7 Best Ways to Cool the Laptop While Gaming – Instant Hacks

7 Best Ways to Cool a Laptop While Gaming - Instant Hacks
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Gaming is a great time pass. It does not help you to pass the time but also enhance your analytical skills. However, to keep the temperature of your laptop in control is essential to ensure the best execution and prevent early hardware malfunction caused by heating. Along with gaming as a hobby, it has also become a profession for the people. Professional gamers spend day and night to outshine in the video game to earn money.

The gaming industry undoubtedly is growing more than the music industry. People tend to play video games and can do anything to pass the round. The most essential to make gaming your profession is to have a portable laptop with a high cooling system. Without the ideal cooling system, you would not be able to play a video game in a flow, and ultimately, it would affect the laptop’s performance unfavorably.

We have brought you the best hacks to cool down the laptop while playing games. So therefore, stick to this article.

Appropriate Way to Keep the Laptop Cool

Overheating may direct to the continuous deterioration of inner laptop parts heading to diminish laptop life. You can take care of your gaming laptop just by observing the notable easy hacks discussed below.

Purchase the Laptop Cooler Pad

laptop coolerThe laptop design is compact and uncommon for the heat as it limits the cooling amount. So, if you add a little more cooling to your laptop, it would help your compact laptop to get cool down while gaming.

There are many different cooling pads available in the market, and they work perfectly. You need to place the cooling-pad on any cover you are using your laptop on, then you need to keep it on top of the pad and turn it on. The pad’s fan begins to lead air to the bottom side of your laptop, therefore cooling it down. These cooling fans are reasonable. They perform an unbelievable job by providing cooling from outside that works wonders and lets you enjoy the gaming session without worrying about overheating laptops.

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Try Using Laptops on The Table/Desk

Using the laptop on the desk or table is an ideal thing to do. It helps your minicomputer to cool down quicker than on a soft surface. It is evident that the best place to keep your microcomputer while gaming is the flat and hard surface. However, the floor will not count as a flat surface because of the excess of the dust particle floating around the flat floor e that may be harmful to your laptop.

Care of The Cleaning of Laptop

If your laptop gets clogged with the little debris or dust particles, the chances are your palmtop must need the service after a period because exhaust fans cannot perform their job efficiently. The solution to this problem is to buy compressed air to help your laptop clean itself because dust accumulation produces redundant heat.

Switch on the Fan or Air Condition Wherever You Are Working

When you play the games in the room, it is not always a problem with the laptops. However, sometimes the temperature of the room also matters. It usually happens during summers when the room- temperature is relatively high. The ideal temperature for a gaming laptop is 10-35 °C or 50-95 °F. The cooling system of your minicomputer can keep the interior a bit cooler at the optimal temperature. If your room temperature is more than 35°C, you should consider using the laptop in the AC room to keep it cool while gaming.

Utilize Windows Task Manager to Close Additional Programs

Multitasking or having various programs working along with the gaming at the very time puts a lot of pressure on your processor, causing it to create a lot of heat. To cool your machine down, you want to run as few programs as feasible.

From the Windows Task Manager, you can see the taps that are currently open. You can use the “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” keyboard timesavers to initiate the windows task manager app.

Better to use low FPS settings while playing games

too high fps for a long timeEveryone enjoys games in high-quality settings. High quality/graphics settings allow more high-grade quality of graphics, and the frame rate is related to the smoothness of the game.

The graphics and image quality cause pressure on the processor of the laptop and the graphics card, especially when you are playing heavy games and required a lot of renderings, such as Mankind divided and Assassin’s Creed. The computations and rendering are supposed to occur when you play games at high graphics settings. It eventually leads to the heating up of the interior of the laptop’s body.

Hence, by restricting the FPS and decreasing the settings of graphics, you would be able to lessen the burden over the laptop’s components, which supports them to run efficiently without causing too many high temperatures.

Give Rest to Your Laptop for Prolong Life

The way the human body needs a break after a tiring task to perform well in life. Similarly, laptops also need to rest after hours of use. Give your laptop rest for a few hours of gaming. Consecutive gaming can deteriorate the life of a minicomputer. You also should avoid shutting down or hibernate your laptop every time you use it. Let it open for a few hours like its screen is off. Shutting down the palmtop, again and again, can affect the performance of the notebook computer.


The hacks mentioned above can keep your laptop cool during gaming. Moreover, the product’s sustainability is warranted when you handle it with diligence. It would not just transform your laptops to be skilled in their assignment but would also enhance the product’s longevity. Purchasing these tech products can be a little challenging due to the costs. Therefore, it is best to try these pretty hacks to cool down the laptop when needed to increase the tech product’s performance and life span. We hope that this article would help you in cooling down your minicomputer.


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