The 7 Different Social Media Personalities You’ll Find Online

The 7 Different Social Media Personalities You’ll Find Online 1
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The world of social media influencing has continued to grow and expand beyond initial estimations and belief. Early on, many people dismissed social media influencing as a time-waster, a hobby not meant to be taken seriously. Yet fast forward to today, and social media influencers have reshaped how social media users approach the different aspects of their lives.

Social media influencers also reshaped companies’ and entrepreneurs’ approaches to business and marketing. More and more brands and businesses have tapped into social media influencers to market and sell their products. A big reason for that is the long reach social media has and communicating to many people like a mass texting service.

If you’re still unclear about social media influencers and how they’ve continued to grow in the past few years, then here are 5 different social media personalities that you’ll find online.

7. The Social Antagonist

Not everyone likes to share their lives on social media. These are basically quiet and self-contained people who are minimal interested in the latest and greatest technology. So they are very cautious about sharing anything on social media. They like to get mostly uninvolved with the community and mostly like personal contacting than sharing it with the world. These are mature people who find practical solutions to problems in real life. Mostly they have an unchanged profile picture or no picture at times.

6. The Social Media Celebrity

People love to watch and follow them. In contrast to bloggers, web-based media stars don’t depend on blog or video substance to keep their crowds locked in. All things being equal, they share looks at their standard lives and fashion a solid affinity with their devotees. These are individuals who have collected prevalence exclusively based on their web-based media profiles.

Even though they aren’t really viewed as specialty specialists, they have the ability to impact buy choices. This is because such influencers regularly have more close to home associations with their adherents. They are seen as genuine shoppers rather than prominent big names. Their devotees are regularly exceptionally connected with and have confidence in their suggestions.

The 7 Different Social Media Personalities You’ll Find Online 2

5. The Fitness Fanatic

Social media is a place where people go to browse and scroll through their favorite topics and niches. One of the most popular niches has to be the fitness niche, which social media influencers have dominated and seen a lot of success in. The Fitness Fanatic is the type of social media personality that will post regular content on their workout regimen, daily gym routine, fitness tips and advice, and more.

They’ll post infographics with advice on building a fit body or videos of themselves showing you a do-it-at-home workout routine. The real successful fitness influencers are the ones that motivate their followers to workout and get in shape and that post good and useful content. Fitness influencers can also be health gurus and provide their followers with healthy dietary advice on maintaining a healthy and well-nourished diet.

4. The Food Critic

You probably stumbled onto this type of social media personality’s reviews of your favorite restaurant. This personality type will go about restaurant establishment to restaurant establishment, trying out their food menu items, giving them a rating and review. Food Critics social media influencers that are good and popular will often collaborate with restaurants, who will invite them over to try their food for free and leave a review. Restaurant and food establishments will try and make use of the following that food blogger has.

3. The Business Professional

Social media is not only a place for people to connect with old friends and make new ones. Recently and for a while now, more and more people have turned to social media for professional and educational advice. People will follow professionals and informed accounts to receive news and useful information daily. The social media Business Professional is the type of social media personality that will post business advice on their platform and offer tips and tricks on improving your business.

Usually, the Business Professional owns their own business, an entrepreneur, or is a retired professional that once worked in a business. It isn’t easy to be a Business PRofessional social media influencer without having an established and accomplished business background because that’s what will convince people to follow you and believe in what you’re saying.

2. The Lifestyle Blogger

The Lifestyle Blogger is a social media influencer that will flaunt their social media influencers’ good life. This personality type will post about touristic vacations and destinations, cosmetic and self-care advice, fashion advice, fun activities, and more! Businesses love to partner with this type of influencer because they tend to have a large following and easily promote different products and services. Lifestyle Bloggers help promote a positive lifestyle and attitude and fill up their profile with posts of their daily routines, their family, their friends, and even their pets. The whole point is to provide a sneak-peek into their life while advocating for positivity and fun.

1. The Culture Nerd

Lastly, the final type of personality you’ll meet online is the Culture Nerd. This social media personality will blog regularly about a certain industry. They’ll provide their follower with the latest updates, trends, news, and information about that industry. For example, this particular personality can be focused on music, art, architecture, finance, politics, news in general, and any other popular topic or niche that comes to mind.

If the Culture Nerd is truly successful and has a big enough following, industry professionals will reach out to collaborate and work with them to promote their business and brand. Social media users will follow this type of personality because they are heavily interested in the genre or industry and want to stay updated with the latest news.


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