Zoom App for iPhone – How To Download Zoom for iPhone 2019?

Zoom Video communications is a company that is headquartered in San Jose, California that provides a remote conferencing service using cloud computing. Zoom also offers communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration. It is a popular chatting tool for video communication, online meetings, screen sharing, video conferencing, etc. Zoom offers a managed experience, and it is optimized to work reliably. It is easy to install, use, buy and scale.

Zoom App for iPhone

A most popular operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android support the Zoom application. This software can, therefore, be deployed and used in various applications such as desktop, mobile, tablet computers, etc. It is one of the numerous affordable solutions for businesses, is straightforward and has a subtle pricing price. The Zoom app is also available for users to use across various iPhone models.


Some of the prominent features of Zoom

  • Zoom allows for screen sharing from an iPhone and iPad through iOS mirroring. You can share any application operating on your iOS device through your Zoom app on your desktop.
  • Screen sharing, content sharing, annotation, messaging, recording and live notification to all the members of the meeting present.
  • Webinars, demos, tutorials
  • Conduct Group meetings, client meetings, multiple participants, personal meeting ID
  • Ease of Unification, mobility across various devices
  • Zoom Rooms


How to download Zoom app for iPhone?

The Zoom app is available to use across numerous iOS models such as the iPhone and iPad. To download zoom app for iPhone, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the App Store on your iOS device and search for the application, “Zoom cloud meetings”.
  2. Select the application.
  3. Click on download
  4. The open the Zoom cloud meeting app by pressing the home button and then click on the icon named Zoom.
  5. Click on Sign in if you already have an account or you could choose to log in to create a new one.
  6. Once you open your app, you can access all the features of the zoom app.


After signing in, tap Meet & Chat for these meeting features

  • New Meeting: Start an instant meeting using your PMI or a new meeting ID. Learn about in-meeting controls for hosts.
  • Join: Join a meeting using the meeting ID. Learn about in-meeting controls for attendees.
  • Schedule: Schedule a one-time or recurring meeting.
  • Share Screen: Enter a sharing key or meeting ID to share your device screen to a Zoom Room
  • Tap your name to use your personal chat space.


Zoom Cloud meetings and settings  for iPhone

how to use zoom app on iphone


  • Start: Start an instant session using your PMI or a meeting you have scheduled
  • Send Invitation: Invite others to your PMI by text message, email or copying the meeting details and pasting them into a calendar invite.
  • Edit: Change the settings of your PMI
  • Tap a scheduled meeting to view, edit, start, join or delete it.
  • Note: You can only edit, start or eliminate meetings if you are the host.



When you download the zoom application for your iPhone, you can also change the settings and adjust it as per your preferences. Tap Settings to view meeting and chat settings.

  • Tap your name to change your profile picture name, and password.
  • Meetings: Modify settings for enabling/disabling your microphone, speaker, or video when you join a meeting.
  • Contacts: Find phone contacts that are using Zoom, and approve contact requests.
  • Messages: Enable or disable link preview in chat messages.
  • Notifications: Moderate when Zoom notifies you of new messages.
  • Phone (only visible if you have Zoom Phone): View your direct phone number and company number.
  • General: Enable/disable combined calling or blur snapshot on the task switcher
  • About: View the app version and send feedback.


What are some of the reasons to choose Zoom?

zoom cloud meetings for iphone

Zoom’s video conferencing solution is an exceptional choice for hosting video meetings and conferences. The features work precisely as the developers describe them. The HD video conferencing enables members to seamlessly join meetings, toggle between different participants, share screens and create notations. All the participants in real-time can view all of this.

Zoom connects HD video conferencing, online business meetings, webinars, and mobile capacities into one collaborative solution.

But the most agreeable part is that only one person has to download Zoom. Everyone else can click on the meeting link, and start right in from their phone, tablet, or desktop.

There’s no requirement for expensive video conferencing foundation either as the infrastructure of the zoom application is preferred by IT administrators and programmers. It can be easily activated and instantly deployed on the Zoom cloud in less than 30 minutes or so.

You’ll receive online monitoring in addition to a comprehensive system and data usage reporting. Zoom’s cloud provides instant global service backup and necessitates the care of covering administrative functions.


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