How to Change Twitter Handle? – Step by Step {100% Working}

How To Change Twitter Handle
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Still, looking for how to change Twitter handle?? Here’s the perfect step-by-step guide about how to do it in 2021. The most engaging and popular social media platform with almost 330 million active users. I think you might have guessed its name. Yup. It’s Twitter. 

Do you know most online businesses have chosen twitter as their weapon to trigger more and more sales? The reason is quite simple. Due to its more active users. 

Nowadays, Twitter has become one of the popular marketing places. So, it’s very important to optimize your username and handle the name of your profile.   

As a domain name for the website, the handle name and user name help people to find out your business on Twitter. Many people especially, newbies are confused with both display name and Twitter handle. There is much difference between the display name and Twitter handle. 

My Twitter Handle

Usually, the display name is used to your profile while the Twitter handle comes after the symbol @. Moreover, you can have two same display names but not Twitter handles. Each person’s Twitter handle must be unique to identify them. 

So, it’s difficult to find the ideal Twitter handle apart from the ocean of 330 million active Twitter handles. So, it’s crucial to choose a good domain name for your twitter profile. 

But how? 

Do you know how to choose or change your boring Twitter handle (username)? It’s pretty much simple and a cakewalk process. Just need a few minutes to change your Twitter handle. 

Want to know more? So, without any further delay dive deeper into the article. And know more about Twitter handles.

How to choose an ultimate Twitter to handle?

With more than 300 million active users, it’s difficult to find the ideal Twitter handle for your business. Isn’t it? And it’s much more difficult to choose your Twitter handle at a single trial. 

How many times did you try to set your ideal Twitter Handle? Most probably, several times. Isn’t it? So, here are the best ways to choose your Twitter handle in one go. 

  • If you’re running a business then, use the words “Ask”, “Join”, “inc”, or “HQ” at the starting of your Twitter handle. 
  • “HQ” is the most powerful and universal descriptive for big companies or industries to resemble their company. 
  • If your Twitter handle was already taken then, use “The” at the starting of your Twitter handle. This trick works far better than any other descriptive words. Try it.
  • Make sure to avoid words such as “The Real” and its similar words. Because most Twitter handles with these words are known as spammy. Don’t trap in the spammy category. So, avoid “The Real” related words.
  • If you are resembling your community or group, use the words “Community”, “Team”, “We”, etc. 
  • Keep your Twitter handle simple and short. Moreover, avoid underscores and numbers in your Twitter handle to reduce the complexity. 
  • Keep your Twitter handle as short as 15 characters. Keep it simple, short, and precise. 

So, choose your Twitter handle in such a way that it should be unique and catchy for your audience. Now, let’s know how to change your Twitter handle. Want to know?

How to Change Twitter Handle?

So far you understood the importance of Twitter handles to market your business. Also, you can now choose the ideal Twitter handle for your profile. So, it’s time to change your boring Twitter handle to a sparkling one. 

Are you ready? Shall I explain?

So, here are the few simple and easier steps that you must follow to change your Twitter handle. 

    • First of all, log in to your Twitter account. If you don’t have an account yet. Create one. And just sign in. 
    • Click “More” on the left menu.How To Change Twitter Handle 1
  • Now, click on the “Settings and Privacy” option that is just below your Twitter analytics. How To Change Twitter Handle 2
  • Then, it shows the following page where you can see your user name. @User name is your Twitter Handle. How To Change Twitter Handle 3
  • So, here you can write your username and make sure you choose an ideal Twitter handle as listed in the above section.

That’s it. You are done with your Twitter handle. And successfully changed it. Now all you need to do is find a better Twitter handle for your profile and start changing your Twitter handle and make it more attractive than before. 

How To Change Twitter Handle 4
Changed username

Similarly, you can also change your display name. 

Want to know how?

How to change your display name?

Like your Twitter handle, changing the display name is also very simple. It’s just a matter of a few seconds. Follow the below-given steps to know how to change your display name on your Twitter account. 

  • Sign in to your Twitter account. And go to your “Edit Profile” section that is beside your followers, following, lists, likes section of your profile page. 

  • Click on the option “Edit Profile” and you see the page with several editing options for your background pic, profile pic, and even your display name. 

  • Now change your display name that is below your profile pic. 

That’s it. You have even changed your display name successfully. Even if you want you can change your background photo and profile photo here. 

So, this is all about how to change your display name and Twitter handle. But do you know what happens if you change your Twitter handle? Does it decrease your followers? Want to know?

What happens if you change your Twitter Handle?

Months and years have passed. But your Twitter handle remains the same without any change. But one day you suddenly decided to change your Twitter handle. But do you know how it impacts your account and tweets?

However, no severe impacts are going to happen on your tweets. But, when a few people tagged you in their tweets back in the days, Twitter tells the person as this account is not available.

Or else, it will redirect to another person’s profile using your old Twitter handle. Usually, Twitter allows other people to use your old Twitter handle once you have changed it.

So, before changing your Twitter handle think once about your decision. Make sure you have taken your decision in the right way. Usually, people change their Twitter handle to grab more audience attention. 

At the same time, you may also lose some of your audience connections. This is the reason you should think deeply about your decision. 

But, don’t worry. I have an alternative for you. Even if you change your Twitter handle, you can hold your old tagged tweets and link-ups safely. How? Want to know?

How to change your Twitter handle without losing old tweets?

The process is simple. Just make another account on Twitter with your old @username. Now, even if people click on your old Twitter handle, Twitter would redirect to your second account. 

So, no need to worry about followers or tweets. Later you can text them about your new account. But make sure you think twice or thrice before changing your Twitter handle. However, this idea definitely works if you strongly decided to change your Twitter handle without losing your old tweets. Also, many people ask, “how often should I change my Twitter handle?” 

So, even if you have the same doubt, here is the answer. You can change as many times as possible. There is no restriction or limit to change your Twitter handle. But don’t change your Twitter handle too often. Most probably, try to keep a constant Twitter handle. 

Because if you change too frequently then your followers might get confused or hesitated when they tag your older Twitter handle. So, use only one Twitter handle and keep it constant.


Don’t forget about other social accounts

If you decided to change your identity on Twitter, don’t forget about Facebook too.

These days, people rely so much on Facebook that they even go as far as using it as a research tool when they meet someone new. Your Facebook name could be all a person needs to know everything about you, so it is expected to have you trying to learn how to change the name on Facebook, or How to change Facebook Page name.

There are several reasons why people want to change their name on Facebook, and most times, it is usually after marriage or divorce, or just to have a different identity online. Or perhaps you want to hide your identity from potential job employers. It could also be that you feel it’s time to change that hilarious nickname you’ve been using since college.


That being said, let’s follow the steps on how to change names on Facebook.

Steps to change your Facebook page name

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  1. Log in as an Admin on the Page you want to change.
  2. Click “About” on the left side of your Page
  3. Click “Edit” next to your Page’s name
  4. Type in your desired Page name and click on “continue.”
  5. Review your request and click on “Request change.”

How to Change Name on Facebook video:

NOTE: Be confident that the name you typed in is the one you want, as this cannot be undone. Check for spelling errors. As soon as you click “Request Change,” your request is sent straight to Facebook for approval.

Now that you’ve learned how to change Facebook Page name, you should know that it doesn’t work on a mobile app, it only works on desktop browsers.

Final Words

This is all about the Twitter handle. So, you are well-versed about changing your Twitter handle, User name, and pros and cons of changing your Twitter handle. Isn’t it? However, you can buy real Twitter followers anyway to grow faster.

However, make sure to change your Twitter handle only when it is necessary. Only if you think you can have more followers and branding than before, then change your display name or twitter handle. Or else my best advice is not to change it. 

Even if you have decided to change your Twitter handle, use the alternative as I mentioned above to stay in connection with your old Twitter handle. 

How to change Twitter Handle video:


How to Change Twitter Handle? – Step by Step {100% Working} FAQs

How many times can you change twitter handle?

Officially – no limits. But Twitter can notice you and then banned.

Can I change my @name on twitter app?

Yes, you can do it anytime. You can do it by setting your profile. Just select the edit profile in the application.

How do I monetize my twitter account?

You can earn by creating Twitter Ads, promote affiliate Products on Twitter, or promote your own products, etc

Do I have to use my real name on Facebook?

Facebook has a rule that you need to use a real name because other people will know who they’re connecting with.

Why does Facebook not accept my name?

It may be a mistake of Facebook, but probably you just use not a real name. Try to change it.

Can you be anonymous on Facebook?

Unfortunately no you can’t. It is politic of website. Try to hide your info, like a phone number/mail, etc.

Thank you for reading!