Why Is My Internet So Slow All of a Sudden

Why Is My Internet So Slow All of a Sudden
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Whether for a career professional, student, or freelancer, having a sluggish internet connection affects most people differently. Almost everyone relies on it for their daily activities; hence, everyone prefers speedy internet service while working or studying. But sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan, and you might end up having to deal with this problem.

Having a slow internet connection can result in decreased productivity, making work cumbersome and consequently leading to delays in the completion or submission. If you want to know how to deal with a slow internet connection when facing it, here are a couple of easy tips and tricks that might fix the problem:

An Ethernet Cord May Not be Plugged Appropriately

Anyone who uses a desktop can attest that all the wires and cables can easily make a mess out of your workstation or the floor. As a result, when working with a desktop that requires total dependence on WiFi, experiencing a slow connection is often the result of a compromised Ethernet cable that goes loose by accident.

If the cord is not properly plugged in, your internet connection can ultimately become slow and unstable. In most instances, simply pulling out the Ethernet cable and reconnecting it will resolve the issue. To minimize the chances of this occurring, tie up your cables neatly with a zip tie.

Too Many Connected Devices Interfering With the WiFi

When too many devices are connected to a single WiFi source, it strains the internet connection. This happens because when multiple devices seek to connect to one source of internet connection, the data and speed allocation ends up being split more or less equally among all the devices. As a result, no single device in the WiFi network ends up having enough speed.

In addition, such devices may also be emitting various signal frequencies that interfere with the WiFi signal, resulting in a slow internet output. To resolve the issue, disconnect all other devices from the WiFi network except the primary device. For more long-term resolution, you might want to upgrade your internet package.

Non-Resetting of Modem When the Internet Is Unstable

Modems are the primary devices through which an internet connection is provided to your device or devices. Usually, they’re made quite well and don’t malfunction, but when they do, you might end up with a slow internet connection. Sometimes, modems could compromise internet signals, especially when they are wrongly fixed or configured.

Sometimes modems simply freeze, which causes your internet connection to slow down or even disconnect without any changes in the device’s lights, which usually go green to red or turn off entirely when there’s a router malfunction. Resetting them by putting them off for some time and then turning them back on could resolve issues of this nature.

Faulty Routers

Faulty Routers

Not all routers are manufactured properly, which can affect your internet speed from the get-go. Routers have many small parts, any one of which can be faulty during production, resulting in poor device performance. Substandard routers exhibit this trait; thus, you should never buy one without doing proper research.

When looking for a router online, always make sure to check reviews not only from users but experts as well. When it comes to faulty routers, most casual internet users don’t have the technical knowledge to fix a faulty router. If you find yourself with a faulty one, get it checked out by a dependable computer repair professional. Search online for a computer repair service near you to find one.

Downloading Several Large Programs and Apps

Larger programs and apps that require internet connectivity usually tend to strain your device. In the operation of such programs and apps, your device often has to convert these files for usage if you’re using a cloud storage service. Furthermore, updates for these apps and programs also run in the background without notifying you, slowing down the internet without warning.

One of the major things that happens when you download several large programs or files at the same time is that the bandwidth gets divided. For example, if you are downloading a 4K movie from proxy-rarbg, then other downloads or even buffering speeds might get affected. This is a common problem that a lot of us usually face when downloading content from the internet.

To resolve this issue, turn off auto-updates for all unnecessary programs and apps and update them manually when required.

Knowing What to Do

Having a slow internet connection can easily turn a good day into a bad one. So make sure to take all necessary precautionary steps to prevent it from happening in the first place. But if you still end up with this problem, the tips and tricks discussed above should help you out.


What is causing the internet to be so slow right now?

There are a number of reasons why internet speeds are slow. It could be that your router is outdated or that you have placed it too far from your TV or computer. You may be able to fix these problems by restarting your modem and router or by switching to a mesh network. However, bandwidth throttling may also be to blame for your slow Wi-Fi.

What is Bandwidth Throttling?

An Internet service provider (ISP) or web host may throttle bandwidth to slow down internet access to a client. As a proactive method of regulating network traffic, it minimizes network congestion and utilization. Bandwidth is not a free resource.

What are the signs that my bandwidth is being throttled?

A speed test using a VPN is the best way to test your internet speed and determine whether or not your internet connection is being throttled. It is very likely that you are being throttled if your connection is much faster when the VPN is on.

I have a fast internet connection, but why is my browser so slow?

There are many causes of slow download speeds in your browser, but the most common one is your antivirus settings or system settings. Your browser can affect your download speeds to some extent. Furthermore, your browser settings, add-ons, and antivirus settings can influence your download speed.

Is the speed of my router isn’t as fast as it should be?

Reboot your router – Rebooting your router might solve your slow Wi-Fi problem. Plug your router back in after waiting between 20-30 seconds after you unplug it. Switch channels. When you reside in a dorm or another densely populated area, change the channel of your wireless router to increase its speed.

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