How to Use Stories to Engage Audiences and Buy Followers on Instagram amid COVID-19

How to Use Stories to Engage Audiences and Buy Followers on Instagram
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How to Use Stories to Engage Audiences and Buy Followers on Instagram amid COVID-19. This one and something else you will find here. In the middle of the COVID-19 quarantines, shutdowns, lockdowns, as well as the effect of the deadly infection on human lives, it is posing challenging for businesses to connect with their customers at this crisis hour. Then, studies indicate that consumers are open to brand messaging, when situational alertness is essential as well as targeting your audience leveraging the right platform makes sense. This is where Instagram comes into play helping businesses to reach out to their followers and build engagement via the Stories feature.

Instagram Stories has been there for two years, reaching out to over 400 million active visitors daily.

According to an article published on, 500 million users post one billion Stories daily, and approx 62 percent of such people cite that they have much interest in a brand or its products after viewing their content on Instagram Stories. Then, why not make the most out of this tool? Here is how:

Share positive stories to buy followers on Instagram

The photo-sharing social media site recommends brands to focus on sharing positive stories surrounding caring, kindness, empathy, health, and support messages instead of blatantly promoting products or serviced amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

People are now looking for authentic information related to the corona crisis, safety measures, and practicing social distancing. Therefore, create posts highlighting such information only after validating the data from reliable sources. Else, your messaging will create an adverse effect on your brand. Your visual content should focus on how you can help the local community amid the crisis. You can use tools such as Stay Home sticker to strengthen essential health-related messages.

How To Use Stories To Engage Audiences And Buy Followers On InstagramMake the most of question-answers and polls

You can use polls to figure out how customers are managing things amid the pandemic. And ask for responses on how your business can help them out at these troubled times. Use the method what products they need the most and delivered to their doorstep amid the corona crisis. You can note down the responses of the poll and think of ways to make your customers’ lives simpler amid the pandemic.

Before you decide what to ask in the polls, it is important to note that all results are shared with the people, and therefore, ensure whether you are comfortable with what you ask your followers.

Make sure the questions are relevant to COVID-19, which helps your followers to ask related questions in turn, learn more about your products, business, and how you are helping customers amid the corona crisis.

You can use the tool Swipe Meter to survey your followers to get their perspective as well. You can use the tool to inquire which essential commodities they need right now, food, and the types of masks they want to use to fight the pandemic. The poll will help you build engagement and buy followers on Instagram, even more, when you show that you care.

Post stories daily amid the crisis

You know that stories do not last more than a day on Instagram, and therefore, post content daily. You can also post on alternate days. And use the previous day’s COVID-19 post on some other social media page you may have. When you post content daily, you manage to create a content repository. That you use later, when something similar or relevant comes up. The goal behind daily posting is to keep the content new for your followers.

Try to categorize and share Instagram stories leveraging the Stories Highlights option, which is the best way to post stories you had used previously following a topic or theme. For example, if you have already shared how to maintain social distancing while grocery shopping amid the pandemic. You can share a more or less story if you need to visit your doctor’s clinic for a health checkup.

The stories you post will show up on the top of your Instagram account. And categorizing content will make it simpler for your followers to access the content they want to view.

For example, the brand Puracy is making the best out of the new normal. Understanding the impact of the corona crisis. It is helping the followers on Instagram to realize the significance of social distancing as well. As recommending tips on what to do, what to avoid in an easy three-step process. Like, safe things to do, using caution, and of course, things to avoid amid the crisis.

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Conclusion on how to use stories to engage audiences

Considering the increasing popularity of Instagram stories during the pandemic, other social media sites are eager to outdo their newsfeed as the key social sharing platform to stay connected with their followers. The younger audience is familiar with stories as they have grown up. Therefore, stories indeed seem to have become the primary way of communicating with your audience on Instagram amid the COVID-19 crisis. Try these tips to build engagement and followers.

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How to Use Stories to Engage Audiences and Buy Followers on Instagram amid COVID-19 FAQs

Is it legal to buy followers on Instagram?

Yes, it is legal, but you can be banned if Instagram noticed these followers

How can you tell if someone bought followers?

Usually, it is very easy to notice
1. The person has a lot of subscribers on 1 day
2. Subscribers haven’t photos on this account
3. Subscribers have strange nicks

How much Does Instagram pay per like?

Usually, it is from $5 to $10 per like.

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