8 Tips to easily win in Call of Duty Mobile

8 Tips To Easily Win In Call Of Duty Mobile
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So you’re a Call of Duty Mobile player, and you want to learn how to win? You’ve come to the right place. Infinite Warfare is the game in the Call of Duty series.

It’s full of new weapons, maps, and modes that are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Since it’s available on mobile devices, too, we’re going to share some tips for how to win in Call of Duty Mobile easily!

This post will show you the basic strategies that will make it easy for you to dominate your opponents in this popular game and give some tips on what weapons are best for different situations.

1) Game Settings

Before the match starts, make sure that your game settings are set up correctly. You want the right difficulty for you and also whether or not bots are on or off. The difficulty depends on your skill level. If you’re starting, begin with a lower difficulty and work your way up. If you have been playing other Call of Duty games before, then play on Veteran or Tactical if available to increase the challenge.

Bots are another thing to take into consideration when choosing game settings.

Whether or not bots are enabled should depend on whether you want the full experience of an online match against humans or want to practice by yourself without worrying about how well other players will be performing.

2) Choose a weapon

Once the match starts, choose which gun you’re going to use and learn how it works. This way, you’ll be ready to play as soon as the round starts and not have to worry about anything else but to kill other players.

You can’t just pick anything, though! There are different types of weapons that work well for different situations, so we highly recommend learning which one is best for each case, not to get killed by someone who has a better weapon than you do.

Guns in Call of Duty Mobile have their unique stats; some are simply better than others. The best weapons for easy wins are shotguns and snipers. From my experience, I’ve found that SMGs aren’t that great unless you get a god-roll on them with decent range.

To make sure that an enemy player doesn’t kill, always make sure to lay down suppressive fire on them with your gun! Suppressive fire can allow you to either escape or sneak up on the enemy player while they’re reloading. Pro players mostly use these COD vanguard cheats to get the advantage in gunfights.

3) Flanking

You should always be moving around and not just camping in one spot for too long because players who are good at aiming will easily take you out if they see where you’re shooting from.

Instead of hitting their shots by staying stationary, flank behind them by sneaking through buildings or other areas where it’s harder for them to hit you.

You’ll have a higher chance of winning the game if you constantly switch positions and avoid staying in one spot for too long.

4) Search & Destroy

This game mode is basically like Call of Duty’s version of Counter-Strike. You need to defend/destroy two bomb sites, which makes this game mode one of the most intense ones in COD Mobile. A lot will depend on how well your team works together, but here are some tips that will help increase the chances of you winning:

-When playing terrorists, make sure to play it safe by hiding near the bomb sites so that if one of them dies or gets spotted, you can pick up their gun and try to stall until time runs out. If you have great aim, go ahead and snipe enemies from afar to give your team a better chance of winning.

-When playing counter-terrorists, have one player go towards the enemy spawn and camp there to catch the enemies off guard when they try to plant the bomb. If you’re not going to do that, then it’s best to have everyone else camp near bomb sites so they can easily disarm any terrorists who try to plant them.

5) Be aggressive!

Be Aggressive!

If you’re just huddled in one area, there’s no way that you’re going to win unless all of your team members are pretty good at aiming.

It would be best to avoid staying stationary because that makes it harder for other players to kill you. If you see an enemy player, don’t think twice about ambushing them from behind or flanking them around a corner. If they catch on, they’ll most likely run away, trying to survive rather than fight you, which can give your teammates time to either escape or kill them while they’re running around looking for cover. that there are lots of players camped out in one area

6) Stay away from hotspots!

This is the most common mistake that inexperienced players make because it just makes sense to stand near areas where enemies have to pass through, right?

Well — while this isn’t necessarily wrong, it can get you killed because more experienced players will know what spots you’re waiting in.

It’s better to hunker down near areas where enemies don’t pass through as much like the edges of the map rather than standing directly in front of them because it makes you an easier target for enemy snipers who will be peeking around corners or hiding behind buildings with their crosshairs on your head just waiting to take you out if they see you shooting at someone else.

Knowing where not to stand is just as important as knowing the best spots, so keep that in mind when playing!

7) Hit & Run Tactics

This is another common tactic that most players will use, especially if they struggle to win against a better team. The idea is that you basically attack the enemy player and then run away while your teammates try and cover for you by shooting at them. While this can be a good trick if used correctly, it’s important to know when the best times to do it are:

You should never try and hit & run against players who have more than two teammates because it’s pretty much suicide, so try to use this tactic when you have at least one teammate with you.

There are certain spots on some maps where enemies can’t shoot back if they don’t have a sniper rifle, so that’s something else to keep in mind when trying to decide whether or not to run away after attacking someone.

8) Patience is key!

This is by far the most important thing to have when playing Call of Duty Mobile because the more impatient you are, the more mistakes you’re going to make. When you die in a round, don’t just respawn right away — wait until after a few kills have been made so that you can avoid being picked off while running towards your team. Try finding different spots around where enemies have been killed before so that they won’t see you coming if they pop up again.

Also, remember not to spawn camp — wait for them to either respawn or go somewhere else before trying to kill them again. This will give the rest of your teammates time to respawn, providing a better chance of winning since you have a higher number of people.

win in Call of Duty Mobile

It’s also important to not get too anxious when you’re attacking because that’s when most players will just run off and die somewhere else on the map, so if you want to shoot, make sure your teammates are ready for it or even suggest a plan before trying anything stupid.

A few other things can help win games in Call of Duty Mobile, but these often come up, so remember them well!

Good luck in future matches, and have fun!

Thank you for reading!