Social Networks to Use When You Need Funding for Your Business in 2021

Social Networks to Use When You Need Funding for Your Business
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Do you know what the best way to find funding for your business is with social networks?

It all depends upon the kind of connections you have with your potential investors. There is no better way to make connections in a digital arena than with a social media platform.

Now, the big question is, which is the best platform to meet your investors? Of course, LinkedIn is a great place to start, but Twitter and Facebook make your brand relevant and worthy of investment. You can also use social networks, such as AngelList, built primarily for seed and angel investors.

Here, we have come up with a list of some of the best social networks you can use when you need some funding.

Social Networks to Use When You Need Funding for Your Business in 2021

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Linkedin Logo

One of the best aspects of fundraising is the relationship component, says the entrepreneur of TFTH. Those, who can introduce you to the firm or the investor, plays a significant role in your success at bagging an investment. If truth be told, the warm introductions to an investor do go a long way in helping you secure fundings. One of the best ways to go about this is to find out if anyone is connected to your target investor. The best way to acquire this information is by using LinkedIn.

Look for second or third connections on LinkedIn, and they can help you land a VC meeting.


Kikstarter logo

If you wish to leverage social networks’ power, you would want to raise money on Kickstarter. It is a real equalizer in startups who get money traditionally from Silicon Valley or any other similar location.

For Kickstarter, you only need a compelling story and some willingness on behalf of your followers and friends on social media to socialize your campaign.


Peerbackers LogoIf you are not aware, peerbackers is a platform for crowdfunding. It concentrates primarily on funding for the innovators and the entrepreneurs. The platform funds projects around the world. Even young entrepreneurs via student organizations have received funding through peerbackers, says EduworldUSA entrepreneur, which offers do my homework services. The platform works to provide support and education to the entrepreneurs who want to crowdfund.


Facebook LogoAn important aspect of fundraising is making people believe that you are trustworthy in your work relationships. You can start with blogging and repeatedly share useful content. Following it, you can target the investors with your ads to promote your content. It is an essential measure before you directly reach out to anyone personally. A golden rule of thumb, you should never pitch on social media.


Circleup Logo

Companies can apply and get listed on this platform. Investors will try out the products, reach the entrepreneur or the CEO, and ask questions. Based on this, they will decide whether they are interested in investing in your business. Before being accepted on CircleUp, every entrepreneur is thoroughly examined, shares FineGrades entrepreneur.

So, the key to it all is the vetting system, as not every company or entrepreneur is readily accepted.


Twitter LogoMany people recommend LinkedIn for everything that is even remotely related to business, but that is not correct. Primarily, the platform that works best for you depends on the type of business that you are starting. So, if your business is more PR-oriented or related to entertainment or mainstream, Twitter can be your go-to platform.

You can find many good options related to engagement, retargeting, advertising, and sharing on Twitter. It is also the platform you can use to get in touch with some prominent and influential people.


Gust Logo

Gust is an exciting platform, and you will be amazed by the quality of pitches on the platform. The best thing about Gust is that you will benefit from seeing what the other people in the angel group are putting their money on. Henry, who is an entrepreneur with a platform that offers online courses, such as the best product management courses, says that for every serious angel investor being on Gust is mandatory. When you are on the platform, you will be able to leverage other people’s experiences. It will help you detect the startup trend.

One you are most regular at

Honestly, it is not about any specific network. Instead, it is about the network that you persistently use. Of course, you will find a lot of business-oriented people on LinkedIn. However, you will never find an investor on the network you do not use. The idea is to stick to the platform that you use the most to bag the best results.

Combination of social networks

If you are seeking funding for your business, one size does not fit all. So, why not try a mix of many? The right combination of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, or others, can help add more value to your fundraising business. When you want your platform to take you forward, you should be ready for some surprise.

Social networks to use when you need funding for your Business: Verdict

In short, the value of every platform depends majorly on the connections and the relationships you have with them.

At times, you might not know, but the best network for funding might be your own circle of real friends. So, every combination works.

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Social Networks to Use When You Need Funding for Your Business in 2021 FAQs

Which is not a social network site?

Hotmail is not a social networking site as Hotmail basically provides the webmail services where the users can access their Hotmail account over the internet connection.

Which is the safest social media?

It is the Instagram and Pinterest

is Facebook a social networking site?

Yes, it is; Facebook is a social networking site

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