How to download TikTok videos?

How to download tiktok videos
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Everything about TikTok video downloader

TikTok might not be fun for some but most people just love this app. Well, if you are one of them, there’s good news for you. We are going to tell you about the TikTok video downloader. Yes, you heard that right. You can now download free TikTok videos on your laptop, desktop computer, and even on your smartphones. So, get ready for some really cool hacks.

Right now there are plenty of services online, which can download TikTok video for you:

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So how to download TikTok videos?

Most of the websites above have the same script, so follow these steps to download TikTok Videos:

  1. Choose TikTok video
  2. Click the Share button at the right bottom corner.
  3. Press the Copy Link button.
  4. Paste video URL to our TikTok Video Downloader
  5. Find “Fetch Download Files” at the right bottom corner.
  6. Enjoy.

This video downloader will let you download videos without the watermark so that you don’t have to worry about the video quality. Without continuing this long introduction, let’s get to the main points.

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No requirement for software

How to download tiktok videos 3You don’t need to waste any time installing any kind of software to download TikTok videos. All you need is a TikTok video link and your browser will do the rest of the job. To get any video link, open the TikTok app. Choose your favorite video which you wish to download. Next, go to the ‘Share’ option and copy the link from there. With the help of this link, you can download the video without a watermark.

After downloading the videos, you can see them in your chosen folder. Downloading TikTok videos is absolutely free and also the TikTok video downloader does not record their users’ download history. The best part is you can get these videos in any format you want. Be it mp4 or MP3, you can always have these videos with you. It’s quite a lifesaver during these times, isn’t it? Your quarantine period can get so much fun with your favorite influencer’s dance moves, vocals, cooking skills, and beauty hacks. Yes, when life throws a tough situation, just dance through it.

Desktop version

Ok, the above section directs you to download videos on your smartphone. But what if you want to watch the videos on your computer screen? Just follow the steps below and you will get your answer. The process is basically the same with slight differences.

    • Open TikTok and go straight to the available video list.
    • Scroll and select your favorite video. Then copy the URL.
    • After copying the URL, paste it into the TikTok video downloader  ‘download’ box.
    • Click on the download button and get your videos offline on your selected folder.

Tablet version

So, we have covered the android phone version and the desktop version. That leaves us with the tablet version. If you wish to see your videos on your tablet, you shall have to download an extra app from Playstore. The app is called Documents by Readle. When you wish to download a TikTok video, open the TikTok site and the Documents by Readle app simultaneously. Then, you can see a browser icon at the below right corner of your screen. Open the icon and download your favorite video.

You might think that iPhone and Apple tablets are extra protected and they won’t let you access such third-party apps. But trust us, the Documents by Readle will solve all your problems. Just try it out once.

How to download tiktok videos 4


The video downloader is really cool. Yes, honestly, it should be trending right now. But users can face a few problems while using the video downloader. The first thing is multiple advertisements keep popping up every time you wish to download a video.

But do the video downloaders get by popping up so many apps? Do they intend to annoy customers? No. Well, every app has to earn its revenue. It does so by sponsoring ads.

When you watch an ad regarding, say a game, you will pay attention to it, either with contempt or good intentions. So, these apps will have increased views and more number of people will know about them. There might be several paid apps that video downloaders feature and that helps both the app and the ads to earn well in the digital space. It’s a very intricate business that only the brains behind the app understand. But it’s sufficient to know that they exist because the app exists.

The second most annoying thing about the video downloader is that it takes a lot of time to download one video. No matter the size of the video, it sometimes takes hours to complete a download. Your phone or laptop can be fine and you can have an excellent network connection, but the downloader has to throw its tantrums. It refuses to work smoothly. You cannot really expect it to download multiple videos at one go. This isn’t any Ferrari.

TikTok video downloader recommendations

How to download tiktok videos 5So far, the discussion has been very generic, right? We mentioned the term video downloader but now we are going to recommend the specific apps which let you do the functions. You don’t have to rummage the Playstore to find out because we have already prepared the list for you.

  • Musically down- This app lets you download all types of TikTok videos including slow-motion videos and live streams. It is absolutely free and is very popular among users.
  • Snaptik- This is another convenient app you can use to download TikTok/ Musically videos. The app also provides directions on its page that can tell you the exact steps to download a video.
  • TikMate- This video downloader also lets you download TikTok videos for free but it contains too many ads to bear and also takes a relatively long time to download the videos. But otherwise, the video quality is really good. It depends on you whether you want to go for it or not. But if you are impatient, you may want to give it a miss.
  • SSSTikTok- This is the perfect app for downloading videos on your personal computer or laptop. It tells you the exact steps to follow to download and search the folders on your computer.

So, here you go. You can refer to these apps when you want to save any TikTok video to watch and laugh with your friends, family, and even when you are by yourself. These apps are reliable and do not contain any malware. Hence, you do not have to worry about safety and all that stuff. Just install them and start picking your videos.


You can download videos of all the influencers on TikTok. But there are certain restrictions which you must be aware of. No TikTok video of a private can be downloaded by the video downloaders. Private profiles are not accessible by anyone but the owner and other individuals who have the access to that particular profile. This access must be given by the owner himself/herself. Only then can you copy the video links, paste them in the downloader box, and view them offline.

Tiktok Restrictions

If you really want to download videos from private profiles, just request the owner and see if they give you access. But chances are you won’t be able to get access. TikTok influencers have a humongous fanbase and out of their millions of followers, your tiny message can easily go unnoticed. And even if the owner notices, he/she might not want to give them access based on entirely personal choices. So, try to be content with the public profiles. Hey, they are equally great!

The impact

Downloading videos from TikTok can be advantageous to you but do you think it will affect the influencers? Well, we think it might slow down their rate of gaining new followers.

Couldn’t connect the dots? Well, look. If you download a video, you will share it with your friends, family, acquaintances, etc. They might not know the influencers whose video you sent. But they will get to know and watch the videos without ever visiting their TikTok profile because you are already providing them the offline videos. Why do they need to spend their data and scroll through videos? If even one-tenth of the TikTok viewers start downloading videos, it will reduce the traffic on the maker’s profile.

Bonus video: How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark


Well, now you know all about the TikTok video downloader. You can check them out anytime you want. All you need are the names of the video downloader apps and a good internet connection. You can then groove to your favorite influencer’s dance steps. There have been many digital platforms trying to copy the idea of TikTok but by far, it remains the most popular. Users may utilize TikTok bot to manage their account more smoothly.

So, go ahead and check out the sites. You will keep getting these trendy updates and the coolest hacks on our website. So, while you fulfill your quota of entertainment, don’t forget to acknowledge and follow us for further updates.

How to download TikTok videos? FAQs

Why are some TikTok videos not downloadable?

This means that this video has protected from the download. But you can download it with specific apps (downloaders)

How do I get TikTok link?

NOTE: Be sure that this option is available in your country
1. Open your TikTok profile
2. Click the “three dots” in the top right corner
3. Scroll down and tap “Join TikTok Testers”
4. Click “TestFlight” and download it in the App Store

Can you view deleted Tik Toks?

1. Check the Recently Deleted folder on your device. You can find a deleted video in Gallery
2. You can find it in the liked section in your profile and you can download this video again

Thank you for reading!