Donating Bitcoin to Charity – Support COVID-19 prevention

Donating Bitcoin to Charity - Support COVID-19 prevention 1
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With Bitcoin surging above $13.000, the chances are that your portfolio has massively increased in value over the past few months. Since January of this year, Bitcoin is up 80%, and many people opt to buy bitcoin on Paybis in sizeable amounts, ecstatic about what is to follow.

Naturally, when you get more, you should give more. And with many Bitcoiners on the road to riches, there are many opportunities to do so. Among them, many charitable foundations that accept donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we created a list of the most popular ways to donate BTC to charity to target the ever prevalent issue of Covid-19. Ready to delve in? Let’s get started.

Red Cross

Since the early days of Covid-19 (March 2021), the Red Cross of Italy started accepting cryptocurrency donations. By donating to the Red Cross, you will be able to support the development of new medical centers all over the country, helping relieve the burden of the increased number of coronavirus cases. The early-day Bitcoin donations quickly surpassed the foundation’s goal and are now funded with more than 6 BTC.

The Water Project

The continent of Africa has a serious water problem that is becoming even more prevalent in the times of an epidemic. The Water Project is the leading educator when it comes to hand washing in third world countries and aims to raise awareness for good health practices all over the continent.

All you need to do to participate is head over to the charitable foundation’s official website, click on Donate (top-right corner), enter the amount you want to pay, and indicate which cryptocurrency you wish to use. At the moment, their fundraiser accepts BTC, BCH, ETC, and LTC.

Finance Charity Foundation

Binance Charity managed to raise a significant amount of money to combat the spread of the Covid-19. With a total of $4 million raised through its platform, the charitable foundation aims to make a difference against our current global enemy. The fundraiser is ongoing and, if you wish to donate, you can do so here.

What makes Binance one of the best charitable foundations is their willingness to match your donations in a 2:1 ratio. This means that, for every $10 you donate, Binance will pledge an additional $5. The organization is quickly becoming the leading platform for cryptocurrency donations and is expected to grow even further in the coming future.

Huobi Charity

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi also created a charitable initiative to combat Covid-19. The exchange itself donated $1.4 million to support medical professionals worldwide by providing much-needed equipment to hospitals. If you wish to donate, you can visit Bithelp, the platform that hosts the initiative.

Donating Bitcoin To Charity Support Covid 19 Prevention 1


Krypital Group

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Wuhan’s city went into complete lockdown, with thousands of people contracting the deadly disease. To assist with relief initiatives, the blockchain marketing agency Krypital created a fundraiser for victim support. The campaign is hosted 100% on the blockchain and allows donors to track where and how their money is spent.

Save the Children

Many refugee camps all over Europe have a serious hygiene problem, which expands to Covid-19 infections. The densely packed communities have become “hot spots” for the virus, and Save the Children is one of the few non-profit organizations supporting them. Serving more than 100 countries, the charitable foundation takes actionable steps to ensure that kids are brought up in a safe and healthy environment. Since late last year, the foundation accepts Bitcoin donations, and you can participate by clicking here.

United Way Worldwide

United Way Worldwide is one of the first charitable foundations to accept Bitcoin. Since 2014, the organization makes it easy for everyone to donate through a collaboration with popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The two parties work closely together to solve global issues, including the spread of Covid-19 to underprivileged communities. If you wish to support the cause, you can follow this link.

The Giving Block

Since the IRS labeled cryptocurrency as property, US citizens who choose to donate receive large tax incentives. This is why Giving Block has grown in popularity. The organization helps charities from all sorts of backgrounds accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, making it easier for donors and charities to connect and solve pressing problems.

One of Giving Block’s initiatives is a campaign more commonly known as #cryptoCOVID19. By collaborating with open-source platform Gitcoin, the Giving Block is now trying to raise $100.000 from crypto enthusiasts. If you wish to help the organization come closer to their goal, consider supporting them as well.

No Kid Hungry

The No Kid Hungry campaign is created by Share our Strength, a non-profit organization aiming to end childhood poverty in the US. Since the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, people are now able to donate in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Users can head to their website and make a transaction without having to go through FIAT currencies at all.

Waves’s betting system

Taking a somewhat different approach to the COVID-19 situations, Waves turned donations into a (controversial) game by allowing members to speculate on the number of infected victims. Since early April, the “betting” platform allowed users to be short or long Covid cases by building up specifically designed tokens for the occasion. Due to their initiative, Waves managed to raise a considerable amount of money for charitable organizations and continues, to this day, to support several non-profits.

Wrapping up

After reading through all the options presented above, you should now have a better idea about the different ways you can donate your Bitcoin. In this article, we looked specifically at campaigns and organizations that accept BTC and crypto for Covid-19. However, keep in mind that you can donate for myriads of purposes simply by scrolling through the platforms’ initiatives.


Thank you for reading!