Tinder Error 40303 – How To Fix?

Tinder Error 40303 How To Fix
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Do you have a tinder error 40303 and don’t know how to fix it? This guide special for you. The concept of dating has changed to quite an extent since the last few years and apparently, it’s getting easier and easier.

No more being nervous to talk to a woman, or fearing to ask for her number or all those efforts which are only possible when you physically pursue someone. With the incoming of the digital era, even dating has gone online now! Single people can now search for other single people with the help of just an app.

Yes, and we aren’t kidding folks. Tons and tons of dating apps are now available for people wanting to date someone, but there is one in particular which is catching everyone’s fancy.

Tinder Error 40303

And we are sure even you guys have heard the name of this app called tinder. When it comes to tinder, tinder error 40303 can be the worst thing to happen to the users.

What exactly is tinder and how it works?

Tinder is an online dating app where a user can sign up to search for compatible matches. You can enter a specific age range and gender and search for matches within your particular area. You can also find out if you have any mutual friends with that particular person.

Left swipe or right swipe on the person depending on whether you like their looks or their profile. The best part is that if you left swipe someone they will never get to know. If the person you right swipe on also does the same on you, then you can chat with them and get to know each other better.

Tinder is basically a free app that is available on the Google Play Store for you to download. While the app is free to download, there are some features that require some amount of money.

What is tinder error 40303?

For a person who is extremely addicted to tinder and is also very active this error can be a very disappointing one especially for them. Tinder error 40303 basically means that many users have reported your account due to which you have been banned from using the app.

Tinder will not tell you directly that you have been banned from the app. When you log in to the app after you have been banned, the app will take you back to the sign-in screen and display a message that “something went wrong”.

Why do you get banned on tinder?

why Tinder Error 40303

The way the interface of the tinder app works, it is easier for the users to report someone. You are likely to get banned if you do one of the following-

It is better not to mention anything political in your profile like your preference for a particular politician or towards a party. Because the opposers who do not like that particular party my trip port you.

Also, you have to avoid writing anything that is sexist in your profile. If any user gets offended by it, they might report you.

Always avoid posting any offensive photos or comments and also try to avoid using vulgar language while texting and also don’t portray an overconfident personality.

Whenever you start chatting with any person and you want to Spice up the conversation a little, it is better to move to another platform like WhatsApp or anywhere else. Before you move the conversation to a sexual zone, you can unmatch that person on tinder so that they cannot report you later on.

Is there any way to fix tinder error 40303?

Tinder Error 40303 How To Fix

If you want a straight forward answer to this question, the answer will be no. You can try appealing to the tinder support but the process of getting the account unbanned is not as easy as it might seem.

However, there is another alternative solution that you can use. If the option of appealing to the tinder support goes in vain, there is another way. But sometimes it takes days for the tinder support team to get back to you. It is hence it is best to be patient and keep checking if they have responded or try to login again.

If it still doesn’t work, you can get around the Apple iPhone subscription. An Apple device will save your login if you use an Apple ID to pay for tinder plus or Tinder Gold. Using your phone number you can create a new account and later install the app for Android. Tinder usually allows and users to sign up with the help of a phone number. Hence you can take advantage of this and get a fresh sim card.

You can also use a private IP address or a proxy to create a fresh new Facebook account. You will find instructions about it online if you research more.

Tinder Error 40303 Final Words

These are every possible scenario regarding how you can find a fix for tinder error 40303. Hopefully, these solutions will work for you. Good luck!

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Tinder Error 40303 – How To Fix? FAQs

Can I get unbanned from tinder

No, you can’t be unbanned from tinder. Try to register a new account with a new Facebook account and/or phone number.

Are tinder bans permanent?

Yes it is, you can’t be unbanned in the future, so keep the rules of the app

Can you make two tinder accounts

Yes, you can have it and open two of these at the same time. Try to use Parallel Space is an official app that clones your Tinder app.

Thank you for reading!