This Tweet is unavailable – How to Fix?

This Tweet is unavailable – How to Fix?
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This Tweet is unavailable – How to Fix? Here you will find a simple guide about your social life on Twitter. You will learn how to discover about blocking. Many Twitter users have been wondering about the ever so popular message stating “This Tweet is unavailable”.

This notice comes up as you scroll through your tweets or when scrolling through someone else’s timeline or even when you click on a specific tweet link.

Now it isn’t the end of the world but if you wanted to see the specific post or retweet, it can become very frustrating, especially because by now you have tried all the tricks you can think of but instead thought it would be better to reach out and read this article to clear up the frustration.

Why does Twitter show the message “This Tweet is unavailable”?

This Tweet is unavailable

This happens for several reasons:

  • The tweet might contain a certain muted keyword.
  • The person might have deleted the specific tweet.
  • The account might be set to private which means only the person followers will be able to view the content.
  • Your cache may be overloaded.
  • If the post is seen as ‘sensitive content’.
  • The Twitter user blocked or muted you, or the other way around.
  • The user tagged someone who has blocked or muted you or the other way around.
  • The Twitter user quoted their tweet.
  • The tweet has been retweeted by someone who has a private Twitter account.
  • Tweets that have been deleted by Twitter because of the violation of their terms.

How can I go about seeing the unavailable tweet?

The Twitter Support account has tweeted that they are busy resolving the issue revolving around the many “This message is unavailable” messages seen daily on Twitter.

Twitter will be adding more context to these notices allowing you to see the exact reason why a Tweet is unavailable instead of having to go hunt for a solution.

You now know what the possible issues are and that makes it much easier to understand the problem better, so now you can go onto Twitter and try out the following tips:

If you are having an issue on the web URL to Twitter instead of on the App itself, you can try to clear your cache and cookies in your mobile browser.

Clearing your mobile browser cache and then switching off your device for a minimum of 5 minutes and connecting again will reset your connection to the internet.

If a Tweet has been retweeted, you can always go to the original poster’s tweet to see the content; that’s if said person doesn’t have a private account.

If the Twitter user account is set to private, you can send a follow request.

If you have blocked or muted the account holder, you can unblock or unmute the person, but this might not work every time.

Refresh the page; this can in some cases resolve the issue but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t do the trick.

Contacting Twitter

This Tweet is unavailable what

If none of the above methods worked out for you and you still insist on seeing the tweet, you have one last resort.

You can contact Twitter Support to raise concerns about this issue, but you may still not be able to view the content depending on why the tweet is unavailable.

By contacting Twitter, they may be able to supply an answer as to why that specific tweet is not available but that’s about it, these things happen and for the most part, cannot be resolved by individual Twitter users.

You can contact the Twitter line toll-free at 415-222-9670.

How do I know if someone blocked me on Twitter?

This Tweet is unavailable error

It’s so easy to block someone and what makes it even easier to consider is that Twitter doesn’t send out any type of notifications to let anyone know if or when they are blocked by another Twitter user.

It makes social media more interesting when you can block out the Twitter accounts and content that you do not want to see or receive.

Most users are very thankful for this feature, especially because some people don’t use these platforms correctly which can lead to having to deal with accounts and content you do not find pleasant.

Though when someone blocked you, it doesn’t feel as relieving.

You will be able to see if a specific person has blocked you on Twitter by logging in to your Twitter account, then search the person’s username, real name, or a any of their previous tweets  (the search engine will be at the top of any page).

Twitter account

The Twitter account will only appear if their account is public if it’s set to private the account will not come up when searching.

Then click on the username to go into the profile; if there is no profile and their account was set to public, the odds are that they have blocked you.

If their account is set to private but you used to be able to see their content. Uou can add their username to the end of the Twitter web URL in the address bar of your browser. Make sure that you check the spelling before searching otherwise the account might not come up.

If none of these methods works, you can consider searching for a mutual friend on Twitter. And then click on their profile to go through the lists of names who are either following said person. Or the other way around.

Some people have a lot of followers which makes it a bit time-consuming. But you will be able to find the specific account you are looking for; that’s if they are following or being followed by the mutual friend.

In most cases, you might have more than one mutual friend with the person. And therefore you can search for a few more mutual friends. Go through their lists and see if you can find the account.

If none of these methods shows the profile that you are looking for, the person has either blocked you or deactivated their Twitter account.

This Tweet is unavailable – FAQ

Why can’t I find my old tweets?

You need to use the pop-up calendar tool and select the date range of the tweets. You are looking for and then choose the “Latest” button to see your old tweets from this period

Does twitter delete inactive accounts?

Yes, if you inactive on Twitter for 6 months or more twitter can delete your account, so will be careful.

Are deleted tweets gone forever?

Yes, for users your tweets will be deleted. but need to remind, that internet will remember all

Why are my hashtags not working?

It’s possible that you’re choosing the wrong hashtags, using the wrong amount. Or putting them in the wrong places, for example in the middle of the article

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