Where is it better to grow as an influencer: Instagram or TikTok

Where is it better to grow as an influencer: Instagram or TikTok?
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TikTok is a Chinese social media network that is considered to be relatively new, it is also considered to be the rival of the globally famous social media app Instagram. Regardless of TikTok appearing six years after Insta, it now has 800 million active users worldwide, when Instagram has about 1050 million, surpassing TikTok by just 25%.

A few years back, social media networks were mostly used for people to share their lives and interact with other people. They were and remain a great source of entertainment that makes users addicted to it. Nowadays the situation has drastically changed, and social media apps are used for advertising and marketing purposes all across the world.
Brands and businesses use TikTok, Instagram, and other networks as the main way to find and acquire potential customers by implementing different marketing tactics.

How does the social media marketing industry work on Instagram?

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So, let’s talk about money. On Instagram, the amount of funds spent on influencer marketing is estimated to be around 1.7 billion US dollars. Matter of fact, about 90% of famous international brands have a presence on Instagram, which is the highest rate among all the modern social media networks.

For most of these brands, the target audience is determined to be people between 18 and 28 years old. Instagram has lots of features that attract Millennials and Generation Z representatives. Instagram is considered to be a platform, where it is quite easy to develop a marketing strategy and drive sales. This social media network is unique as it is much more about sharing pictures and stories than videos, which facilitates the process of reaching and conquering the target audience.

Influencer marketing is now on the rise, numerous huge companies are making collaborations with Instagram celebrities to increase the brand’s awareness and increase sales results. International brands like Zara, H&M, Levis, and others generate a substantial share of profits from influencer marketing. Using and mixing bright colors while editing photo content quickly grabs the attention of viewers, making sure that the marketing campaign is as successful as possible. With lots of tools and custom filters, companies are given the possibility to spread the exact idea, that they came up with. Nowadays it is common to test various colors to figure out which combination gives the maximum result.



The other huge advantage of Instagram is that the social network supports sharing videos as well as photo content. It has been a while since the introduction of IGTV, and slowly but surely this feature is evolving to the potential substitution for Youtube. While the amount of videos watched on the platform is steadily increasing over time. Many brands have some ideas that they want to bring to life through both photos and videos. And fortunately for them, Instagram not only provides them with such possibility, it actually encourages them to do so.

Big companies frequently collaborate with influencers to speak and connect with the influencer’s viewers, so Instagram celebrities have the role of an intermediary between brands and their target audience. Famous models and Instagram celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have become so popular, they launched their very own brands.

Nowadays anyone with determination and work can grow as a social media influencer, as soon as you build your own audience of a couple of thousands of followers, all kinds of businesses might start noticing you and offering you collaboration contracts for you to promote, review or use their products.


Let’s not forget about Instagram stories, this is a tool with an impressive engagement rate that is widely used in social media marketing. Stories are short videos, usually up to 15 seconds. Because such videos are relatively short, brands can generate enough to release new content daily, thus always keeping in touch with their audience.

People watching those stories will remember a brand for a longer time, which helps them generate new leads. Instagram is a platform that balances both images and videos. It can be used effectively to ideate many concepts and drive sales.

Where is it better to grow as an influencer: Instagram or TikTok 2

TikTok is widely used for influencer marketing as well?

The Chinese social media app has grown immensely in the last two years, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. When people were forced to stay inside their houses. In fact, it is in the top 3 non-gaming applications downloaded all around the world. The network has become one of the most popular all around the world in a short period of time. And is predicted to not stop growing in the nearest future. Many people have become very successful in TikTok in a blink of an eye.

Such an opportunity drives even more brands and users to try their luck on the network. The user base is swiftly increasing over time. This means that brands need to go with TikTok to drive their growth at a fast pace as well. If you are interested in increasing your viewer base quickly, purchase likes for $2.99 on free TikTok. Being an application exclusively with video content, it has quickly gained the attention of Generation Z and Millenials.

Today, lots of international companies are creating collaborations with the influencers on TikTok to quickly increase the reach. And the popularity of their products and gain people’s attention.


Every TikTok video showcases the creator’s skills and passion. When memes are dominant on all the other social platforms, you can rarely find TikTok videos based on a meme. Thus, the TikTok platform is almost entirely based on the performance of individual creators.

Many bloggers post their short term clips on TikTok and see them turning into a huge hit. Currently, TikTok is pretty much dominating the modern social media world. It is not rare when you can see TikTok videos on other social media platforms. Like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which proves the point about its dominant position.

If you think about it, the app is used entirely for entertainment purposes. And its users are being primarily from Gen Z and Millenials. So if your target audience is between 16 and 26 years old – TikTok is the best platform to promote your product at.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram as well as TikTok are both unique and have their very own specific features and use-cases. If you are sure that you can develop a strategy that correlates with one. Or even both of these platforms, you can give it a shot.

Where is it better to grow as an influencer: Instagram or TikTok FAQs

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Instagram doesn’t pay for users, but you can earn money from advertising

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3. Dwayne Johnson.
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6. Kim Kardashian.
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8, Beyonce Knowles.

Can you make money with 1000 Instagram followers?

Yes you can, but be ready for a small salary

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