Zoom App for Android – How To Download Zoom for Android 2019?

Zoom App for Android – How To Download Zoom for Android 2019?

Zoom endeavors communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration. It also provides a managed experience, and it is therefore optimized to work reliably. It is easy to install, use, buy and scale.

Many popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android support the Zoom application. This software can be used and managed in different applications such as desktop, mobile, tablet computers, etc. The zoom application is one of the most diverse, affordable solutions for businesses, is straightforward and has a subtle pricing price. It is also convenient for users to use across various Android and iOS models such as an iPad or iPhone.

Zoom is a convenient meeting service that includes a robust Android app and allows you to host 40-minute meetings for up to 25 participants for free. For those who require smaller gatherings, the open and free plan is great.

Some of the most striking features of the Zoom application

  • Screen sharing, content sharing, annotation, messaging, recording and live notification to all the members of the meeting present on the application.
  • Webinars, demos, tutorials
  • Conduct Group meetings, client meetings, multiple participants, personal meeting ID
  • Ease of integration among other applications, mobility across various devices
  • Availability of Zoom Rooms

Download Zoom App for Android mobile devices

The Zoom app is available to use across numerous Android models. To download zoom app for Android mobile, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device
  • Search for ZOOM Cloud Meetings
  • Tap Install
  • Read the permissions listing
  • If the permissions listing is acceptable for you, tap Accept
  • Allow the installation to complete.

Once it’s installed, you’ll find the launcher on either the home screen or the application downloads on your Android device. Tap the launcher, and then log into your ZOOM Cloud Meetings account.

Starting a meeting in the zoom app for Android

download zoom app for android

When you open the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app, you can quickly start a session by tapping the Meet Now button found on the main window.

Once you’ve started a meeting, you should be able to see yourself in the meeting window. Tap the screen to reveal a toolbar that includes the Invite button.

Tap the Invite button. You can easily invite users to your meeting via SMS, Gmail, email, and any other supported service that you have installed on the device. The easiest method is either SMS or email. The invitee will then receive the invitation, which includes a link to the video meeting. When mobile users open the link, they’ll be asked if the link is to be opened using a web browser or the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app.

Once you have people in the meeting, you can easily switch between viewing different attendees by tapping on their icon at the bottom of the screen.

If you tap the screen and then tap the Attendees button, you’ll see a list of people attending the meeting. From here, you can:

  • Chat privately with those who have joined
  • Make them the host of the meeting/conference
  • eliminate them out of the meeting

To leave a meeting, all you have to do is tap the screen and then tap the exit button in the top right corner. ZOOM Cloud Meetings also allows you to schedule meetings. To do this, tap the Schedule button from the main window, fill out the essential information and then tap Schedule. After tapping the Schedule button, you’ll then be able to add invitees Once the invitation is sent, you can either edit the ongoing meeting or return to the main window and view your next sessions and meetings by tapping the Upcoming button.

What are some of the reasons to choose a zoom app for Android?

zoom download for android

Zoom’s video conferencing solution is an exceptional choice for hosting video meetings and conferences. The features work exactly as the developers label them. The HD video conferencing enables members to seamlessly join meetings, toggle between different participants, share screens and create notations. All the participants in real-time can view all of this.

The application connects HD video conferencing, online business meetings, webinars, and mobile capacities into one collaborative solution.

But the most agreeable part is that only one person has to download Zoom. Everyone else can click on the meeting link, and start right in from their phone, tablet, or desktop.

There’s no requirement for expensive video conferencing foundation either as the infrastructure of the zoom application is preferred by IT administrators and programmers. It can be easily activated and instantly deployed on the Zoom cloud in less than 30 minutes or so.


In a nutshell

zoom app for android phone

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to hold video meetings with multiple users while you’re on the go, you can’t go wrong with ZOOM Cloud Meetings. The service is outstanding, and the app is straightforward to use.


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