Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Free VPN For Online Streaming

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get A Free Vpn For Online Streaming
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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) started as a gateway for offices and businesses to maintain private connections with employees. But now, with the rising bans on platforms such as Tiktok or regional restrictions, VPNs have evolved to become a must-have. There are many choices of VPNs, both free and paid, but they are not all recommended.

There’s a reason why free VPNs are free in the first place. If you use Netflix with a free VPN, you will surely get Netflix proxy error, that can ruin your streaming experience.

As you are saying so much for a service, you should experience the most enjoyable experience, and this is the main reason we are not a fan of free VPN service.

Additionally, the cost of a security breach is too big, which is why we share with you 5 reasons why you shouldn’t get a free VPN for online streaming.

Useless for bypassing Geo-Restriction

Just like other streaming platforms, Netflix uses geo-blocking to control the content available in an area. If you are using a free VPN to hide your actual IP addresses, there are chances that your IP address will still be detected.

As free services are not updated regularly and are accessed by millions of users, they are easily identified and blocked by Netflix. As the use become powerless against geo-restrictions, they cannot access unlimited content on Netflix by changing their location and accessing foreign libraries.

Malware Alert

VPNs are constantly under attack by malware. This is why paid VPNs are equipped to secure all personal data and maintain security. However, with free VPNs, you run the risk of getting malware due to a lack of security.

One of the most dangerous forms of this is ransomware. This is where your personal information is locked by password and the hackers request a ransom to return the data. Your devices can be vulnerable to such attacks unless you use a paid VPN.

Non-Stop Ads

The worst part of using a free VPN service apart from the security beach is the nuisance of non-stop ads. These ads can ruin your mood by diverting your attention unnecessarily. Any that can hinder a smooth Netflix streaming experience is regarded as undesirable.

Furthermore, as you watch the unwanted ads continually, you start thinking if the service is actually free? Free VPNs generate their revenue by ads of b selling your personal data.

Ads are also considered to be the carrier of malware and can be harmful to your online security. So, if you want to have a sigh of relief while browsing without ads, a secure premium VPN is the best solution.

Slower Internet

This should be the first and last thing to worry about with free VPNs, especially for online streaming. Whether it is a movie, episode, or music, free VPNs tend to slow the internet because of server overload. Some free VPNs limit the usage by setting bandwidth, which restricts the full use of the VPN.

Free VPNs also have location limitations. It is important to read about all constraints before considering them. Alternatively, paid VPNs give complete access and stronger bandwidth to make sure the streaming experience is smooth and non-stop.

Choice of Security Protocols

One of the key elements of a useful VPN is its security protocols. They oversee how data is channeled through connection. These protocols value masking, encrypting or speeding your data. Not all free VPNs carry this level of security.

Free VPNs do not come with these incentives and resources, because of which you run the risk of losing data. Paid VPNs give you options to choose from such as PPTP, SSTP, IPSec, OpenVPN, etc. that secure your online streaming and location data. These protocols are also responsible for faster data streaming and higher bandwidth.

Maintaining Anonymity

One of the key features of a VPN is providing anonymity in searches and streaming. When the person wants to be location independent on the web, VPNs cease to log that data. At least, that is the case with paid VPNs.

In free VPNs, you run the risk of having your data and search histories logged. No free VPN endorses this, but many cyber-attacks, in the past, have targeted VPNs and their users’ logs have been exposed. Only paid VPNs give the incentive of not logging your searches and data to give you a secure streaming experience.

Security Breach

Free VPNs may be free, but they cost a lot more than you think. Research by ThreatMetrix shows there were more than 4.9 billion fraud attacks in 2020. Everything from bot attacks, desktop transactions, malware attacks, and mobile attacks were recorded. This fact not only reinforces the need for a VPN but one that guarantees protection.

Many free VPNs have been reported to have third-party apps involved, that purchase the user’s data for data mining. You run the risk of a security breach if an external party records your information and uses it against you (like ransomware). It is important to opt for paid VPNs that have a clear disclaimer about third-party app collaborations.

Benefits you can get From a Premium VPN

From military standard security protocols to the number of servers, premium VPNs have all the useful factors and features a VPN user could ask for.

By investing a few bucks, you can easily get a fully secured VPN with unlimited benefits. Some of the premium VPN benefits are listed below.

Bypass geo-blocked content

Premium VPNs can easily unblock streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu and let you enjoy unlimited content from anywhere in the world.

No Ads at All

Some of the best premium VPNs ensure zero ads to enhance the usability experience.

Zero to minimum effect on internet speed

As premium VPNs are not free, they try to keep your internet speed to a maximum so that you can enjoy torrenting or streaming effectively.

These are just some advantages users get from premium VPNs rather than opting for the free VPN gimmick.


In a world where cybercrimes are peaking, governments are banning and services are limiting, VPNs are the way to go. An ideal VPN hides your locations, maintains your internet speed, and secures your browsing and streaming experience. It gives the user more control of the data and information. All these expectations cannot be made from a free VPN. This is why it is a smarter choice to opt for a paid VPN service for your online streaming needs.

Thank you for reading!