The Witcher 3 Master Of The Arena Walkthrough

The Witcher 3 Master Of The Arena Walkthrough
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is synonymous with incredible questlines and phenomenal gaming experiences. The Witcher 3 Master Of The Arena quest is no different.

Whether it’s the long-running game series or the fantastic Netflix original series starring Henry Cavill that caught your eye, we are sure you’ve at least heard of The Witcher. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was an absolutely stunning creation from CD Projekt Red who managed to pick up the 2015 game of the year award for their troubles. While you might be thinking “I need someone to edit my essay for me” so you have enough time to play, you can always get outside help so you have all the time to enjoy the vast game.

The Witcher 3 Master Of The Arena

This is down to a number of factors such as the impeccable visuals, the wonderfully imagined world dripping in lore, and the deep, well-voiced characters too. However, many would argue that the key to this success was the quests on offer.

The Witcher 3 Master Of The Arena
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The Witcher 3 was filled with an overwhelming amount of content for the player to take advantage of. Such as the main storyline, hidden treasure markers, Gwent matches, fighting tournaments but of course, no gamer can resist a well-crafted side quest.

The one we focus on today is ‘Master of The Arena’, a quest that takes place in Spikeroog. This quest has given even the most skilled player a hard time as there is a certain way that it must be approached in order to succeed.

Thankfully, we are on hand to help. We have compiled a helpful guide that should have you clearing this quest in no time and collecting your coin because as we know, no witcher works for free. Here is our guide to the ‘master of the arena’ quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

How to Trigger the quest

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In order to access this quest, the player will have to travel to the town of Hov. Once you enter the town, a yellow exclamation point should be visible on your mini-map. Head toward this and on a walkway, there will be a number of warriors who you can speak to.

They will offer to pay for your services to help get rid of a specter who is haunting the arena. They say the ghost is a fallen combatant within the arena, Ulle The Unlucky. This conversation will trigger the quest and you will be able to begin. Just note that this quest urges you to be at level fourteen before attempting, so if you are ranked below, proceed with caution.

Fighting Ulle The Unlucky

If you hop down from the guard tower where you encounter the quest givers, you’ll be able to enter the battle arena where Ulle is haunting. He will be standing there and promptly ask you to a fight.

You’ll sense from this tone that he’s unenthused and rather reluctant to even bother fighting you at all. To proceed, simply accept the challenge and defeat the wraith.

This shouldn’t be a challenge as Ulle is laughably slow and only wields a short axe. The fight shouldn’t last too long before he congratulates you and disappears.

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This will prove to be a useless approach, however, as Ulle will return later to haunt the arena once more. You can attempt this fight infinitely if you so choose, but no matter how many times you defeat him, he will return. So you’ll need to work out a new plan of action.

Losing To Ulle

In a game where staying alive, slaying your foes, and generally being a badass while you do so, it may come as a surprise that in order to succeed, you must lose.

You see, when Ulle was alive he also had quite the losing streak in the arena too. So much so that the Jarl would tease him relentlessly.

This would lead to Ulle stabbing the Jarl and with his dying breath, the jarl cursed Ulle to haunt the arena as a warrior who cannot win a fight. We can see who had the last laugh there.

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So as you might have guessed, to complete this quest and free Ulle from this curse, you must lose the fight. To accept another fight with Ulle and when battle commences, simply stand there and take a beating. Once you have taken a pummeling, a cut scene will occur where Ulle will thank you and pass over into the afterlife.

Finishing the quest

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After you have lost the battle, return to the warriors you met on the walkway. They will pay you the reward you were promised but will ask you to return in a few days to collect the rest of your payment. This is essentially a way for the game to naturally show you the arena being back in business.

You can either go off and complete some quests in the area or meditate for a few days, then return to see a bustling arena free of any ghostly combatants. The warriors will give you what you are owed and so completes the ‘Master of the Arena’ quest.

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So that’s our guide on the ‘Master of the Arena’ quest in The Witcher 3. Was this guide helpful? Was this one of your favorite quests within The Witcher 3? Do you think that Cyberpunk 2077 will live up to The Witcher 3’s high standard? Let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading.

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The Witcher 3 Master Of The Arena Walkthrough FAQs

What do you feed Morkvarg?

Feed him his own meat

Can you romance Triss and Yennefer?

Yes, of course, you can. But be ready for the consequences We recommend you to choose just one of them.

How do you get Kaer Morhen?

You can be in Kaer Morhen only of you complete more main quest.

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