eScan Internet Security Review 2021 – Is eScan worthy?

eScan Internet Security Review 2021 - Is eScan worthy
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Are you tired of complicated, fully-featured antivirus? Some users feel nostalgic about the old-fashioned security tools that keep their PC safe. Now, eScan internet security is a rare gem in the modern antivirus market. It focuses on the security of the computer by clearing out all functions other than unnecessary noise.

When you install and open eScan Internet Security, you will only see simple scanning and protection options. Typically, no performance tweaks or other features are added to add value to the software. EScan Internet security is easy. It’s there to protect your computer, nothing more.

Don’t let its simplicity confuse you. Simple doesn’t mean unreliable. eScan Internet Security shows excellent results in laboratory tests and detects almost 100% of all threats. Choosing this antivirus will protect you from any virus or malware that you might come across while browsing the internet.

With real-time protection against espionage and data theft, webcam, microphone, and password, you are absolutely protected from damage. If in doubt, you can get a free trial for 30 days and check that this antivirus meets your needs and expectations.

General Overview of eScan Internet security.

eScan is a well-known security company that has products developed by MicroWorld Technologies which is based in Mumbai. eScan Internet Security provides strong protection against various computer threats including viruses, rootkits, spyware, and other malware. The software not only detects and removes existing threats but also protects your system against new threats.

It’s more capable than you might think. The program includes a two-way firewall and spam filter, as well as behavior monitoring, on-access threat detection, and much more.

eScan Anti-Virus does not prevent you from visiting malicious websites. However, it will detect when a virus tries to download itself onto your computer and remove it before it can download and completely attack your system. It looks a bit out of date and requires you to configure every part of the program before you start protecting your system. However, EScan Anti-Virus is designed to be fairly easy to navigate. All the tools included in this antivirus software will show up on the dashboard and will be colored red until you activate them.

Interestingly, this is one of the few systems that go to the trouble of developing their own firewall. Most programs claiming to have this actually rely on the “standard” window firewall which can potentially be ineffective.

eScan Internet Security Features

eScan includes a personal firewall and spam filter. Spam filters can be configured to redirect messages from a specific sender or country to a spam folder or junk mailbox. Email attachments are also scanned for viruses. You can configure the program to send a warning message to a spam sender to let them know that you are on their system, or simply instruct eScan to delete messages from spam senders before they are sent. Reach your inbox. It even detects malware spreading via email by scanning all incoming and outgoing files.

eScan Internet Security is pretty easy to understand and can prevent viruses from being downloaded onto your computer. However, it lacks too many security tools to be considered one of the best antiviruses like other internet and premium security programs. However, it does include parental controls, spam filters, and webcam monitoring.

The average price for a one-year license for a PC is $ 30 (£ 23.08). If you’re an eScan fan, a two-year license for five devices offers better value at $ 112. The competition continues, however, and even a high-end product like Bitdefender Antivirus Plus offers a two-year license for five devices for £ 75 ($ 97.50).

The following are the major highlights of eScan internet security software:

  • It is easy to set up and install
  • Real-Time Malware Protection
  • Data Security
  • Spam e-mail
  • Parental Control
  • Webcam monitoring feature
  • Firewall protection
  • spyware detection and removal, adware, keylogger, and rootkit blocking.

In this eScan Internet security review, we will be discussing all the available package-plan and also answer some important questions users want to know as well as the pros and cons of the antivirus software.

Why should I consider buying eScan Internet Security?

The EScan Internet Security Suite offers maximum security for Windows operating systems and at the same time promises protection against threats to your personal and private data that comes from the Internet. eScan can be easily downloaded and installed with a free 30-day trial period. Protect your finances and your online identity.

eScan offers comprehensive protection that is an excellent defense against cyber threats such as ransomware, phishing attacks, viruses, adware, rootkits, keyloggers, bootkits payloads, worms, etc. Back doors, exploits, spyware, screen scrapers, scareware, etc. The EScan Internet Security Suite offers comprehensive cloud-based protection against online threats and protects all data.

eScan internet security has special features such as the advanced anti-spam, proactive scanning, anti-malware, anti-theft, anti-ransomware, parental controls, and advanced web security with filtering options, it’s a complete package for antivirus in 2021.

When do my product services expire?

After you have installed and activated the product by applying the license key, the license expiration date is displayed under the License information link in the eScan for Mac user interface and it displays when the product needs to be renewed.

eScan Lab Test Results and Performance.

eScan was able to successfully detect malware in our internal tests even though it scored fewer overall protection points than most of the premium internet security and protection programs we tested. This is even a step further than the protection that comes with your Windows 10 operating system, which includes spam filters and some other advanced protection tools that make eScan Internet Security and eScan Total Security much greater options to various basic antivirus software.

In our tests, eScan successfully blocked 324 of the 352 live malware samples we used. That’s a 92% recognition rate, which isn’t great. Some of these threats have been malicious websites with phishing programs or virus downloads. Other complications of eScan antivirus are that several threats were successfully downloaded and saved on PC without the antivirus (eScan) detecting them.

Most of the download threats blocked by eScan have been completely removed, leaving no trace of the threat on our computer. There have been a few times that we’ve come across a page that wouldn’t load due to a locked account or an incorrect IP address where a virus download was still starting and stopped by eScan.

What are the Important Features of eScan Internet Security and Why is Antivirus One of the Most Recommended in the Antivirus Industry?

Features and Highlights

eScan offers two versions of its home antivirus programs. The simpler version of both, the Antivirus Edition, provides effective protection for a range of users. This includes the ability to intelligently monitor new files and classify them as potentially dangerous.

Real-time antivirus and email scanning, spyware, adware, keylogger detection and removal, and rootkit blocking. It even offers users very advanced features like ODS scanning with cache technology, registry monitoring, and backing up your system before disinfection to make sure you don’t lose it if something goes wrong. ‘Access.

The most advanced option is the Internet Security Suite. The software has been tested by several independent third-party agencies, with results generally slightly above average. Many users will also appreciate the fact that most of these programs run in the background.

Go about your business and you will hardly even know it’s here. Player mode actually prevents full-screen programs from slowing down or lagging. Users can also take advantage of the history reports available, the online registration and activation process, and even the ability to get help directly from their online site.


It can be described as one of the easiest antivirus solutions users can easily relate to as the user interface is very intuitive which makes it a very nice experience. All buttons and links are clearly marked. Once the software is downloaded and installed (essentially a one-click process), it runs in the background and just does its job while you go about your business. Of course, you can still carry out manual analyzes and make changes or adjustments to your settings.

Real-time malware protection

Using the latest in cloud technology, this internet security suite identifies known and unknown security threats or malware. It doesn’t wait for updates as it monitors malware behavior, identifies and takes the necessary preventative measures.

Data security

Once installed, the eScan Internet Security Suite starts scanning stored files and folders and protects against malware. It prevents malicious software attacks and prevents secure data stored in files and folders. It also protects passwords and other classified information from keyloggers using the virtual on-screen keyboard.

Spam e-mail

eScan is a decent antivirus with good spam filters. While it lacks many other security tools and cannot warn you of malicious websites, eScan does a good job of interrupting malware while it is downloading and preventing it from attacking your computer.

When you receive an email, this software first scans the email with the attachments. The anti-scan option scans all spam emails and filters out unwanted emails and attached files.

On-demand scanning

Also, when scanning regularly, you can scan all types of documents stored on a PC or device, depending on your needs, using the “Scan on Demand” option.

Parental Control

This way, you have full control over the child’s online activities. If your child is browsing adult websites, chatting with strangers for a long time, using Facebook, playing adult games, or using silly apps, this software is all you can do to block them.


eScan internet security usually scans various incoming and outgoing network traffic, this is because it helps to protect its users against different network attacks. EScan’s firewall could be a bonus for experts as it gives some control over which applications you allow online and what they may allow.

Most users, however, will be confused by the technical options and settings, and the add-on can’t compete with the smarter, more modern firewalls you get with other security suites.

Other eScan internet security features

This antivirus application has some other bonus tools, including the ability to create a bootable USB drive to run eScan on other systems, and a USB vaccination feature to prevent infection with automatically running viruses. Like the rest of the eScan Anti-Virus, they work but are not noticeable. You can get the same or better features elsewhere, often for free.

Customer service and support

eScan offers telephone support around the clock. However, if you try to get help from the user dashboard, the first step will be taken to the eScan website where you can view frequently asked questions and answers articles on common issues.

Unlike many other antivirus companies, eScan offers its subscribers a variety of helpful and useful support options. For starters, the site has a very nice FAQ section and a knowledge database. They even have a user forum that has very knowledgeable help. The company can also be reached through their e-mail or phone. Live chat is available as well as personalized remote support that can be used to resolve certain virus-related issues.

Internet Security Suite

The most advanced antivirus is the Internet Security Suite. This offers everything that is included in the basic program and much more. For example, users benefit from an advanced firewall that scans all inbound and outbound traffic.

There are also password-protected settings that can effectively act as a kind of parental control. Really, it’s all very personal. You can block websites that contain certain words, types of applications (web applications, cookies, and scripts), even multimedia and applications. Block pop-up windows and keep your browser safe and secure.

EScan Internet Security Packages and Price Plan

The average price for a one-year license for a PC is $ 30 (£ 23.08). If you’re an eScan fan, a two-year license for five devices offers better value at $ 112. The competition continues, however, and even a high-end product like Bitdefender Antivirus Plus offers a two-year license for five devices for £ 75 ($ 97.50).

eScan Internet Security Suite Pros

  • Price is lower than average software of the same category.
  • It has perfect protection and a usability rate of 100%.
  • They offer many useful features like parental controls, password manager, and online backup.
  • They provide telephone, chat, and email help support.
  • eScan includes powerful spam filters.
  • It includes spam filters with all its security programs.

eScan Internet Security Suite Cons

  • It has a repair rate of 58%
  • It doesn’t warn you about malicious websites.
  • Secure browsing is not included with eScan’s basic antivirus software.


Is eScan Antivirus Good?

eScan is a decent antivirus with good spam filters. While eScan doesn’t have many other security tools and can’t warn you of malicious websites, it does interrupt malware while it is downloading and prevent it from attacking your computer.

Thank you for reading!