 where Windows Defender received a rating of 4.5/5. The av-comparatives performance test was based on different factors of system performance by carrying out the basic task of copying a file, file transfer, archiving, installation, uninstalling of an app, etc.

Avast bagged ADVANCED+ award where Windows Defender bagged STANDARD award from the  AV-Comparatives. Hence, the study showed that Avast puts less strain on the system as compared to Windows Defender.


Windows Defender vs Avast: which provide a better interface to users?

Users always want software that works efficiently and can easily negotiate unauthorized navigation.

However, both the Antivirus works effortlessly with their features but Avast provides better interface than Windows Defender as it provides better security protection to the users.


Windows Defender vs Avast: Which is less expensive?

Avast Antivirus comes with a different product which means every product has its own price whereas Windows Defender does not offer any paid program with additional features as Avast so no comparison can be drawn in this category.


Wrapping Up!!!

A premium Antivirus product has become more a need when it comes to protecting the system. In the world where threats and cyber-crime are griping fast onto the systems it is better not to rely on free products when it comes to safety and security.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. It makes sense to ensure that your system’s software is protected with a well known an approved Antivirus so there are fewer chances of cyber-crime taking place.

In the end, it is clear that Avast provides better security than Windows Defender in terms of malware protection, user interface. A conducted test and result had been a prove that Avast Antivirus is pretty much comprehensive and provide a better rage of Antivirus as compare to Windows Defender.

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