Winning Ways to Write Good Instagram Captions

Winning Ways to Write Good Instagram Captions
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Who doesn’t like to write witty or humorous captions nowadays? The minute you post a picture or even a story, your first thought would be about the caption. Maybe even before you post a picture, you think about the caption first.

There are so many different reasons behind posting a good caption, sometimes it’s a competition, sometimes it is a habit to humor the following, and sometimes you do it for interactions. Whatever the reason might be, writing a good caption is a must on Instagram.

Start With a Bang!

It is good life advice as well(wink, wink). Always start a caption with a bang. The major reason is that whenever you scroll through the posts, only the first or some part of the first line is visible to your followers. So you only get that much space to make an impression on your followers and audience. The caption should be such that your followers are intrigued to read further by pressing the “read more” option.

The captions should be such that your followers will always want to read the whole caption every single time. Make it funny, make it humorous, make it about your product if you’re promoting with a hint of suspense in the first line. We’ll get to the suspense part a bit later but you get the drift. The start of your caption should make your followers lust for more, there are some good sites where you can find captions for your requirement. One such site is Oberlo, you can find all sorts of captions here.

Ask Your Followers to Do Something(Call to Action)

Make the followers interact with each other in your captions. If you’re a travel blogger, then ask your followers to “Tag someone with whom you would like to visit this place” in your caption. Same way if you’re a clothing company, then ask your followers to tag their mates who would want to buy the exact clothes that are described in your post. Asking followers to tag someone increases your followers count and also increases your engagement radar.

Also, ask your followers to comment on your post if they liked something they saw or if they want you to do something different or create something different. Asking them for comments again increases engagement, and as it always is – more engagement means more reach. You can also opt to buy Instagram views for an initial hike.

Create Suspense

Create Suspense

There is not a single person on this Earth who isn’t intrigued. If there is suspense, then people will want to find out what that suspense is. It’s just human nature, and creating suspense in your posts, it will only make your followers want more.

By creating suspense in your post, you can ask your followers to wait for the next post to be revealed and also ask them to tag their friends in the post too for even more engagement. You can also ask your followers to share the post everywhere and set them a followers target, after which you will reveal the suspense. Creating intrigue in your captions is a good way to garner attention and reach a wider audience.

Creative Use of Emoji’s

Creative Use of Emoji’s

The use of Emojis has spread faster than wildfire. You can actually have a conversation just on Emojis now. If used correctly and in a creative way, then emojis can bring a lot of engagement and attention to your captions. For example, if you’re on a beach, then you can use the water, waves, fish, and smiley symbols in your caption to make it look pretty and different.

Use the emojis with a written post or incorporate them wisely in your post to garner more eyeballs. The main objective of using emojis is to keep your followers busy with what those emojis suggest in your post. It is always wise to keep your followers busy and make them wait for more such posts in the future.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

If you’re a frequent Instagram user, then you already know how important hashtags are. For you to be good at the hashtag game, you need to be consistent with the use of hashtags. If you’re promoting or advertising a product, then use a settled hashtag which you will have to keep using every time you post about that particular product. The main reason for that is whenever someone searches that hashtag, your product and the posts regarding that product will pop up instantly. Use it smartly, and it will garner many hits on your page.

If you’re a travel blogger or pursuing an individual passion, then use the hashtags according to your passion. Again, be consistent with the hashtag use because every time you use a hashtag, it creates a catalog of your memories, and every time you search for that hashtag, those posts will come up.

Also, it may become your trademark as well, and your followers will expect you to use those same hashtags on every post. That way, it is easier for people to find you.

Be Informative

Probably an underrated thing, but being informative gathers many followers. You pitch something informative on your posts that enlightens or imparts wisdom to your followers and then will yearn for more. Just take a look at handles like IGN, it is a gaming and movie-related handle, which is very informative in those sections. They have all the latest information from the gaming and movie world, and they have catchy ways to impart them to their followers.

Let your followers know about your product or activities in advance. Feed them information about events coming up that will turn their intrigue level up and also make them look forward to your next post.


Writing Instagram captions is extremely important. But what’s more important is that you give importance to the details. A caption without proper substantial content is bound to get missed in the heap of content that is posted on Instagram every passing minute.

So, take a look at our suggestions above, curate captions that justify your content, and add more value to it.

Thank you for reading!