Zoom App Download – The Best Video Conferencing App 2019?

This 21st century has now entered the realm of a virtual world. People are engaging in virtual meetings rather than real time meets. We have not failed to recognize the potential of a digitally smart world. In this competing race of virtual world has entered a new app, the Zoom App.

zoom app download

Zoom app download is a recent entrant into the video calling world, yet it has splashed all over the market. It is a convenient app for conference video calls, especially for official meetings. It has been useful to various companies ranging from small scale to large scale. Zoom app download initially let 15 users to communicate with one another which now increased to 5000 participants and 10000 viewers on zoom download.

There is none other app that has brought people closer than the zoom app download. It has become a habit to get the job done sitting at home. Zoom app has made it easier by providing a high definition video calling platform, connecting an entire institution with oneself and others. It is just as easy to use for varied purposes of online teaching, holding meetings/seminars, group messaging etc. Zoom app has improved collaboration among individuals through a virtual platform. This award winning app will not fail to satisfy your needs as well.


Zoom App Download – How to do it?

To endure the amazing experience of the zoom app for the first time, it is necessary to download and install the application of zoom beforehand.


Zoom Cloud Meetings download for Mac

zoom cloud meetings mac

To use the zoom app on Mac, following systems are required:-

  • Mac OS x with Mac OS 10.7 version or later

To install this app on your Mac, you will have to allow the zoom app download from your settings. Then you can go directly to your app store and use the link https://zoom.us/download for download. the zoom app will be successfully launched on your Mac.


Zoom Cloud Meetings download for Windows

zoom cloud meetings windows

To use the zoom app on windows, the following systems must be supported:-

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 or further
  • Windows 7
  • Windows vista or later

To download the zoom app on your PC:-

  • Go to the site https://zoom.us/download
  • Click download under “ Zoom Client For Meetings”
  • When the ‘save as’ box appears on the screen, save it on your preferred location.
  • After saving it, go to the location of the saved file and double click on in to install and run.
  • You can now use the zoom app successfully on your windows PC.


Zoom Cloud Meetings download for Ubuntu

zoom cloud meetings ubuntu

To access the zoom app for Linux clients, follow these steps:-

  • Go to the site zoomappdownload.com
  • Download it to your home screen
  • Right click on the application and select ‘open with software install’
  • When the software opens, click on install to run the application.

If you have any problems regarding download or installation of the app, you can contact the official site of zoom.


How to use Zoom Cloud Meetings app?

To use the zoom app, be sure to have a highly functional web cam that is connected to the pc or your laptop. To use the app efficiently, make sure that you are using the latest version of the app. For latest zoom app download, click on https://zoom.us/download.

Next, register for your free account by entering a valid e-mail address and receiving invitation for your account.

After you are a registered user of the zoom app download, you will be redirected to the main page of the app that is ‘home’.

Here you will be given a number of options for either hosting a video or joining a video.

  • To join a meeting that has already been started, click on join the meeting.
  • To share your desktop screen you have to choose the option of start without video
  • To host a meeting you have to click on start with meeting
  • For hosting a future meeting you have to go to schedule and set the date and time for your scheduled meeting.
  • By sharing your meeting id or the sharing key, you will be able to share your entire screen.


On the top right corner of the zoom app download, you will see two options : Join a meeting and Host a meeting. To start the zoom cloud meeting, click on host a meeting with video on and to view an already started meeting, click on join a meeting. There are again two options for joining or hosting a call. You can either use video call or an audio call. When you are on the zoom video call, you can choose to turn off your video so that the others cannot see you by clicking on the camera sign.

While on the zoom app download, you can record and download zoom cloud meetings’ video on your laptop for further use. You can also change the location of saving the video on the laptop from settings. On the top left corner of your video screen, you can view the recording options of start and stop. Once you have stopped recording, it will directly be saved in your opted location.

You can individually record your video on the zoom app download for your assignments which can be submitted in the assignments column.

If you are hosting a video, you might want to keep these things in your mind:-

  • You might not want to start a meeting with the participants in the same room. It will cause echo and disturbance in the meeting. Stay at a safe distance from the others in the same room.
  • Before starting the video call, once check that your camera, speakers and your microphone are in sync with the device and are adjusted according to your comfort.
  • Stay in an area of a strong internet connection. Weak connection will cause the video to pause again and again and interrupt the flow of the meeting.
  • While using the microphone, be sure to stay away from the keyboard, as the clicking sounds of the keyboard may disrupt the flow of the voice.
  • Keep all the files you want to share open before starting the meeting, to avoid wasting time.
  • Keep yourself presentable at all times to be a strong and influential host.
  • Keep your meeting short in order to maintain the quality of the video and audio , therefore mentioning the necessities first.


Zoom settings include:

  • Customising the default preferences
  • Selecting the inbuilt or outsourced microphones and adjusting the speakers.
  • Select your own camera
  • Giving feedback, asking queries or inserting comments
  • Recording the video conferences
  • Upgrade your account to manage the details

Meetings settings include:

  • Sending out invites to participants
  • Start and stop the video
  • Mute/un-mute the audio
  • Sharing the desktop screen
  • End the meeting

All you have to do for using the zoom app is to schedule a meeting, e-mail the URL for your meeting to the participants and start the meeting. It is highly recommended app for staff meetings.

Zoom chat

Zoom chat is advantageous for internal conferences and keeping the company together. All the content that is shared here in zoom chat stays together for easy reach and download. The content thus shared remains into the company and spreads along the pyramid of the business management.

Zoom chat settings

Users can customize the settings to change background, change record settings etc, even while at home.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Zoom app download


Zoom has a lot of advantages from pricing to innovative features to stability. To narrow it down, zoom app download provides the following benefits:

  • Zoom app download is designed to serve over 700000 businesses all over the world. The size of the participants is large enough to fit in an entire business on a single call. This helps huge business companies in staying in touch overseas and on holidays for urgent meetings.
  • Zoom app download has cloud video conferencing which allows a number of hosts to conduct webinars.
  • Multinational companies have a great use in staying in touch with all the franchises at once using this app.
  • Users can share content individually using the side chat options.
  • The shared documents can be co-noted for description.
  • Important messages can be starred for further use and easy approach. You do not need to scroll through the entire chat.
  • Provides various shortcuts so that usage of the mouse is minimal. Some of them are:

F6 – locate popup windows

Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift – view meeting controls

Alt – shows control toolbar

Alt + F1 – switch to active speakers

Alt + F2 – switch to view gallery

Alt + V – start/stop the video

Alt + A – Mute/ un mute the video

Alt + R – start recording the video

  • Provides end to end encryption for safety and security purposes.
  • The experience is simple and perfect to evolve communication without much time and effort. It enables users to share organisational material in one go.
  • No extra training or effort is required for learning the application.
  • Zoom app download is one of the most reliable solutions around the world.
  • Provides stability to users
  • More than 500 users can participate in a single video conference and over 10,000 viewers can watch the conference.
  • Zoom app offers an easy guide at the beginning that glides you through the different features used in the app.
  • The zoom model is quite easy to get and its pricing is straight forward. It is cost efficient as no third party is required to keep notes of the ongoing meeting.



There is no major pin pointing on the cons of using the zoom app. There are excellent remarks for this application and has not received by far any major criticism. Although there are a few repercussions to using the zoom app download.

  • There is a limit of 40 minutes for more than 2 users in the free version
  • The voice becomes a little distorted with more number of people
  • Muting voice on one device mutes the voice on other logged in devices. Audio control is little tricky.
  • Consumes a lot of battery.
  • The quality may vary sometimes due to more number of participants.
  • Noises in the background can cause a little bit of disturbance

The overall experience of zoom app is positive. The minor setbacks do not make much of a difference due to the more than satisfactory performance of the app. To improve these minor criticisms, the next update may cover advanced features and leave the users fully satisfied.


Features & Specifications


  • If you possess a zoom cloud meetings app download, you can experience a high definition cloud video conferencing.
  • Zoom cloud meetings app allows full screen view along with gallery view.
  • You can dual stream for dual screen
  • You can join only as a viewer
  • Different feature rich application for zoom cloud meetings for iOS and zoom cloud meetings for android.
  • Accessibility features include ability to schedule, participate and attend in Zoom meetings and video conferences.



  • Availability of zoom cloud meetings for Mac and zoom cloud meetings for pc.
  • Group sharing of documents, video clips and pictures
  • Access to mouse and keyboard control
  • Whiteboarding
  • Screen sharing with multiple participants



  • Zoom app download is encrypted with SSL (security socket layer)
  • Consists of HTTPS access
  • Features are controlled by the admin
  • Based on single sign-on and Google login
  • Access control is role based
  • End to end encryption is provided for chat safety.


  1. AUDIO

  • Options based on toll
  • Toll-free options for 60+ countries
  • Unlimited voice over internet control
  • Options available for call me or call out
  • Any 3rd party can be integrated using zoom app download
  • Inbuilt and outsourced both microphones can be used



  • Zoom app download gives access to high quality application and desktop sharing
  • Host controls
  • Can arrange for scheduled or instant meetings
  • Recording available for MP4 or M4A
  • Virtual backgrounds



  • Zoom app download allows online monitoring for 24/7
  • Add capacity and scale it easily
  • Easy setup of virtualised software
  • High-availability for locals too
  • Instant backup for global services
  • Meeting connector for private clouds



  • Zoom app download enables unified login
  • Content sharing is easy
  • Meetings can be scheduled and started accordingly
  • Provides room for collaboration
  • Marketing/process automation


Zoom Cloud Meetings – Pricing

Zoom offers two versions: free and priced. However, the free version does have a few setbacks. It gives a time limit of 40 minutes to 2 or more users in the video chat. Also, not all the features are available to the free version users. The paid version on the other hand, includes a number of extra features for the users. The paid version also has 2 schemes: $14.99 per month and $19.99 per month. The enterprise version of $19.99 per month is mostly used by large enterprises for fully functional zoom app. The lesser paid version on the other hand is used by small scale businesses and individuals with immense online work. The pricing strategy is seen to be working so far with more than 700,000 businesses using the zoom app. It has engaged people of all work classes under one roof.


Zoom Cloud Meetings – Final Words

how to download zoom cloud meetings

Zoom app has evolved through time, making it the most used video calling app of all time. In this digital world, zoom app has provided a platform such that it can keep more than 10000 people connected at one time. Zoom app has tried to create a perfect environment for virtual conference meetings with anyone at anytime. Although it is not possible to create an application with all the pros and no cons, zoom has not failed to satisfy the major needs of video calling with a number of authenticated features.

The most amazing feature is that it links all your devices which enables the user to avail the services of the zoom app at all times. It keeps all the businesses in touch that are already into business and opens them to the ones that are not; thereby increasing the chances of business growth and multiplication. Along with that, it gives a real time experience with its high definition video and audio quality. Zoom app has not failed to serve its users with nothing but satisfaction.

Owing to the excellence of this app, zoom is topping the charts of video calling platforms. It is often known as a “game changer” in the building business environment. It is now for you to check it out if the praises are worth the use of the app.



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