4 Things to Remember When Choosing the Best PDF to Word Conversion Tool Online

4 Things to Remember When Choosing the Best PDF to Word Conversion Tool Online
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How to choose PDF to Word conversion tool?

There are many PDF to Word conversion tools available online. But the Best PDF to Word Conversion Tool only one. However, not all of them are reliable and secure. Read this post to find the best one. Dealing with so many electronic files every day isn’t an easy task. If it’s part of your job, it would require your time and effort to manage your electronic files on your computer or smartphone properly. You might need some important files to upload online. You may have a few files you should attach to the never-ending emails that you create and send daily.

The most common and considered to be a universal file format is PDF. It’s portable and doesn’t consume much storage of your device. That’s why many people opt for downloading PDF files to their smartphones. However, if you need to apply some changes to the data and information on your existing PDF files, you need to convert them into an editable format. 

Hence, you have to convert PDF files to Word document format to apply these revisions. You have to use a file conversion tool that will give you fantastic conversion results based on your needs. Read the details below to know the various factors to consider when choosing the best PDF to Word conversion tool online. 

Uncomplicated Conversion Process

Best Pdf To Word Conversion Tool

When choosing the best PDF to Word conversion tool online, you must choose one with the simplest and uncomplicated conversion process. Especially when you’re a busy person, you tend to opt for getting everything done in the quickest possible time. Hence, PDFBear is available online to help people process file conversion as quickly as possible. 

PDFBear is a website with different online tools that will significantly help you manage your electronic files. If you want to apply some revisions to your existing PDF files, you have to use a PDF to word converter online of PDFBear. The process is easy and simple. 

You have to upload the PDF file on the PDFBear online conversion tool. The tool will process a quick scan of your files and start the conversion process.

Once it’s finished, you click it three times to ensure that you’ll be saving the converted copy to your computer or smartphone. It’s the simple conversion process of PDFBear. It surely won’t take much time. In fact, it’ll take a few seconds to get it done, but it’ll take longer if you process multiple files. 

Easy-to-Access Conversion Tool

The best PDF to Word conversion tool online must be easy to access for everyone. It shouldn’t have any requirements before you can finally use the tools. The PDFBear has a set of unique online tools that you can quickly use regardless of the device you have. It utilizes the most simplified platform that even first-time users can process file conversion as quickly as possible. 

You have to ensure that you have a stable internet connection to avoid interruptions during the conversion process, and your device can access any safe web browser. Then, you surely can use the online tools of PDFBear and get all of your files converted to a file format that you need for a particular task. That’s how convenient it is to use the PDFBear file conversion tool. 

Safe-to-Use Conversion Tool

Safe To Use Conversion Tool

Besides being easy and convenient to use, the best PDF to Word conversion tool should protect your files. PDFBear is an expert system that will ensure your files are safe. Whenever you convert your electronic files, you need to upload them first on the online PDF to Word conversion tool of PDFBear. 

After uploading them, the system will process the conversion. Once done, you have to download the converted files to your hard drive. After that, the PDFBear system will delete the uploaded files for the security of your electronic documents. That’s why it’s safe to use the PDFBear conversion tool online. 

High-Quality Outputs

Best Pdf To Word Conversion Tool Online

Another thing you need to check when choosing the best PDF to Word conversion tool is the quality of the output. You’ll surely be in big trouble if you use low-quality documents in your presentation during any business meetings or conferences. Hence, you aim to utilize high-quality conversion results.

PDFBear has an objective to protect your uploaded files and produce high-quality results at the same time. The system is successfully made and developed by experts in the field. Hence, the technology appears to be superior to other online file management platforms when it comes to generating high-quality and standards of conversion results.

How to add page numbers to your PDF Using PDFBear?

Add Page Numbers On Your Pdf Using Pdfbear

Here you will find 5 Effortless Steps To Add Page Numbers On Your PDF Using PDFBear. Adding page numbers on a PDF can be a hassle task to some, but the work will be effortless and convenient when you find the right and useful tool.

Page numbers can instantly make your PDF file look more professional. This is why PDFBear includes these features on their website. How to add numbers on your pages using their tool? Check out these steps below.

Select A File

If you have some PDF files that you need to add page numbers from to make them presentable, upload them directly to the site by clicking “Select A File.” Let the website effortlessly add page numbers to PDF on your behalf. PDFBear will automatically secure an SSL connection for the protection of your uploaded document.

Wait For The Task To Be Finished

Let the website’s tool finish your uploads. This will only take less than a minute. Regardless of what browser or device you use, you can use the site and upload your files for entirely free. All actions will be performed on their cloud. Thus, you don’t have to download or use any offline software for the task.

Select Your Desired Page Number Position

Either you want it to be placed on the top or at the bottom corner, the choice is entirely yours. You just have to select what is the convenient page number position for you. Without a doubt, the tool is especially helpful for academic purposes. Send your prof a presentable, organized paper, and for sure, he will give excellent marks.

Download Your Updated File

Pdf Using Pdfbear

You are free to download your newly updated PDF files to your device after the whole process. You can also use your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to save the file, giving you access anytime, anywhere. Rest assured that the modified files can be utilized with excellent quality.

PDFBear is not just known for its Number Pages feature. Millions of its users are also satisfied with the site’s free tools. From converting, protecting, to unlocking your PDFs, there are various gratifying tools to discover.

PDFBear has over 20 features that you can enjoy when you visit the website.

Check out these other known tools that are offered by PDFBear to solve any file-related concerns.

Converter Tool

Whether you want your PDF to be converted to Word, from Excel to PDF, or HTML to PDF, this tool handles the task in the fastest way possible. It also follows easy-to-understand steps that work in various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Compress PDF Tool

If your PDF file is too big, compress it for free via PDFBear’s compress PDF tool. It is known for offering users the most advanced technology, assuring them a high-quality compressed PDF result.

Up to 70% of your file size will be reduced. But, this will not compromise the quality.

Repair PDF Tool

Isn’t it irritating if you have some damaged PDFs? It will affect your day and the quality of your work. However, there is an effective solution for that just by simply visiting the site.

PDFBear, with its Repair PDF tool, can repair your damaged or corrupted PDF in the most secure way possible. One of the wonderful things about this tool is its cloud-based technology, which means you are not restricted by location.

Split PDF Tool

Split Pdf Tool

Need a tool where you can modify your PDFs? Put your whole trust in PDFBear’s service. They provide a Split PDF tool that allows you to extract or split pages from a particular PDF and create a new document. The tool can surely give you a better view of your PDF.

Protect PDF Tool

Protect your PDF files by setting up a password using this website. The website’s system will primarily use a 256-Bit encryption protocol. Thus, hackers can’t crack the password you have created and use your document for illegal purposes.

In A Nutshell

Adding a page number will never be a burden if you do it with PDFBear. The site can add a page number to your file in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Just follow the steps indicated above. You can also try its other tools offered for free, which you can use on a daily basis.

PDF to Word Conversion Tool Takeaway

There are many other file management platforms available online. However, not all of them are reliable and secure. Hence, remember the various factors discussed above when choosing the best PDF to Word conversion tool online.

You’ll find out the performance of PDFBear in the market in helping people manage their electronic files, including processing any file conversions.

It’ll surely make your tasks done in a stress-free way most convenient. 

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4 Things to Remember When Choosing the Best PDF to Word Conversion Tool Online FAQs

How do I convert PDF to word for free?

1. Choose the free PDF converter
2. Select the PDF you want to convert to the DOCX file format
3. Download the converted file

How do I open PDF file in word 2010?

In the WORD select the open option and choose the PDF file that you want to open. Then just open it.

How do you edit text on a PDF?

1. Choose Tools Edit PDF then Edit
2. Select the text you want to edit
3. Edit the text

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