8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Social Video to Build Authority

8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Social Video to Build Authority
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There’s too much fake news and tips out there. Too many people are blogging for the sake of it to drive traffic and sales. A lot of scams accompany these. This has lead people to lose trust in the media. Nowadays, people only trust a few sources that have authority.

This is why if you want people to trust what you post on social media, you too should work on building your authority. One great way to do that is with video. People love watching video content, and at the same time, social media algorithms give preference to it and help it rank higher and get more impressions.

Today I have to go to share the top ways entrepreneurs can use social video to build authority…

Figure out where your audience hangs out:

Social Video

There are many big video networks such as YouTube, IGTV, and TikTok, and there are a lot of regular networks where videos are popular. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But just because the network is popular, it doesn’t mean your audience hangs out there. This is why you should find out where your audience hangs out before you begin creating a strategy and posting content.

An easy of doing this is by conducting a survey. You can directly ask your audience which social networks they frequent and where they like watching videos. Another way is to figure out the demographics of your target audience (age, gender, location, income, etc.) and compare this against the networks’ demographics to determine where your audience hangs out.

After you know your audience and the networks they like to use, you can figure out what they like to watch on these sites.

Find out what your audience watches:

One of the keys to generating impressions on any network or platform is to find out who the authoritative sources on the network are and analyze what they are creating. You want to look at metrics such as the number of views, likes, comments, etc. You might also want to look into the comments’ sentiment as positive comments indicate that they are creating quality videos and negative comments indicate that something is off.

Find out what gets the most views:

Once you have an idea of who is creating the best video content, you should make a list of their top-performing videos and then brainstorm ways to emulate these ideas. Remember, you shouldn’t create exactly what they did. You can use the same topic ideas, but your videos should be better. You need to share better and newer information, and you should have a unique angle that no one else is using. Think about your USP (unique selling point).

Create top quality video content:

It’s not just about the quality of the content in the video. It’s also about the quality of the video. If your video looks better, more people will watch through to the end. As I mentioned earlier, you need to create better content than your competitors’ throughout to stand out. So, get the best equipment. This should include cameras, lighting equipment, and top-quality software for editing videos.

If you have a tight budget, you can borrow them or rent them out. But after you make some money, you should buy your own or even better hire a professional team to help create a better video for you.

8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Social Video to Build Authority 1

Make them unique for each network:

As discussed earlier, you will need to post videos on multiple networks where your audience hangs out. But this doesn’t mean that you should post the same video everywhere. Instead, you must publish a unique video for each network. Videos of different dimensions, lengths, and other details perform better on different networks.

For example, on YouTube and Pinterest, it is portrait videos. On some networks, videos of different dimensions work like on Instagram, where square dimensions work for in-feed videos, and portrait dimensions work for stories.

Find out what works on different networks and optimize the videos for these networks with your video editor. There are a lot of recommendations out there from the social networks themselves and reports compiled by third-parties. You can experiment with different dimensions and other aspects to see what gets the best results. If you want to speed up the process, you can split test them with ads.

If you have the time and budget, I recommend creating a unique video for each network.

Try out live videos:

Social networks reward live video as people love watching them. They have the same effect as live webcasts. You can not only use them to build authority but also generate sales. If you have never done a live video, it can be awkward at first, but as time goes on, you will get the hang of it, and getting on there will be easy. For best results, try to do one video every week, at least. And have a plan on what you will discuss in your video. Don’t just wing it.

Promote it:

Video promotion is a tactic many people ignore. Views don’t magically happen unless you have hundreds and thousands of followers already. So, if you don’t have the following, you should promote your videos. It would be best if you actually spent more time promoting your video than you do create it. An affordable method for promoting videos is influencer marketing. You can use a good influencer marketing platform to find influencers and ask them to share it with their followers.

Another good tactic is ads. They require less time, but they cost more.

Measure results:

After your videos begin driving views and you see some results, you should measure your results to check if all that time and money you are putting in is driving results. It would help if you saw which videos are working best, which social networks are driving the best results, which video length is ideal, etc. You can then use this data to create better videos in the future and decide which social networks you should focus on.


These are all the different ways entrepreneurs can use social video to build authority. Give them a try today if you want to stand out from all the untrustworthy media out there. It can take time to implement all these tactics, but they will pay for themselves in the long run as your social media accounts and business begin to grow. Also you may try to post your videos on a prominent platform like Vimeo and you may look for the best place to buy Vimeo views to get more exposure on your content.

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8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Social Video to Build Authority FAQs

How to share video on social media?

Under the video have the button share click on it to share the video to your friends or on your page

What makes a video good?

1. Video has a mission

2. Communicate something to your target viewers
3. Add emotions

How long a video can i post on Facebook

The maximum time is 120 minutes for video on Facebook

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